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Curitiba Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

Wondering how to get laid in Curitiba? Then take some of your time to read this guide.

You’ll get an insight into the local sex culture, know the best hot spots to hook up, and tips on how to have pleasant sexual experiences.

It isn’t hard to have sex in Curitiba when you know what to do.

The Curitiba Guide was last updated on 3 May 2021

Hook up Curitiba City guide

Curitiba is the state capital city of Paraná. With almost 4 million inhabitants, there are plenty of opportunities to hook up with singles and couples.

The good thing about this Brazilian city is off the tourist radarm. This means you’ll get plenty of attention from the locals.

Surprisingly, Curitiba has a big enough swinger population to entertain couples interested in this lifestyle. And single has plenty of ways to hook up online and in bars/nightclubs.

Keep reading if you want to find out all the best ways to get laid in Curitiba.

And don’t hesitate to ask questions or write about your experiences in the form at the end of this guide.

Number of Sex Clubs – 2 swinger clubs and 12 strip clubs.




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Girls in Curitiba
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Curitiba
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Curitiba

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Curitiba
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

Best Places For Outdoor Sex
Do you have a fetish for dogging, public sex or voyeurism?

Adult Hotels And Hostels
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Curitiba

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play but stay safe


Girls in Curitiba

If you’re looking for Brazilian girls to have fun, then the beautiful Curitiba girls are for you.

Look And Physical Appearance

Many girls in Curitiba have Portuguese and German blood. As such, they have dark blonde to brown hair. Their eyes are mostly dark too, as green or blue is not as common.

Apart from that, their bodies are small at 5’2-5’3 tall. And they have thin to meaty figures as well, along with big round butts.

In any case, they like to dress in a smart-casual style. So, they wear chic dresses or tops with blazers to go with their heels.

Attitude And Values

In general, women in Curitiba are a bit on the traditional side. As a result, they tend to be introverted, which is why they’re shy and quiet.

In spite of this though, they like to go out in groups to enjoy the nightlife. And once they’re at ease, they’ll start to show just how sweet and simple they are.

Since they’re more mature than other girls in Brazil, they like serious relationships. But of course, they’re still open-minded and go for hookups.


When it comes to sex, Curitiba girls open up late in their teens. This survey on teen sexual behavior proves it as most of them have had sex at 17 years old.

Aside from that, this study on sexual behavior says that 53.5% of girls in Curitiba use rubbers when having sex. It means the majority don’t want to get knocked up.

As can be seen, the girls in Curitiba are careful when they have sex. Yet when girls have a serious partner they prefer to take it raw.

Summary of Curitiba Girls

  • 3 traits: Curitiba women are shy, sweet, and simple.
  • 2 tips: To get close to girls in Curitiba, respect them and be direct cause they like guys who take the lead.
  • 1 fact: Curitiba girls prefer men with good personalities over those with money.


Men in Curitiba

With their European and Latino features, any girl will have a fun and sexy time with the Curitiba men.

Look and Physical Appearance

Most Curitiba guys come from Portuguese and German backgrounds. On this note, it’s likely for them to have brown hair and light to dark eyes.

Their standard height is between 5’7-5’8, which is average for guys. Then again, they have toned and tight bodies that range from slim to wide.

At any rate, their style in clothes is business-casual. With this in mind, they go for polo shirts, dress pants, and nice shoes.

Attitude and Values

When you first meet them, Curitiba men are reserved. It’s cause they don’t like to chat with strangers.

But as you get close to them, you’ll see that they only need a short time to loosen up.

Once they’re relaxed, they’re courteous and pleasant to be with. In fact, they do as much as they can to help others and are interested in foreigners.

Besides that, they have fun in relationships, be it casual or not. For this reason, they’re the type to move on fast and get new girlfriends quickly.


Many Curitiba guys in high school have lots of sex. It’s backed up by this sexual behavior study on teens as 47.8% of high school boys are sexually active.

What’s more, most of them use condoms when they have sex since only 20.4% have never used one based on this study on sexual behavior.

On the whole, sex is a big thing for the guys in Curitiba. Not only do they start having sex at a young age, but they also make sure that they’re safe and use protection.

Summary of Curitiba Men

  • 3 traits: Curitiba guys are reserved, courteous and helpful.
  • 2 tips: To get Curitiba men to like you, be polite and don’t not too pushy.
  • 1 fact: Men in Curitiba like feminine women.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

Hookups Curitiba singles

As stated in this article by Burn, Curitiba is one of the best party places in Brazil. It’s why there are a lot of horny people who want to get laid.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Since Curitiba people are positive about sex in general, casual hookups are the norm.

Yet it takes usually to dates before getting laid unlike other Brazilian cities like Sao Paolo where night stands are common.

Swinger Activities in Curitiba

At this time, there are only 2 swinger clubs in Curitiba. But some nightclubs host swinger parties occasionally.

The clubs offer all sorts of services, like stripper shows, gogo-dancers, erotic games, and sexy-themed parties.

Some of their events are Total Menage Night and Bisexual Ladies night for couples and singles. While Swingers Saturday is for couples.

They only let in people who are 18 or older, and you’ll have to contact the clubs for the entry price and bookings.

For more swinger clubs, you can go to the next city, Sao Paulo.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Curitiba?

Given that the locals are open-minded, travelers will find it easy to pick up someone here.

But you’ll need to chase the girls for a bit as they aren’t as warm as those from Rio de Janeiro.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Curitiba

What sexual opportunities await you in one of Brazil’s greenest cities?

Let’s explore the best ways to get laid in Curitiba

1. Sex Dating Online

The people of Curitiba usually don’t like unnecessary chitter-chatting with strangers. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in hooking up.

So if you want to cut to the chase, then sign up on a popular adult site like Adult Friend Finder to get sex without any strings attached.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Even though this city is off the tourist radar, the nightlife here, especially on the weekends, wouldn’t disappoint you.

These are the best bars and nightclubs in Curitiba for singles:

• Verdant Club – Located at R. Dr Claudino dos Santos, this club is great for naughty dances and hookups.

• James Bar e Garden – Located at Alameda Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, it’s the perfect place to meet cougars in Curitiba.

• We Are Bastards – Located at Av. Iguaçu, 2300, perfect bar to mingle with naughty adults.

• 88 Singles Bar – Located at R. dos Xaverianos, just as the name suggests, this is one of the best singles bars in Curitiba.

• Club Vibe – Located at Rua Desembargador Motta, an EDM nightclub with top DJs.

There are three main nightlife areas in Curitiba:

  • Batel – Near the city center and probably the most popular nightlife area of Curitiba. You’re highly likely to meet tourists here.
  • Itupava Street – This area offers a more native feel and a Brazilian environment. Perfect place to hook up with the locals.
  • São Francisco – All the students of the city rush to this area due to the cheap drinks and good clubbing scene.


3. Everyday Life Situations

It’s surprisingly easy for foreigners to get laid in Curitiba during the day.

That’s because not many foreigners visit the city, so the locals are often curious and want to know more about them.

But even if you’re a local, don’t worry – although some people may appear cold at first, break the ice and remain confident.

One of the best places to meet singles in Curitiba is Itupava Street. Even during the day, it is the perfect area to hook up with the locals.

meet singles Curitiba day streets

Itupava Street

Similarly, the Tiradentes Square at the City Center has many attractions where you can find strollers.

And while you’re in the area don’t forget to check out Public Garden and Rui Barboza Square which are super crowded.

Lastly, malls always offer a fantastic day game, so don’t forget to visit Shopping Curitiba and Pátio Batel Shopping Center.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Curitiba

meet sexy couples swinger club Curitiba

Lounge in Desiree Swinger Club

Although the people of Curitiba are quite open-minded, they aren’t really into swinging.

And as tourists don’t often come to the city, it isn’t surprising why there aren’t many lifestyle clubs in Curitiba.

Yet, you can visit Desiree Swinger Club that offers an erotic, sensual, and free environment to swingers.

Alternatively, Venus Swing is also a decent option that also hosts themed sex parties for couples.

And use an polyamory app or sites to get in contact with like minded people before exploring the clubs.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

If you want to hook up with trans in Curitiba, then there are a couple of LGBT friendly bars you can visit.

Starting from Paradis Club that welcomes all genders and sexualities. Similarly, Spot Bar is a gay bar, but you may also find T’s here.

And Carcará Bar is also friendly to LGBT folks so it’s worth visiting.

Yet the options above don’t offer guaranteed chances to hook up with transsexuals.

Instead, sign up on any hook up site and app with trans and you’re sure to find transsexuals to hook up with.

6. Strip Clubs

entrance gentleman club Curitiba

Don’t expect the strip joints in Curitiba to be on par with the ones in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Yet, they’re still decent for a traditional bachelor’s night.

Here are our recommendations for the best strip clubs in Curitiba:

• Class Club – Located at Alameda Pres. Taunay it’s the best gentleman club to enjoy pole dances.

• CasaNova Club – Located at R. Ubaldino do Amaral, for over 15 years this strip club has been helping people enjoy erotic lap dances.

• Metrô Club Show – Located at Alameda Cabral, the women here are always ready for a chat, and even something more if the price is right.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of Brazil’s greenest cities is also perfect for outdoor sex.

But what are some safe spots you can take your fuck buddy to?

Following are the best places for outdoor sex in Curitiba:

• Atuba Park – This beautiful park is mostly empty at night so you won’t have problems finding a place to fuck.

• Tingui Park – Scenic park with outdoor trails and plenty of nooks and crannies to have sex.

• Grove Dr. Martim Lutero – Wooded park that’s usually empty at night. Just don’t come during the day or you’ll traumatize the kids.

• Forest Trail – The lack of lighting makes this trail a fantastic spot to have a long steamy session.

casual sex forest Curitiba

These were just a couple of the many spots you have for outdoor sex. So use your creativity, check the surroundings, and most importantly, clean the sex litter.


Adults Hotels and Hostels

Planning to stay in Curitiba? Book a hotel near its main nightlife area, Batel so you don’t have to drive back too far once you find a hookup.

Following are the best hotels in Curitiba near Batel:

Alternatively, there are also some social hostels in Curitiba for backpackers:


Safe Sex And Clinics

Safe sex is always recommended for hookups because you never know the sexual history of the person with you.

And if you feel doubtful of your sexual health, visit Genoprimer or Check-up Center to get yourself checked.

This ends the Curitiba sex guide. Enjoy hooking up here.


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