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Ottawa Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking to get laid in Ottawa and want to enjoy great sex experiences, this guide offers updated information, tips and guidance.

We’ll show you how to hook up with singles and couples no matter your age, sexual interests, or the type of relationship you’re after.

From one night stand to find a regular fuck buddy, there are several opportunities to have sex in Ottawa.


The Ottawa Guide was last updated on 12 April 2023

Ottawa hookups guide single couples

Ottawa is the biggest city in Ontario and the capital of Canada with almost 1 million inhabitants.

The most interesting aspect is the majority of locals are into hookups and casual sex. Pretty much everyone is loose when it comes to sex.

As there are many more women than men in the city, obviously guys have the upper hand.

Don’t think only singles have a great time here, but also couples and people with a particular fetish like bondage and restrain.

Yes, sex parties and BDSM events are abundant in the city so you can indulge with your partner.


Gender Ratio: women vs men – There are more women than men in Ottawa with a gender ratio of 98 males for every 100 females compare to Canada’s gender ratio of 100 men to 100 women.

Ethnicity – 69.2% Caucasian, 6.6% Black, 11.1% Asian, 4.5% Arab, and 8.9% Some Other Race.

Number of Sex Clubs – 5 swinger clubs, 13 strip clubs and 2 BDSM clubs.


Girls in Ottawa

Although they may seem hard to talk to, girls in Ottawa love to have fun and enjoy hookups a lot.


Look And Physical Appearance

Ottawa women are largely white with European origins. They normally have brown to medium blonde hair and light eye colors.

They’re a little short, too, cause they’re usually around 5’3. Though they have solid and a bit meaty bodies, some are skinny, especially younger girls.

For the most part, they like to use makeup and paint their nails but stick to comfy clothes.


Attitude And Values

It’s pretty common for women in Ottawa to look cold at first since they tend to keep to themselves. But it’s cause they’re the shy and quiet type.

Since they’re laidback, it only takes a while to get close to them. And once they’re at ease, they’re actually friendly and like going out to bars.

Besides that, they have open views about their dating lives. For this reason, young girls here are into flings rather the serious relationships.



As said in this study, Ottawa girls are horny and love to have casual sex with strangers. This means that they are easy to hook up with after a few drinks.

In fact, girls around 20-24 are really loose when it comes to casual sex and mostly they have it unprotected. It shows in this Ottawa Public Health report as they have the highest rate of Chlamydia.

Knowing how much they want to fuck, it’s clear that women in Ottawa are easy about sex. Not only that but those in their early 20s like doing it raw the most.


Summary of Ottawa Girls

  • 3 traits: Girls in Ottawa are cold at first, shy and friendly.
  • 2 tips: To charm Ottawa girls, take your time with them and show them that you care about what they like.
  • 1 fact: Ottawa women pretend to like sports to get closer to guys.


Men in Ottawa

Ottawa men may have a serious vibe at first, but as you get closer to them, you’ll see that they’re down for casual sex and fun.


Look and Physical Appearance

In general, Ottawa guys are mainly White European. Due to this, they are mostly light brunettes than blondes with light brown eyes.

Apart from this, their bodies are a little chubby, but there are plenty who are fit or thin. They’re also slightly short as their standard height is 5’9-5’10.

In any event, they want to look good in casual outfits. In effect, their style is simple and trendy.


Attitude and Values

The men from Ottawa have a serious and reserved vibe compared to other Canadian men. This is why they always look snobby to others.

On that note, they’re also strict with manners when talking with strangers. Yet, as you get to know them more, you’ll find that they’re polite and helpful.

What’s more, they’re not stiff about dating at all. And in this case, they like hookups more than anything cause they don’t want stressful relationships.



As said in this article by Straight, 69% of Ottawa men have sex with more than 7 partners per year. This points out that most of them love to fuck.

Plus, it’s stated in this Ottawa Public Health report that many 20-29-year-old guys don’t use condoms since they have the highest rate of Gonorrhea.

To sum it up, Ottawa men have high sex drives since they have more sex partners than most Canadian men. On top of that, many in their 20s don’t even have safe sex.


Summary of Ottawa Men

  • 3 traits: Ottawa guys are polite, helpful, and look snobby.
  • 2 tips: If you want to attract Ottawa men, show them that you like hockey and let them know that you’re into them.
  • 1 fact: Many men in Ottawa are smart with professional jobs such as doctors, engineers, and the like.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

casual hookups Ottawa couples get laid

This Sex Survey article by Apt613 says that almost everyone hookups here since around 7 in 10 people have had a one-night stand in their life.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

For the locals having casual sex is the norm. Not only do singles enjoy a wild sex life, but also couples enjoy having threesomes and swap partners.

Casual relationships like fuck buddies, friends with benefits, and other arrangements can be found. Also, you can get invitations to Ottawa sex parties when networking the right way.


Swinger Activities in Ottawa

There are a few public sex clubs in Ottawa. But the best swinger events are held privately in houses and hotel’s rooms.

The easiest way to network with other swingers is to get in contact with Ottawa members on Adult Friend Finder. There you’ll find horny singles and couples eager to hook up.

Make sure to bring some booze when attending the private sex parties as is a sign of friendliness forward the host.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in Ottawa?

The locals only seem scary and unfriendly, but they like sex and hooking up in reality.

To have the best chances of success in your pickups, mind your manners and make the first move since they’re shy.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Ottawa

With a population of more than 1.3 million people, you’re prone to find hookups.

So let’s see where you can get laid in Ottawa


1. Sex Dating Online

Hooking up online is the easiest and fastest way to get laid.

There are several casual sex sites and apps out there like Adult Friend Finder that can connect you with horny people. You can the drama of dating and get straight to the point: sex.

We have written how to hook up online even if you’re shy. In short:

  • make an interesting profile
  • be clear about your needs and what you can offer
  • state your boundaries clearly.


2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Although Ottawa has a decent selection of night-time venues, it doesn’t even come close to Toronto or Montreal. Moreover, it’s difficult to jump venues without a car in the city.

In general, you’ll find more local bureaucrats here than tourists, but still, if you want to hookup then don’t forget to check out the best bars and nightclubs in Ottawa for singles:

• The Manx Pub – Located at Elgin St, a singles bar in Ottawa which is also an occasional live music venue and a hotspot to find hookups.

• The 27 Club – Located at York St, all the party lovers are attracted to this nightclub due to its diverse music and big dancefloor. It’s the best club to find nightstands in Ottawa.

• The Lieutenant’s Pump – Located at Elgin St, a British bar and a popular student hangout area, thus, making it the best college bar in Ottawa.

• Babylon Club – Located at Bank St, a lively nightclub with an even livelier crowd.

• Heart & Crown – Located at Clarence St, an Irish pub that’s popular for being a cougar’s bar in Ottawa as sexy sophisticated women often come here to drink.

Hands down, the Byward Market is the party hotspot of the city. The majority of the big bars are located here, so if you want to hookup, then stick nearby this area.

Alternatively, Sparks Street is nearby Byward Market, it is a vibrant pedestrian-only street where you’ll have the chance to pick up some strollers.

And if you’re on a budget, then The Glebe is famous for its affordable bars and restaurants – so you’re prone to find students here.


3. Everyday Life Situations

The people of Ottawa are highly educated, so dressing sophisticatedly and smelling nice will easily gain you some hook up points.

Once you’re ready, head to Sparks Street as it is one of the best places to meet singles in Ottawa.

As we mentioned above, since it is a pedestrian-only street, mingling here with strollers is much easier as everyone comes here to have some fun.

hooking up Ottawa girls pick up

Sparks Street

Alternatively, the University of Ottawa campus in Downtown is also a good proposition if you’re interested in youngsters.

And while you’re there, check out Dow’s Lake as well since it’s a popular dating spot so you might find some singles there as well looking for pickups.

Lastly, malls offer a fair chance in Ottawa since they’re always full, so try Bayshore Shopping Centre and CF Rideau Centre for daytime hookups.

Just make sure that you do not act overly clingy, otherwise, it might ruin any chances you may have of finding action.


4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Ottawa

swinging couples Ottawa sex night life

Obsession Lounge

There are a handful of swinger clubs in Ottawa but don’t expect them to be anywhere near being the best.

Yet, there are plenty of opportunities to hook up with swingers in Ottawa online. Just have a look at the members on Adult Friend Finder, and you’ll find plenty of couples and also singles into this lifestyle.

Introduce yourself and let them know you’re new in town. It’s surprising how welcoming they are forward strangers.

As explained in our review of the best swinger clubs in Ottawa, swingers in the clubs aren’t friendly like online. It seems they are close-minded and group together.

Anyway, one of your options is the Obsession Lounge. It is a members-only lifestyle club, where you can dance and fuck with hot couples.

The other is Club Debauchery which is both a swinger as well as a kink club and has perfect themed rooms to play.

Lastly, The Brass Club is a luxurious sex-positive club where you’ll find many rooms and get endless “facilities” once you become a member.


5. BDSM in Ottawa

If you’re looking for exclusive events for kinksters in Ottawa, then sites like will easily help you find them.

With that said, venues like Obsession Lounge and Club Debauchery aren’t only for swingers, but also, for BDSM lovers alike.

bondage room casual sex Ottawa

Club Debauchery

As you can see there is a big dungeon with plenty of equipment for you to do anything you want for your partner.


6. Transsexual And Transgenders venues

It’s easier to meet trans in Ottawa than in most other cities in Canada.

There’s a transgender venue in the city as well known as T’s pub, so what better place would there be to hook up with transsexuals.

Similarly, on Thursday and Friday nights Swizzles is also full of hot trans.

Lastly, popular trans dating sites are also frequently used so signing up there is also an option.

In short, Ottawa is one of the better cities in Ontario to meet T’s.


7. Strip Clubs

Ottawa only has a couple of decent strip joints, mainly because, they aren’t in much demand here.

Nonetheless, you can still easily get an erotic lap dance from having a memorable night.

bight hookups Ottawa

Strip tease dancer in Casino Cabaret – Ottawa

Following are the best strip clubs in Ottawa:

• The Nuden – Located at Lagan Way, a great place for bachelor’s parties, pay the dancers extra and see how they fall flat for you.

• Club Pigale – Located at Boulevard Gréber, with a cheap cover fee of $5, you’ll find this strip joint full of locals, but make no mistake, the dancers are just as beautiful.

• The Playmate – Located at Montreal Rd, the girls here truly know how to give the best lap dance ever.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Finding hookups in Ottawa is already difficult, and the last thing you want is to let the opportunity slip by for not having a private place.

Thus, here are the best places for outdoor sex in Ottawa:

• Major’s Hill Park – A leafy park that tends to get quiet at night, becoming a perfect spot for car sex.

• Pinhey Forest – A well-marked forest so as long as you find your own way, no one will interrupt you here.

• Pine Grove Trail – There’s room for 40+ cars here so all you need are window covers.

• Mooney’s Bay Park and Beach – This beach park also has large hills and enough secluded areas to find a corner to fuck.

public sex Ottawa places

Pine Grove Trail

P.S – It’s best to leave the area if there are any cops nearby. And once done, don’t forget to clean up the sex litter.


Adult Hotels And Hostels

Ideally, Byward Market is the best place to look for hotels in Ontario as it’s the hub of the city’s nightlife.

Following are some options you could choose from:

Alternatively, being a university city, you’ll find backpackers hostels in Ottawa as well to have some fun:


Safe Sex And Clinics

When you’re eager, cover your beaver – This alone is enough to help you take care of your sexual health.

Nonetheless, if you’re in doubt then visit Sexual Health Clinic or Test and Go for quick sexual health checkups.

Hope this Ottawa sex guide was helpful. Enjoy hooking up in the city.




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