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Philippines Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you are after sexual encounters, intimacy, or simply want to get laid in Philippines, you’ll find all the info you need in this guide.

Yet, you won’t find topics about prostitution or sex tourism, but only tips on how to hook up in the Philippines and the best ways to experience intimacy.

This guide is been written for single men and women as well as couples who are looking for sex partners (casual and not), explore sexual kinks or find an intimate relationship.

Read more if you would like to have nightstands, sexual encounters, intimate moments, or find sex partners in the Philippines.


This Philippines Guide was last updated on 11 December 2020

couple single guide Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most famous destinations for sex tourists in Asia. The reason is the widespread of red light areas and abundant prostitution.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for foreign women and men that want to hook up or find an intimate partner outside the red light districts.

And those couples who seek fun with other couples or a boy/girl to play, most opportunities can be found online on adult sites.




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Girls in Philippines
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Philippines
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Philippines

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Philippines 
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

How Live Sex Camming Online
Chat, interact and get an orgasm online

How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend in Philippines
Arrange mutually beneficial relationships without the drama

Best Destinations To Get Laid in The Philippines
Top Filipino cities for casual sex and hookups

Hostels And Sex Hotels in Philippines
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Philippines

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play hard but keep safe


Girls in Philippines

Renowned worldwide for their compassionate nature, those seeking warmth and affection will find Filipino women more than satisfying.

Look And Physical Appearance

The women in the Philippines have Asian, Spanish and Western features. So while the majority have black eyes and straight black hair, some have shades of dark brown.

Aside from that, they’ve got petite frames, either slim or a bit chubby, that fits their similarly small height of 4’10 or 4’11.

In any case, those who like simple and flashy women will see both types here. Since their fashion style ranges from t-shirt and jeans to tight-fitting outfits.

Attitude And Values

It’s pretty much given that Filipino girls are very affectionate. Even if they’re rather modest, they like to openly show their love for friends and family.

On that note, they’re responsible and hard-workers. In fact, they normally support their parents and siblings financially as soon as they start earning.

Moreover, a lot are traditional and take relationships seriously. On the other hand, several are quite modern and want to date casually especially in Manila.


Girls in the Philippines appear to be conservative but in private are sexually active.

As a matter of fact, the young generation is exploring new sexual behaviors by using technology. With 25% of youngsters sending or receiving sex videos through cellphone or the Internet.

Casual sex is on the rise, and fuck buddies relationship are gaining interest over serious relationships.

The shocking thing is still 78% of premarital sex is unprotected and in the last 15 years, teen pregnancy is double.

Obviously, in the urban cities, the girls are more daring sexually while country girls tend to be old-fashioned and marry their first partners.

Still, you’ve got the best choices in the Philippines if you want to find a virgin girlfriend or an inexperienced one.

Summary of Philippines Girls

  • 3 traits: Girls in the Philippines are affectionate, modest, and hard-workers.
  • 2 tips: To win over the Filipino women, dress up nicely, and be polite. Get close to them by showing interest and being generous with your money.
  • 1 fact: Women in the Philippines are shy to talk about sex but are actually promiscuous.


Men in Philippines

With looks ranging from dark and exotic to white and westernized, lots of women will appreciate Filipino men’s charms.

Look and Physical Appearance

Although they have roots from different parts of the world, Filipino guys have typical dark Asian hair, paired with either black or dark brown eyes.

Likewise, their height doesn’t reflect their mixed blood as well cause they’re 5’5 or below. Meanwhile, their bodies are commonly slim or a little chunky.

Another noticeable thing is that those living in the countryside dress plainly, and guys in urban areas choose trendy streetwear or smart-casual styles.

Attitude and Values

Men in the Philippines are sociable and highly value their loved ones. As a result, it’s standard for them to always meet with friends and family.

Besides that, they have a determined nature that helps them take on all types of trials. Yet, regardless of their situation, they remain light-hearted and giving.

Now, in terms of dating, many want to commit. However, more and more are leaning towards relaxed set-ups that are only for fun.


Like other Asian countries, Filipino men live in a male-centered community that basically allows them to enjoy sex freely.

They like sex so much that 75.8% of young men watch porn regularly and usually spend almost 14 minutes on it as per this survey. Much longer than men from other countries.

And since they’re open to sex and hookups, a large number of guys in their mid-20s to 30s have been with 20 partners or more.

This is why you won’t have trouble meeting experience guys to give you an amazing orgasm.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to find virgins if you’re into taking control.


Summary of Philippines Men

  • 3 traits: Filipino guys are sociable, light-hearted, and family-oriented.
  • 2 tips: To attract men in the Philippines, apply light makeup and emphasize your curves without showing too much skin. Pay attention to them, and avoid heavy topics like politics and religion.
  • 1 fact: Most young Filipino men have several casual girlfriends.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

hooking up Philippines couples romantic

Being under the Catholic Church, Filipinos need to pretend to be ashamed of sex to fit in.

But the truth is, everyone’s having sex, and many are loose.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Despite their religious image, Filipinos know that having sex is normal and natural.

Most people in their teens up to 30s are especially accepting of the hook up culture. The ones with real problems about it are the elderly.

Swinger Activities in the Philippines

It’s against the law to run any type of sex or swingers club. Nevertheless, the swinging scene’s still fairly active behind closed doors.

It’s just that events get organized online on adult sites like Adult Friend Finder.

For that reason, if you want to hook up with couples or find a bull/girl to enjoy a threesome, you’ll have to become a member of genuine swingers online groups or websites.

Is It Easy To Hook Up In Philippines?

On account of the locals’ interest in foreigners, you’ll undoubtedly have an easy time hooking up here.

Specific cities such as Angeles, Cebu, and Manila offer a couple of the best places for quick pickups.


Where to Meet People For Sex In the Philippines

The Philippines has a high number of horny singles, and the hook-up culture has also been rising among the younger population.

Let’s explore some of the best ways to get laid in the Philippines…

1. Sex Dating Online

meet online single girls Philippines no string attached relationship

Finding a date in the Philippines is easy, but relationships come with a lot of drama, unnecessary expenses and emotional baggage.

If you’re after hook-ups and would like to skip the unnecessary chattering, then Asian Match Mate can connect you with horny singles and couples who wouldn’t be shy to explore their sexual desires with you.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

The Philippines offers fantastic nightlife, and you can often find many youngsters flocking to nightclubs and bars in the major cities.

But watch out for prostitutes, there are many all over the country.

The nightlife of Angeles City offers the rowdiest yet the cheapest nightlife experience in the country.

It is known to be the party hub for both locals and tourists due to the rich variety of girlies bars and nightclubs. There is also a walking street similar to the one in Pattaya – Thailand with several bars and clubs.

Alternatively, if you want to hook-up in Manila, then The Fort usually attracts the posh people of the city.  Instead, if you want a cheaper nightlife experience then head towards Makati.

Lastly, the best nightlife in Cebu can normally be found at the City Times Square in Mandaue City where both foreigners and locals come to party. Although beware of prostitution in this area, especially on the weekdays.

We would’ve suggested Mango Square too, but it’s not as lively as it once was. Instead, you can go to the nightclubs and bars in Mabolo to hook-up with Korean students.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Philippine has a high number of horny singles, and the daytime game is quite fantastic as most Filipinos can speak fluent English. Malls are undoubtedly the best daytime locations if you want to mingle with strangers.

Being a foreigner can give you an edge because the locals here are easily attracted to them.

Ideally, we suggest starting from Malate in Manila as it’s the busiest area of the city. There are plenty of options in that area for daytime travelers such as the Manila Zoo.

Otherwise, if you happen to be in Angeles City then Clark Freeport Street has popular malls like SM City Clark.

Lastly, if you’re looking for sex in Cebu then Mactan Island offers an endless variety of beach resorts where you’re highly likely to find some action.

Girls Mactan beach Cebu

Girls in Mactan Newtown beach – Cebu

In a nutshell, the following are some of the best daytime hookup venues in the Philippines:

  • Malls
  • Beaches
  • Gyms

The fact the Philippines isn’t economically flourished makes it a hunting ground for sex tourism.

Hence, there’s a great chance to get laid in the Philippines during the daytime, especially if you have money.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

You’re hardly going to find any swinger clubs in the Philippines as most Filipino’s belong to a strict Cristian background.

Your best bet is to look for Filipino/foreign couples on adult sites like this one or go for Tantra massage classes to network with like-minded people.

There is always an opportunity to get an invitation to a sex party when you mingle in the right places.

There are better countries like Singapore for swingers, but all in all, the Philippine isn’t that bad either.

5. BDSM In the Philippines

If you’re looking for fetish clubs in the Philippines, then pretty much like swinger clubs, they’re also non-existent.

Most of the bondage action goes behind closed doors and you need to bring your own equipment.

Fortunately, there are illegal sex shops in the major cities where you can stock up on vibrators, bondage tools and kinky dresses.

And use a site popular among the BDSM community like to find sex partners.

6. Transsexual And Transgenders

There are many ladyboys in the Philippines you can hook-up with. However, prostitution is common among them so watch out.

With that being said, there are a couple of ladyboy bars in Manilla located in Makati that welcome foreign men.

Alternatively, Angeles City is also known to be a hub for transgenders. From bars to restaurants and nightclubs, you can find ladyboys almost everywhere.

trans Angeles City ladyboy bar walking street night Philippines

Ladyboy in a bar in Angeles City – Philippines

In particular, Fields Avenue is the most popular hang-out area for them. But beware, it’s also the red-light district of the city so the ladyboys there are often prostitutes.

If you want to avoid getting tricked by ladyboy sex workers, then the best way to find casual hook-ups is through online trans dating networks like TSdates.

7. Strip Clubs

If you’re looking for a western strip club experience in the Philippines, then it highly depends on where you stay.

For starters, there are plenty of strip clubs in Angeles City that are known as bikini bars or girlie bars. The majority of them are located near Fields Avenue.

Alternatively, you can find a few strip clubs in Cebu City in the city center: Mango Square. But Mactan City at a 20 minutes’ drive is a better option.

dance girls strip club Philippines

Filipina strippers in a bikini bar in the Philippines

It is quite easy to get sexual services from the strippers in the Philippines if you’re willing to pay the right price.

On the contrary, if you’re a foreigner then you might not have to pay a penny, as the strippers here are often eager to date foreign men.

Lastly, beware that most strip clubs in the Philippines are also brothels in disguise. Hence, you can check out Philippine Guides to find authentic strip clubs.


How Live Sex Camming Online

cam-girlThere are girls, trans and couples from all over the world that put on interesting sexual acts like voyeurism, toy playing, group sex and even masturbate while working.

You have the opportunity to spy on their fetish and even have a private show where you decide the sexual acts.

The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection and this cam site will do the rest. Have fun!


How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In the Philippines

If you’re looking for a girlfriend that can offer you companionship, friendship and intimacy, you’ll find the answer here.

There is nothing more exciting to have a young and beautiful Filipina girlfriend next to you. But there is also nothing more irritating than having to deal with jealousy, drama and unreasonable demands.

So, the ideal girlfriend is someone that looks after your needs but without restricting your freedom or give a hard time.

Just imagine having fun with a beautiful girl that understands this completely…

find girlfriend Philippines friendship intimacy sugar baby

Unfortunately, the majority of foreign men search for romantic relationships on dating sites like Pina Love and find out the hard way her unspoken expectations. And when they don’t deliver, all sorts of problems begin.

To avoid unnecessary drama and nagging, you should look for an intelligent girl that has a university education. Don’t bother with uneducated girls that only have in mind to get married and send money to their family.

You want an independent Filipina that offers you a true girlfriend experience but understands what a man needs.

The best way to find university girls in the Philippines for a relationship is to use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet. The girls there won’t bother you with unintelligent expectations and respect your boundaries.

When you sign up, make clear on your profile what you’re looking for and don’t shy away to contact several girls to see which one suits you best.

Keep in mind, be upfront with your expectations for the relationship, it’ll save you time and unnecessary conflict in the future.


Best Destinations To Get Laid In the Philippines

Manila – The biggest city and most open minded in the Philippines forward casual sex. You’ll find plenty of horny singles and couples for no string attached sex but also fuck buddies and intimate relationships.

Cebu – A university city with many jobs in the IT sector that attract a young crowd from close provinces. Naturally, there are plenty of opportunities to hook up for singles.

Angeles City – This city is a whore town famous for sex tourism. But it also attracts couples from all over the world that come here for sex parties and swinging activities.


Best Hostels And Sex Hotels In Philippines

Philippine offers a vibrant nightlife, but if you’re looking to get laid then it highly depends on where you stay.

If you’re a tourist, then book a hotel in Angeles City near Walking Street. It is highly likely that by the end of the night, you would find a sex partner to take back to your room.

Alternatively, if you are a student who wants to make your stay in the Philippines exciting, then book a party hostel in Manila near The Fort.

You can get more information on the best hotels and hostels in Philippine Guides.


Safe Sex And Philippines Clinics

Casual hookups can be fun, but they also come with a high risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. So, make sure to use condoms to avoid unwanted surprises.

If you want to get STD check-ups, then expect to pay anywhere around 1500 to 2500 PHP.

You can find the best sexual health clinics in the Philippines in our City Guides.


Hope this sex guide to the Philippines is been useful. 


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