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How To Join A Sex Party In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a liberal city that offers a little bit of everything, which also pertains to sex parties.

However, with so many different social circles and cultural norms, finding your way into the scene can be a daunting task.

But don’t let that discourage you because the city is packed with tourists and expats who are down to engage in all sorts of sexual activities.

Most of them operate online to network and organize private parties. You have to become a member first to join them which usually involves clearing their vetting process.

Other than that, the atmosphere at the parties we attended was pretty laid back and everyone was respectful and social.

So if you also want to join the scene then in this guide, we’ll share some tips on how you can network with these people to join private sex parties in Hong Kong. But first, let us share our personal experience.


What Are Hong Kong Sex Parties All About?

Hong Kong Sex Party

We’ve attended parties two times during our one-month stay in Hong Kong.

Both times girls and couples attended for free while the men had to pay to cover the cost of the venue and the food. Don’t hesitate to bring some booze to thank the host for their hospitality.

Usually, the parties take place in Airbnb apartments or upper-scale hotels.

If it’s your first time, the host will brief you privately about rules, expectations, and boundaries.

After that everybody meets in the main room for some small talk. Some people also play naughty games like strip poker to break the ice.

Just ask politely if you’re interested to play with someone, and if they shake your hand means they are up for it. Don’t hesitate to invite more members in case you want to have an orgy.

When done with it, go for a shower with your partner and then head to the living room to continue chatting with others.

We would say the atmosphere it’s similar to a social club rather than an actual sex club. It’s more about socializing with like-minded people rather than focusing on the sexual experience.

To use everyone was respectful and social without being pushy.


Where To Find Invitations For Sex Parties in Hong Kong

As mentioned already in the Hong Kong sex guide, it’s a pain to find sex parties because lifestyle clubs are not legal here.

Such activities go against the city’s “social values” which is honestly bullshit, but you can’t do anything about it.

But not all hope is lost because during our stay in Hong Kong, we were still able to connect with sex-positive people.

So let’s outline a few methods that worked for us along with some other options that you can explore.


1. Hookup Sites

Hook up sites can help you connect with individuals who share similar interests and may be able to provide you with information on upcoming events or private parties.

We tried Tinder and Momo at first, but those apps are too vanilla and we couldn’t find anyone into sex parties. Even though some solo man was interested to get into a threesome.

Then we decided to use Adult Friend Finder as it is our to-go site to connect with horny singles and couples.

We managed to connect with mixed races couples living in Hong Kong who attend sex parties regularly in the city and abroad. And they invited us to join a swinger party for the weekend.


2. Online Forums

You can try joining online communities such as forums or social media groups that focus on sexual exploration and alternative lifestyles.

We started by searching for like-minded people on Reddit. While we were not able to find a dedicated subreddit for Hong Kong swingers, we did find this post which gave us some leads on where to look for sex parties.

In particular, the user “Swinging-Downunder” talked about how HK Undressed and SDC are excellent choices to locate swingers in the city.

Upon further digging, we found that HK Undressed is especially popular among locals.

To get full site access, you’ll have to become a paying member. Then, the website moderators will start sending invites for Monthly Mixers.

Things are a bit tougher for singles, as they only get invited to a limited number of events.

On the other hand, the SDC is much more popular among tourists and expats in Hong Kong.

But what really stood out to us is this fairly recent forum post where the user “HKGuy2014” talked about attending private swinger parties hosted in Airbnbs.

Honestly, this seems like a very active community, and the members also look friendly so it’s a great way to get some insider info about the sex parties in Hong Kong.


3. Nudist Beaches

As expected, public nudity is not allowed in Hong Kong, so there are no “legal” nudist beaches in the city.

But it isn’t uncommon to find nude men and topless or nude women on the right East side of the Middle Bay beach at sunset.

We found another beach at the southern edge of Lantau Island where nudity is common.

However, everyone is cautious, and whenever families and villagers pass by they quickly put on some clothes.

But in general, most of the people we met here were pretty friendly and exchanged smiles.

We made plenty of friends with the same interests, which in our case is swinging and sex parties.

During our stay, it was easily one of the best places to find open-minded people in Hong Kong.


4. Adult Toy Stores

If you have experience with sex parties, you probably know that adult toy stores are a good place to learn about local events.

Taketoys is the largest adult toy company in the city, with 14 stores. The same company also owns Hong Kong’s only erotic museum.

Here are a few other stores worth checking out:

Visit these places and interact with the shop owners and the customers.

If you’re a single man, you’ll have to be careful with your words as you don’t want to look creepy.

But if you’re with your partner, then let her do the talking. In our case, Louise was leading most of the interactions.

Either way, with good social skills, you’re likely to find some leads at these places.

Just remember that most people in Hong Kong still won’t openly talk about it but might drop subtle hints.


5. Private Swinger Communities

We already mentioned that Hong Kong doesn’t have any swinger clubs. But there’s a thriving underground scene and you can find a couple of private communities.

We came across two sites namely: Swinger and Bang Club and Hong Kong Sex Party.

Both of these sites are in Chinese, but you can translate them through your browser.

Based on the info shared on these sites, they do seem to host private sex parties but their registration criteria are rather absurd.

For example, Hong Kong Sex Party requires you to send your front naked photo (no face required) with an HKSP sign in your handwriting.

We didn’t feel comfortable sending our nudes to total strangers, especially when we had better alternatives like Adult Friend Finder.

But if you’re daring enough, then feel free to give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

Lastly, we also found this blog by the name of Cosy Club which acts as a referral service for swingers in Hong Kong.

However, it doesn’t seem to be active anymore as the last post was made in 2020.


How to Get Invited to Group Adult Parties in Hong Kong

Swinging and sex parties are held privately thanks to the underground scene in the city which is lit!

You’ll find plenty of people ready for partner swapping and willing to join a threesome.

The only real challenge is networking with these people and for that, we’ve covered numerous different approaches above.

But honestly, what worked the best for us was Adult Friend Finder followed by social interactions at adult toy stores.

Joining HK Undressed with your better half is also a decent way to get a few invites to local events. You might also score as a single, although it’s much harder.

However, if these methods don’t work, you can also give a shot at the private communities we’ve talked about.

But first, you’d have to clear their screening process – which might take some time.

Lastly, as Neya shows in her video, junk parties in Hong Kong are also a great way to relax and socialize.

As you can see, everyone just wants to lay back, and have a fun time. So try joining a junk party alone or with your partner as there’s a high chance you’ll find like-minded people there!


Are there lifestyle clubs in Hong Kong?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any real lifestyle clubs in Hong Kong. However, there are many other ways to connect with sex-positive people and one of them is through the use of adult dating sites.


How to get an invite to a sex party in Hong Kong?

The key to finding a sex party in Hong Kong is by building a network. Join online communities and visit places like sex shops and nude beaches where you’re likely to find sex-positive people.


Is it hard to find couples for sex in Hong Kong?

It’s hard to find swingers in Hong Kong in comparison to other cities, but it isn’t impossible. However, you’re more likely to find foreigners and expats down for partner swappers than locals.