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Canada Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking to get laid in Canada and want to enjoy great sex experiences, this guide offers updated information, tips and guidance.

We’ll show you how to hook up with singles and couples no matter your age, sexual interests, or type of relationship you’re after.

From one night stand to find a regular fuck buddy, there are several opportunities to have sex in Canada.

The Canada Guide was last updated on 31 March 2021

Canada hookup guide

Canada is a big country in terms of land, but basically, the big cities are located on the border with the United States.

So when you feel bored hooking up with Canadians, you can simply catch a flight and go to play in the States (check out our United States hook up guides).

If you’re a couple that enjoys open-minded sexual experiences or simply a single that likes gang bang parties, the cities with the most swinger clubs are Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.


Gender Ratio: women vs men – The number of women and men in Canada is equal. Meaning the hookup scene is even.

Ethnicity – 62.8% Caucasian, 5.4% Black, 17.5% Asian, 3.5% Arab, 3.2% Latino and 7.4% Some Other Race.

Number of Sex Clubs – 25 swinger clubs, 112 strip clubs and 9 BDSM clubs.




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Girls in Canada
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Canada
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Canada

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Canada
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

Best Cities in Canada To Get Laid
Top cities for casual sex and hookups

Adult Hotels And Hostels
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Canada

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play but stay safe


Girls in Canada

Not only are Canadian women beautiful and sexy, but they’re confident and have an open mind about sex too.

Look And Physical Appearance

The majority of Canadian girls are Caucasian with European bloodlines. On account of that, their hair color is light brown while their eyes are brown to blue.

Now, for their size, they’re a bit below average since they’re either 5’3 or 5’4. They’re skinny and fit as well but tend to get a little heavy as they get older.

Aside from that, they have a taste for trendy and casual streetwear. As a result, they always wear the newest styles.

Attitude And Values

By all means, girls in Canada are bold and have strong beliefs. They’re tough and can deal with things on their own as they don’t rely on other people.

They also take great care of their bodies since they have healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, they’re easy to talk to since they’re honest with their feelings.

Due to their modern views, it’s normal for them to have casual relationships. In fact, they don’t mind go for hookups or find a friend with benefits.


This article by Global News says that women in Canada like having bare sex. It backs it up by saying that only 25% of female students always use a condom.

Yet even by themselves, many Canadian girls still get off. This Elle Canada article shows that 42% of them masturbate once or more in a week.

At this point, you can tell that feeling good sexually is important to them. They value good sex over safe sex since they do it without a rubber most of the time.

Summary of Canada Girls

  • 3 traits: Women in Canada are bold, tough, and honest with what they feel.
  • 2 tips: To get girls in Canada to like you, mind your manners and show them that you’re fun cause they don’t like dull guys.
  • 1 fact: Lots of Canadian women have boyish sides.


Men in Canada

Canadian guys are charming and handsome. Hence every minute you spend with them will absolutely be exciting and pleasant.

Look and Physical Appearance

A large part of Canadian men are White and have European sides. This gives them light brown to medium blonde hair and light-colored eyes.

Their regular height is 5’9 or 5’10 tall. And they have toned to fit bodies, yet some of them turn chubby when they hit their 30s.

Given that their style is relaxed yet fashionable, their usual look is a mix of comfy pants and hip shirts.

Attitude and Values

Although men in Canada are smart and respectful, they’re pretty chill. Yet they’re shy when it comes to girls, so they don’t make the first move.

Besides that, they love nature and are up to trying all sorts of adventures. On that note, they’re in good shape and like winter sports, mainly ice hockey.

On the whole, those in their 20s don’t want to be in any serious relationship. With that in mind, they choose to go with hook ups and stay stress-free.


Most Canadian guys have good sex lives, as said on this sex survey results by Durex. This is due to 61% of them having orgasms every time they have sex.

In any case, young guys here choose to have natural sex as this article by Global News reports that only 28% of them always use condoms.

Many men in Canada clearly have active and happy sex lives. Then again, it’s no wonder that they enjoy it a lot since most of them do it without protection.

Summary of Canada Men

  • 3 traits: Canadian guys are smart, respectful, and chill.
  • 2 tips: To appeal to men in Canada, don’t talk about heavy topics, or you’ll turn them off and show them you’re into nature trips like them.
  • 1 fact: Canadian guys are wishy-washy about dating.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

hooking up Canada couples bedroom

In this CBC article, it says that 18-24-year-old Canadian students are mostly hooking up with their fuck buddies.

This points out that young Canadians prefer to have a friend with benefits rather than a one-night stand or a serious relationship.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

The people have an open and accepting mindset about sex in general. This is why they have no problem being loose.

Basically, having casual sex and open relationships in Canada is the norm, not the exception.

Swinger Activities in Canada

All in all, you can enjoy around 25 on and off-premise sex clubs in Canada. The cities with the most swinger clubs are Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Though the clubs have different themes, almost all are private. Meaning guests have to sign up to be members.

The membership price is between 20–150 CAD per person or couple.

Most clubs’ features are dance floors, bars, showers, dungeon rooms, and play areas. They all have strict dress codes you should follow to avoid any problems.

Also, there are a few LGBT exclusive clubs in the biggest cities.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Canada?

Seeing that Canadians are friendly, you’ll have an easy time hooking up even if you aren’t a resident.

What’s more, since they’re open-minded, you’ll find several partners who only want hookups or friend with benefits type of relationship.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Canada

People from all over the world flock to Canada due to its diversity and great quality of life. But what cities offer the highest chances of finding sexual encounters?

Let’s dive in to explore the best places to get laid in Canada

1. Sex Dating Online

The winters in Canada can become a real hindrance and get in your way of finding casual sex.

However, that’s when the majority of the people resort to hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder. It’s the easiest way to connect with horny singles and couples.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Canada is heaven for party-goers, and Montreal is on top of the list. It is the party capital of the country especially for people aged 18-30.

Stick anywhere near Saint Laurent and you’ll have the highest chances to find hookups.

Yet, the only city that comes close to Montreal in terms of nighttime craziness is Toronto. It is a paradise for men as the single female ratio there skews higher.

No one will leave the city with bad memories due to its diverse entertainment options. Visit Downtown areas like King Street, College Street and Queen Street.

single night find girls Canada one night stand night

Vancouver nightlife – Canada

Alternatively, Vancouver isn’t a bad proposition either. Although due to the limited selection of nightclubs, people have a conflicting opinion of its nightlife.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to be your own judge by either visiting Granville Street in Downtown or Gastown.

Both of these areas can be great to look for nightstands and to get the gist of what the city offers.

Last but not the least, even though Calgary isn’t as rowdy as other Canadian hookup cities, it’s still famous for its bar districts.

Areas like 17th Avenue or popularly known as Red Mile. And since your main aim is to find casual sex – alcohol can make that much easier.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Finding daytime game in Canada is heavily dependent on the season and the city you’re staying in. Head towards malls if the weather is too chilly.

For instance, Edmonton is known as a festival city. So strolling through the streets of Whyte Avenue offers a high possibility of finding sexual encounters as there’s always something happening there.

Similarly, even during the day, Saint Laurent in Montreal remains quite active.

find Canada hookups pick up spot

Le Plateu in Montreal Canada

And you can even extend your hunt to Old Port as the cafes, bars and coffee shops there are jam-packed, especially during lunchtime.

Speaking of coffee shops, Calgary is full of them and needless to say, they’re social basecamp when it’s cold outside.

You can go to the Downtown areas, Inglewood or Victoria Park, to grab your jolting cup of joe and easily strike up conversations with strangers and score a date.

Lastly as cold as Canada can get, it doesn’t stop the people of Winnipeg from having fun.

Although, during the day they can be a bit sophisticated – all it takes are a couple of drinks to bring out their wild side.

And for that, there’s no better place than the Exchange District.

meet new people hookups Canada

Jazz Festival in Exchange District

In a nutshell, the following are some places in Canada that you can visit for the daytime game:

  • Malls and shopping districts
  • Coffee shops
  • Bars
  • Gyms
  • Parks – (if the weather is good)

Overall, scoring daytime hookups in Canada isn’t that nerve-wracking. You just have to consider the season and be at the right place.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Canada

Swingers are going to have the time of their lives in Canada. Each of the major cities has at least one sex club where you can meet like-minded people.

However, sex clubs in Toronto are the best swinger clubs in Canada.

sex club Montreal hookups couples

Playing room in L’Orage Club – Montreal Canada

And after that, Montreal comes at a close second. Also, cities like Calgary and Vancouver don’t disappoint either.

And if you don’t have a partner already or prefer attend private sex parties, you can always use a site like AFF to hook up.

5. BDSM in Canada

Although there’s a large community of kinksters on sites like, there aren’t many exclusive BDSM clubs in Canada.

Nevertheless, Toronto has two dedicated dungeons while in Ottawa you’ll find sex clubs hosting fetish nights weekly.

On a side note, the majority of the swinger clubs also host events for bondage lovers so don’t forget to check them out.

6. Transsexual And Transgenders

Canada is a diverse city and regardless of which city you go to, there’s a high possibility you’ll meet transsexuals.

But with that said, some cities offer higher chances than others.

If you’re in Toronto then the village is a prime LGBT area, and while it’s popular for its gay-friendly venues, it is also a hotspot to meet trans.

The same applies to the Gay Village in Montreal.

Keep an eye out for Pride Festivals in Canada that takes place in different cities as they’re full of hot transgender.

Lastly, regardless of which Canadian city you’re staying in, popular hookup sites for trans would never disappoint you.

7. Strip Clubs

Although there’s no shortage of strip clubs in Canada, each city offers a different experience.

meet sexy Canadian girls night hookups

House Of Lancaster Two in Toronto – Canada

So let’s dive into the specifics to help you make the right choice:

The gentlemen clubs in Montreal are best for bachelor parties – but it’s easy to get scammed. Dancers tend to overcharge for their services so pre-paying is the best way to avoid any hassles.

Instead, Montreal and Vancouver strip clubs offer a straightforward experience on a budget.

Strip joints in Edmonton have dancers who are down to all sorts of dirty and naughty things with you.

While Calgary and Ottawa have only a few gentleman clubs and the girls are average.

Yet, if you plan to enjoy the company of a stripper, avoid Winnipeg clubs because they have a “no-touching policy”


Best Cities to Get Laid in Canada

Toronto Hook Up Guide – Regardless of your taste, Toronto wouldn’t disappoint you as it is known for its diversity.

From famous tourist-centric locations to exhilarating nightclubs, bars and adult venues – you’ll find several hotspots to hook up.

• Montreal Hook Up Guide – Montreal is the ultimate party hub of Canada. The clubbing scene here is so intense and full of sexual opportunities that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

• Vancouver Hook Up Guide – The rainy weather of Vancouver may sometimes impede your chances of going out. But don’t worry, there are plenty of hook up opportunities online.

• Calgary Hook Up Guide – This is been rated the sexiest city in Canada by sale volume of sex toys. Also, there are several lifestyle clubs that caterer to swingers and BDSM lovers.

This meaning that people in Calgary enjoy having sex and eager to explore sexually.

• Edmonton Hook Up Guide – This city in the Alberta region is a great destination for mature people, especially if you have an interest in swinging, threesomes, and sex parties.

• Winnipeg Hook Up Guide – Reputated one of the greenest cities in Canada, Winnipeg is definitely the best location for people that love outdoors sex.

• Ottawa Hook Up Guide – Canada’s capital is a
paradise for singles men thanks to the high percentage of female population.

There are also many sex parties and BDSM activities for couples.



Adult Hotels And Hostels

On average, hotels in Canada can cost anywhere around 133 CAD daily.

Alternatively, Canadian hostels tend to be much cheaper as you can find one for as low as 25 CAD.

All in all, be careful where you choose to stay. In case you do find a hook-up, you don’t want to drive to the other corner of the city.

And if you’re confused, you can read our Canadian hook up city guides to get more info on the best adult hotels and hostels in each city.


Safe Sex And Clinics

Sexual health tests in Canada can cost anywhere from $75 to $110.

If that sounds too much, then some government clinics offer tests free of charge or at a very low price.

You can find the best STD clinics in Canada in our Canadian sex city guides to quickly get yourself checked.

This concludes the Canadian sex guide. Have fun and hook up as much as you can.


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