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How To Hook Up In Hawaii

Hawaii is a world-class tourist destination that is famous for its pristine blue beaches and laidback atmosphere.

There are more than 1.4 million inhabitants on the island and we’re not even including the tourists that come here for a good time.

The party culture of Hawaii makes it quite easy to score casual sex because everyone is down to have some fun.

But of course, scoring some action still has a lot to do with being at the right places – and this is where we come in.

This guide will cover all you need to know about how to hook up in Hawaii.

Scroll down as we share the best places and some tips to help you get laid in the Aloha State!


What Is Hawaii Hookup Culture Like?

The hook up scene in Hawaii can be divided into two categories.

First, come the locals who feel reluctant to have casual sex with other locals due to their sense of community.

Even if they do hook up, it’s with great discretion with people who at least aren’t from the same neighborhood.

However, they don’t mind hooking up with foreigners and that’s actually when Hawaiians truly let loose.

Hawaii hookups outdoor

Then we have the foreigners who are pretty much always horny and down for a nightstand to make their vacation memorable.

If not on the beaches or nightclubs, then you’ll probably find most of them trying to get laid on adult dating sites.

The only downside is that Hawaii isn’t LS-friendly due to the “everyone knows everyone” kind of atmosphere.

But you can always get into a private sex party by letting know the members on Adult Friend Finder that you’re visiting the island. There are many swingers traveling here to spice up their sexual lifestyle.


Where To Hook Up In Hawaii

Aside from an active nightlife, Hawaii also has a growing online hook up culture. So there are plenty of ways to get laid.

Let’s go over some of the best options:


1. Hawaii Hookup Sites

With such a laidback and relaxed atmosphere you’d think hooking up in Hawaii would be easy.

Although beach bars and nightclubs are full of a friendly crowd, they aren’t the best place to find casual sex.

Sure, if you’re a foreigner then you might get lucky, especially if you have good flirting skills.

However, locals don’t hook up so openly with other locals because well – they’d probably bump into each other again at some point.

But of course, this doesn’t mean Hawaiians don’t like having casual sex. They do it more discretely and normally use hookup sites.

Platforms like AFF are popular in particular because it allows them to meet locals on nearby Islands as well as foreigners.


2. Sex Clubs

Unfortunately, there are no sex clubs in Hawaii mostly due to the traditional locals.

However, Hawaii is a tourist hotspot for swingers. And the best way to find like-minded people is always to sign up with the popular swinger sites.

After doing a bit of digging, we found that it’s quite easy to connect with swingers in Hawaii on SLS.

But even the locals who are into swinging, prefer only playing with tourists because they don’t want to risk being outed.


3. The Best Nightclubs for Finding Hookups

Hawaii dancing club

Hawaii has an active clubbing scene with Downtown Honolulu offering the most diversity.

Following are the best nightclubs to hookup in Hawaii:

• Salsamor Club– Located at Kapiolani Blvd, salsa dancing is all about getting close and intimate. If you know how to dance then this club will easily help you find nightstands in Hawaii.

• NextDoor Club – Located at N Hotel St, this club often attracts tourists as it is a hotspot for concerts. Perfect environment to flirt and scour for hookups.

• The District – Located at Kapiolani Blvd, this is the best nightclub to find hook-ups in Honolulu.

• Scarlet Honolulu – Located at S Pauahi St, this club plays EDM & pop. Mainly famous for its drag shows so you can also meet trans here.

• The Republik – Located at Kapiolani Blvd, an energetic club in an open general-admission setting and a fun social atmosphere.


4. Best Hookup Bars in Hawaii

Most of the best bars to hook up in Hawaii are in the Waikiki district of Honolulu.

Let’s go over some of your options:

• Arnold’s Beach Bar – Located at Saratoga Rd, lively bar with drinks, games and a social atmosphere for singles.

• Mai Tai Bar – Located at Kalakaua Ave, want to meet both local cougars and tourists? This bar needs to be on your checklist.

• Bar 35 – Located at 35 N Hotel St, youngsters in their 20s visit this place to enjoy craft beers.

• Lewers Lounge – Located at Kalia Rd, an upscale lounge where you’ll find plenty of tourists.

• The Tchin Tchin! Bar – Located at N Hotel St, cozy bar with a rooftop area. You’ll find people of all ages here.


5. Other Hookup Spots to Get Laid

Hawaii has six major Islands with Oahu being the most popular among tourists.

And with so many beaches, it should be your favorite spot during the day to find hookups. Especially if you’re into surfing like Jamie…

So if you’re looking for a daytime game then simply visit Waikiki or Kailua Beach.

Both of these beaches are crowded with friendly locals and foreigners.

Alternatively, you can also go to pool parties that are often hosted by hotels like Hawaiian Monarch.

Even during the night, you’d want to spend most of your time in Downtown Honolulu as the area is known for its heavy influx of tourists.


Important Tips To Get Laid in Hawaii

get laid easily


1. Find a Sugar Baby

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination and if you’re wealthy then you’re in luck because there’s a growing sugar dating scene here.

Areas like Oahu are crowded with sugar babies, but of course, they aren’t as vocal about it. The best way to get in contact with sugar babies is always to use a sugar site.


2. Stay in Oahu

Among the six major Islands of Hawaii, Oahu is considered to be the wildest.

The liveliest city of Oahu is Honolulu, which has most of the upscale bars and nightclubs.

Most of your time will be spent there anyway if you’re looking for hookups, so you might as well stay there to save time.


3. Stay Discrete

The locals of Hawaii love having casual encounters but they prefer staying discrete about it. So keep a low profile while fucking around.




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