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How Do Guys Get Emotionally Attached

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For the most part, it isn’t that hard to meet and attract men.

But rather to establish that deep connection with strong emotions that move a casual relationship to a committed one.

If you don’t know how to move his feelings, you’ll never get more than just sex from a man.

In other words, it’s all about understanding the key factors on how to make a guy fall in love with you by first making him become emotionally attached.

Guys aren’t scared to commit, it’s only that in many casual relationships there isn’t enough emotional connection yet.

So let’s have a look at what makes a man tick, and then we’ll offer a few ways to make him yours.


What Triggers Emotional Attraction In A Man

We already wrote in detail what triggers emotional attraction in men. But in short, these are the main triggers:

  • Satisfy his sexual needs – Don’t be a dead lay, and leave all the work to him. Do everything you can for him to feel attractive and wanted in the bedroom.
  • Prioritize him – When you’re together, your focus should only be on him. You need to make him see that he’s valuable and important to you.
  • Awaken his hero instinct – Men need to feel like they’re doing something meaningful for you. Thus, you must depend on him and let him save you when you encounter problems.
  • Make him feel important – Guys love to feel needed because make them feel important. So work on his ego.

The above triggers are essential if you want him to commit to a serious relationship. Now let’s see some of the best ways to do it.


7 Ways To Get A Guy Emotionally Attracted To You


1. Be Girly Yet Independent

It’s a common truth that men prefer feminine girls. And if you don’t know how to get started, watch this video:

Yet, they don’t want somebody who’ll be entirely dependent on them. It’s a real turn-off for men having to deal with a girl too needy and clingy.

For this reason, when you want a guy to be attracted to you emotionally, you have to show him that you’re independent, yet girly.

By doing this, you’ll be able to appeal to his manly instincts without tiring him out. In fact, you’ll be the type of woman he won’t want to let go of.

Why? Because he can be macho with you and still have his freedom.


2. Give Him The Specific Attention He Wants

Although men are usually hungry for affection, they don’t like broadcasting it. Apart from that, since guys are supposed to be manly, they aren’t comfortable making a fuss about it.

Try to focus your attention on his needs instead of yours.

For example, if he’s in the mood for some fun, try to joke around with him. And when he’s in the mood for sex, happily give it to him.

Don’t make him feel that you’re doing it for the sake of duty. Go with the flow and he won’t notice.


3. Don’t Bring Up His Past Mistakes

Even though nobody is perfect, guys have a tough time accepting their faults. As a result, they don’t like to open up about their concerns and flaws. They think it’s a sign of weakness.

This is why if you ever learn about a man’s past mistakes, you should never bring them up. Don’t even try to use them against him, as he’ll instantly lose all interest in you.

With that said, you can make him emotionally attracted to you if you can prove that you’ll keep all his secrets and insecurities to yourself.


4. Recognize His Efforts, Big And Small

Because of their nature, most women are generally helpful, even when they won’t be given any thanks or acknowledgment.

On the other hand, men yearn for recognition in whatever they do. It’s part of their egos, so they tend to be sensitive about it too.

As such, it’ll have a positive effect on the guy you’re after if you recognize everything he does for you, whether it’s big or small.

Did he fix your pipes? Don’t forget to thank him. Did he hold your purse? Still, thank him.

Basically, let him know that you appreciate him, and you’ll be able to develop an emotional connection.


5. Make Him Feel At Ease

Most guys have no problem handling stress at work or at school. But the moment men are off the clock, they don’t want to deal with it a minute longer than they have to.

Their priority after office hours is themselves and their enjoyment. Help him to achieve this, and they’ll strongly bond with you.

Therefore, be fun and light while supporting his interests.


6. Be Genuinely Interested In him

Men aren’t vocal about it, but they want to feel special just as much as women. Besides that, they’d like a partner who actually pays attention and finds them interesting.

Thus a person who disregards or belittles them or their passions won’t touch their hearts. They don’t need that negative energy in their lives.

That is to say, one of the keys to establishing an emotional attachment with a guy is to be genuinely interested in him.

You can do this by asking him relevant questions about his hobbies and goals. Just let him know that you’re truly eager to know him and aren’t faking it.


7. Accept Him For What He Is, Not His Potential

Many women have a habit of wanting to change the man that they’re into. However, you won’t be building an emotional bond with any guy if you have this kind of mindset.

Firstly, men don’t want to be controlled. Meaning, you won’t make it past being a fuck buddy should you attempt this.

And secondly, they know their worth and won’t let themselves become pushovers.

All things considered, you have to accept a man for what he is, not for what he could become. Embracing his present will bring him closer to you.




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