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How To Ask A Girl To Have Sex: 7 Traits That Will Get You Laid

asking a girl to have sex

You don’t have to ask girls for sex, you only need to be the type of guy that women want to sleep with.

Although most girls want ‘nice’ guys, you can’t deny that they’re definitely turned on by several specific traits.

As such, you’ll have no trouble asking a girl for sex when you can show that you possess these lady-killer traits.

Of course, we’re not telling you to completely change yourself. All we’re saying is that you have to make the best of what you have.

Basically, you must improve an already existing quality and highlight it. And using some tricks to get girls to sleep with you will boost further your opportunities.

Learn what style you should adapt to from this article, and you’ll never fail at getting laid again.


7 Traits That Will Get You Laid Without Asking Girls For Sex


1. Be Funny

Can’t rely on your looks? Got nothing to brag in your bank account?

Don’t worry. As long as you’ve got great humor, you can definitely attract women. It’s more interesting for a girl to be fun to be around rather than a rich but quiet and dull pretty boy.

You see, girls like most people out there hate being bored. So if you can give them an enjoyable time by being comedic, they’ll swiftly warm up to you.

Besides that, they’ll be welcoming of your advances since you make them feel good and entertained.

Why it works: Women will find you charming and sexually appealing when you can make them genuinely laugh.


2. Have An Alpha Attitude

They hate to admit it, but girls are suckers for dominating men.

This article by Insider solidifies this detail. It explains that according to research, women show strong interest in men with alpha personalities.

And if you don’t know what an Alpha man looks like, check out this video…

In light of this, being a manly man in their eyes will get you a positive reaction when you ask for sex.

Therefore, if you’ve got a tough nature, it’ll be in your favor to emphasize it in a way that women will enjoy.

Like, you can show off how strong your principles and beliefs are by talking about your passions in life.

Why it works: Despite the women’s empowerment movement, girls still want to be taken care of by men.


3. Be The Boy Next Door

Are you a caring or sweet person? Do you prefer a wholesome approach to get sex instead of being sneaky about it?

If yes, the best fit for you is to have the boy next door image.

By boosting your trustworthy vibe, you’ll be drawing in girls to you since they feel that you can be trusted.

As a result, the woman you’re targeting will drop her guard with you, meaning you can effectively make a move.

However, you mustn’t forget to be flirty towards her all the time. Or else you might be put in the friend zone.

Why it works: Girls are more likely to sleep with you if they think you’re safe to be with.


4. Be Career Driven

Do you have your life planned out? Maybe you’ve got a good job or a promising future ahead of you? Why not use it to seduce the women you’re interested in?

For the most part, girls see ambitious and smart men as desirable partners, be it for a hook up or something more.

This is because a man with a goal is sexy and strong for them. Given these points, being open about your success will show the girl you’re better than the bums and deadbeats around her.

She’ll be more than happy to say yes when you ask for sex.

Why it works: A woman won’t ignore a man who has a high potential for financial growth.


5. Be a Gentleman

Want a fast way to make women fall under your spell? Just do something good that they don’t usually experience.

In this case, you can win them over in a snap if you act like a gentleman towards them. There’s no doubt that you’ll get laid smoothly.

For example, when you’re hanging out with a girl you like, do a helpful thing for her. Things like pulling up her chair when she stands or putting a coat on her when she’s cold.

In short, you have to behave respectfully and be careful with her.

Why it works: Being a gentleman is rare nowadays. So a girl will undoubtedly be attracted to you since you’ll be one of the few gentlemen she knows.


6. Be The Mature Guy

Interested in young girls and older women? You better work on your actions and responses then. The reason is being a mature guy in their eyes increases drastically your opportunities to have sex.

Girls in their 20s will be sexually attracted to you because you don’t act like the other childish guys around your age. Whereas older women will fancy you if you’re able to prove that you accept the gap between you two without losing your confidence.

Why it works: Since women mature faster than men, they naturally want to be with guys who have the same mature mindsets.


7. Be A Challenge

There’s one technique that will increase your chances of getting sex when you ask it from a girl. And that is to be a challenge.

The thing is, girls quickly lose interest in guys when they have them wrapped around their fingers. Obviously, it’s not exciting for women anymore since they have complete control over the situation.

Now, to prevent this from happening to you, it’s essential that you don’t completely give in to the girl you’re after.

Only give her a bit of affection to confirm your interest, but not enough to satisfy her ego.

Why it works: It’ll drive a woman crazy when she can’t put you under her thumb. Doing this will make it easy for you to manipulate her to sleep with you.




  • Tom Phillips

    Tom Phillips is a Dating Coach for World Hookup Guides who has been helping men to succeed with women for almost 7 years. His coaching career began with one-on-one coaching and has gradually evolved into seminars. He has dated successfully dated several women over the years and now shares strategies and techniques on several national publications in addition to World Hookup Guides.