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How To Hook Up On Tinder: 7 Essential Tips To Get Laid Fast

hook up on tinder fast

You don’t have to leave the house when you want to search for someone to hook up with. Simply open Tinder on your phone, and you can connect to hundreds of willing partners.

Yet, don’t expect to get laid tonight if you don’t know anything about how Tinder work. Quality profile pictures, an interesting bio, and some other tricks can make or break your success.

Also, since it’s accessible and easy, it has its own set of dangers. The fact that anyone can literally sign up and join the app means that you have to be extra wary.

You don’t want to have your own hook up horror story, do you?

This is why you should read our guide to ensure that you won’t get catfished or scammed. And don’t wait forever to get laid with the right person.

First, we’ll learn how to hook up on Tinder safely, then how to get laid fast.


How To Hook Up On Tinder Safely

safe hookups on Tinder

Although it’s common to hook up with people on Tinder, you still have to take precautions, especially if you’re a girl.

With loads of weirdos out there, the person you’ve been chatting up could possibly be one of them.

Here are important rules you need to remember:

  • Tell your friends about your tinder match – It’s important that someone knows about your hook up in case something goes wrong.
  • Don’t get drunk – Getting tipsy is okay, but don’t drink too much. You have to be of sound mind to determine whether or not you want to proceed with the hook up.
  • Meet up in a public space – For your safety, you should see each other for the first time in a place with other people. This will allow you to instantly leave if something isn’t right.
  • Protect your sensitive information – Feel free to withhold your private details from your tinder match. Only give your number once you’re comfortable with them.
  • Bring condoms – Always use a condom to avoid unwanted STDs and the like.

Now that we talked about safety tips, let’s learn how to hook up swiftly on Tinder.


7 Tips For Hooking Up On Tinder Fast


1. Post The Right Photos

Tinder is all about visuals. Hence, you can’t expect people to swipe right when you upload bad photos of yourself.

It’s necessary that you post ones that show you in an appealing light to find hookups fast.

The main rule is to choose images that are generally clear and well-lit like these:

Tinder hook up profiles

Girls will be prettier in pictures where they smile. Meanwhile, guys should look clean and well dressed.

The appeal: You may not have the best looks, but you’ll be more attractive to the oppositive sex with the right photos.


2. Establish Trust

If you want to hook up as soon as possible, you must make the person you’re talking to on Tinder trust you.

With that said, prove to them that you’re a reliable and friendly individual to gain their confidence. The reason is no one wants to hook up with a crazy psycho.

The appeal: People won’t hesitate to sleep with you if they believe you’ll be a safe partner.


3. Be A Likeable Personality

Before someone on Tinder agrees to meet up, they need to like you in some way. Just be pleasant towards them, and return their advances.

Flirting properly is important if you want to be licked by the other sex. We recommend reading our articles on how to flirt sexually over text to increase your chances of success on Tinder.

The appeal: A person will give in easily to you when they like your personality.


4. Don’t Talk About Sex Immediately

Many people on Tinder are only interested in hookups. So directly asking for sex often works on guys as you can see in this video…

Yet you won’t be winning girls if you approach them the same way.

You might think, ‘it’s okay when there’s something sexual on her profile, right?’ Wrong.

The reason is even if women present themselves as naughty, they still want to have an interesting conversation first.

In short, only bring up sex after you get to know your match.

The appeal: They won’t think you’re a douche if you have a proper talk with them.


5. Show That You’ll Be A Good Sex Partner

Men are always game for sex. Meaning women won’t have difficulty finding partners on Tinder.

Whereas girls are fussier with who they sleep with. This doesn’t mean they dislike hookups though.

In fact, this article by Self reports that 82% of women have casual sex. What girls want is a good sex partner.

As such, if you let them know you’ll fulfill their sexual needs, they’ll quickly want to bang you.

The appeal: You’ll stand out with men and women when you tell them that you’ll be a good sex partner.


6. Find An Opening To Meet Up Right Away

Timing matters a lot when you want to hook up on Tinder. Ask a person out too early, and you’ll pressure them since they don’t know you yet.

But do it too late, and they won’t be interested in you anymore.

Strike at the right time to make them want to see you in person. You should invite them out after talking and flirting for a few days in this situation.

The appeal: When they’re excited enough, you’ll be able to sleep with them during your first meeting.


7. Don’t Be Desperate For Sex

Regardless of how much you crave sex, don’t let the person you’re after know about it. Because there’s no bigger turn-off than a person who’s desperate for it.

Tinder is already full of fuckboys and sluts. You’ll only become one of the many.

To make them desire you, try to be casual about sex instead. Plus, playing hard to get is particularly effective on women.

So acting that way once you’ve gotten their interest will drive them crazy for you.

The appeal: You’ll have no issue hooking up if you project an easygoing and carefree attitude towards sex.




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