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How To Meet A Shemale: 8 Best Places

Do you fantasize about dating or hooking up with a shemale? If so, then you probably wonder where you can find them.

Honestly speaking, you can meet shemales pretty much anywhere you can meet cis women – but some particular places offer a higher chance.

With that said, meeting a shemale is just one part of the equation. The real challenge is to take the initiative and make the first move.

So in this guide, we’ll not only talk about how to meet a shemale, but also share some tips to approach the matter based on where you find them.


Best Places to Meet Shemales

shemale online

1. Trans-Friendly Apps and Sites

A large number of shemales still don’t feel comfortable hanging out in public places. The reason for that is they’re often discriminated against by people with a conservative mindset.

If you especially live in a conservative country, then we would suggest looking for shemales online.

There are plenty of trans sites and apps where it’s easy to meet shemales for both casual sex and serious relationships. But the most popular are TSDates and Ladyboy Kisses.

TSDates is great to find hookups. Instead, Ladyboy Kisses suit better those looking for a serious relationship with a shemale.

Sign up for free, create a profile and make sure don’t fetishize them.


2. LGBT Friendly Nightclubs and Bars

If you trust your social skills, then although not easy, it’s also possible to meet shemales in LGBT-friendly nightclubs and bars.

But note that the keyword here is “LGBT”. That’s because shemales usually don’t feel comfortable hanging out in regular venues.

If you’re lucky, then you might also find a trans bar – but they aren’t as common.

To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to meet transgender in our city guides under the “Transgender and Transsexuals section”.

Now comes the question that how to approach shemales in nightclubs and bars?

Well, according to Bella Joie, it’s pretty much the same as how you would approach cis women…

The only difference is that you have to be a bit more careful with your words while flirting with shemales.

In a nutshell, don’t ask stupid questions about their anatomy, and don’t treat them like an oddball.


3. LGBT Groups in Colleges and Universities

If you’re a student in a progressive country then meeting trans would be even easier. Most modern colleges and universities nowadays have LGBT groups and communities.

They are also quite welcoming, especially if you show that you’re an LGBT supporter.

You can easily connect with shemales in these communities by attending daily meetings and discussions.


4. Online Trans Forums

Like we said earlier, there’s no better place to meet shemales than the internet.

You can find numerous different forums with just a single search.

For example, there’s a trans dating community on Reddit where you can find shemales from around the world.

Approaching trannies on these online forums is similar to how you would do it on trans dating apps.

Simply interact with them on their forum posts, or create one yourself.

While making a post, don’t forget to specify your preferences like the country, age, and other stuff.


5. Visit Pride Parades and Other LGBT Events

shemale pride day

The LGBT movement is growing fast and a large number of countries host pride parades every year.

In case you don’t know, a pride parade is an event in which people march to show support for the LGBT community.

It includes not only the community members but also general people who support them.

Most countries have pride parades in June, as that is now officially pride month.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that finding shemales in these pride parades would be pretty easy.

Most pride parades also have a social atmosphere, so you can easily break the ice with a greeting.

And if you can’t visit the pride parade, then simply look for other LGBT events in your area.

A simple Google Search with the keywords of “LGBT events in (city name)” will give you all the info you need.


6. Meet Shemales in Cabaret Shows

Cabaret shows are also one of the best places to meet shemales – but what are cabaret shows, anyway?

In simple words, cabarets shows are a mix of stage drama, concerts, and musical performances that target an adult audience.

Shemales can often be found performing in these cabaret shows to make some quick bucks.

Not only do cabaret shows have dance performances, but shemales may also offer stripping services.

If you’re looking for a date or a hook up, then just treat the performers with respect.

Show that you’re genuinely interested and ask if they would be interested in hanging out after the performance.

Most LGBT bars host cabaret shows from time to time, so keep a track of their calendar.

Also, just so you know, cabaret shows are normally referred to as drag shows in the U.S.


7. LGBT Groups on Social Media

This method probably isn’t as popular, but you can also meet shemales on popular social media sites like Facebook by joining LGBT groups.

Just go onto the search bar and type “LGBT + (name of your country)”. We’re certain that you’ll at least find one group, regardless of where you live.

But unless it’s a dating group, we’d advise against making a direct post about it.

As that might make most people think that you only joined the group to meet and hook up with shemales.

Instead, interact with the members of the group in comments to find a way into their social circle.


8. Visit Trans Friendly Countries

Some countries offer more chances of meeting shemales than others with the Philippines and Thailand coming at the top of the list.

These countries have an abundance of shemales who are referred to as ladyboys in these areas.




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