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How To Join A Sex Party In New York

New York sex party

New York is the city where you can get practically anything you want – which is great news for anyone looking for a sex party.

Actually, this city is one of the most happening places in the world when it comes to sex parties. You can find all sorts of activities from massive orgies to regular swinging parties.

But finding them is largely all about connections. Once you connect with someone who knows where the best parties are, doors will open up.

In this article, we’ll be showing you exactly how to find a sex party in New York, giving you tips on how to create a network of your own, as well as how to use the best apps to find what you want.


Where Can I Find Sex Parties In New York?

Essentially, you should aim to create a network of like-minded, sex-positive people who are into the same things you are.

That way, you can secure invites to private sex parties on the regular.

Also keep in mind that most sex parties are private, invitation-only things. So you need to know the people who host them.

How to do that?

You can start by checking out…


1. Hookup And Swinger Sites

The best way to get an invitation to a sex party in NYC is to create a profile on Adult Friend Finder and let know the local members that you’re new in town.

It won’t take long before someone invites you to a private sex party. There are also several swinger sites you can join to network with like-minded people.

There you will find plenty of horny adults who are looking for new friends to join them for a threesome, swap couples and be at their sex party.

All you have to do is to create an exciting hook up profile and write down in your bio exactly what you’re looking for.

Then, you can join the chatrooms and forums, send messages and check the latest events that people post.


2. Swinger Clubs

If you’re looking for a swinger party in New York, you can pay a visit to some of the numerous swingers clubs.

But before going is always a good idea to use a hook up app for polyamory couples to connect with like-minded people in your area.

It’s more fun to visit a sex club with local friends, especially if you’re new here.

We’ve covered already review the best swinger clubs in New York if you need more details.


3. Listing Boards

You can use regularly updated listing boards like EventBrite to find sex events in New York.

While all the events listed aren’t sex parties, they are sexually related and will therefore give you a chance to meet like-minded people.


4. Sex Shops

Some of the sex shops have a message board where people post their private sex parties. Also, it’s highly likely that the people who work there have connections to get you an invitation.


5. Tantra Workshop

Tantra workshops are probably the hardest way to get invited to a swinger party or orgy in New York.

After all, people go to tantra workshops like The Art of Conscious Loving to learn more about tantric sex.

Yet, it’s possible that a couple could invite you to a private sex party.


Tips to Get Invited to a Sex Party in New York

New York swingers partying

• Find a Sex Partner

Because the majority of sex parties in New York are usually invite-only, it’s essential that you find yourself a fuck buddy as soon as possible.

This could be a single person like yourself or it could be a couple.

Be Trustworthy

No one will invite you to an exclusive sex party in New York if they don’t trust you.

As such, manners, etiquette, politeness and openness are all important to building trust.

This means behaving ethically towards others during sex by always asking for consent. It also means being discreet – not opening your mouth and inviting random people to the party.

Start Your Own Group

You can use sites like Adult Friend Finder to start your own group and invite other members.

This way, you can connect with people outside your current social circle and meet people who can get you into private parties.

Know The Rules

People who go to orgies and sex parties have to follow these sex group rules.

For example, if you arrive at a sex party and there’s an orgy going on, wait until you are invited before you dive in.

And make sure to always leave feedback afterward and thank the hosts. This will boost your chances not only to get a second invite but also to get introduced to other like-minded people.

Extending your network is essential to getting invitations to sex parties in New York.


How to Find Local Couples in New York without Getting a Swinger’s Club Membership?

To find local couples in New York without first getting a swinger’s club membership, it’s a good idea to join a site for swingers. You can use it to find couples in your area who share your sexual interests and build up a network of connections.


Where to Find a Swinger Party in New York?

You can find swinger party invitations on adult sites like Adult Friend Finder… Or by visiting a popular swinger club like CheckMate… Or by searching on listing boards like EventBrite.


Is it Free to Join a Sex Party in New York?

There might be some free sex parties in New York. But because private parties are held in rented spaces (usually), the fee depends on the location.

You could pay as little as $25 up to $200 per head.


What’s the Easiest Way to Find an Orgy in New York?

Labyrinth hosts orgy parties periodically.

If you’re a woman simply let know the New York members of AFF that you would like to have sex with several men. It won’t take long to find candidates.


What Happens To A Sex Party?

As you can see in this video, people are having fun like at any other party…

The only difference is after a couple of drinks and some fun, they start to fuck in group.


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