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Sydney Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

Wondering how to get laid in Sydney? Then take some of your time to read this guide.

You’ll get an insight into the local sex culture, learn about the best hot spots to hook up, and tips to experience safe sexual experiences.

It isn’t hard to have sex in Sydney when you know what to do.

The Sydney Guide was last updated on 25 April 2021

hook up Sydney guide

Sydney is one of the biggest Australian cities known for its iconic Sydney Opera House. Yet, it’s an awesome city for hookups.

Singles will have a great time hooking up online while couples have several swingers clubs to find like-minded people.

We’ve compiled a list of the best hotspots to find casual sex partners but also offer tips for outdoor sex and other activities.

Keep reading if you want to get laid in Sydney without wasting time and money.

And don’t hesitate to write about your experience or ask questions in the form at the bottom of this guide.


Number of Sex Clubs – 4 swinger clubs and 22 strip clubs.




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Girls in Sydney
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Sydney
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Sydney

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Sydney
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

Best Places For Outdoor Sex
Do you have a fetish for dogging, public sex or voyeurism?

Adult Hotels And Hostels
Best hostels for hookups and erotic hotels in Sydney

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play but stay safe


Girls in Sydney

Sydney girls are not only good companions, but they’re wild too and like to get laid.

Look And Physical Appearance

European genes make up the bulk of women in Sydney. Their hair color ranges from brown to bleached blonde. They tend to have dark to light eyes as well.

They’re usually tall and big-boned at 5’3-5’5. Aside from that, they like to show off their shapely and curvy bodies, though they get chubby once they’re around 30.

With Sydney being a casual city, they typically wear comfy yet trendy clothes that are easy to move in. You’ll see them in sexy dresses and short shorts at night.

Attitude And Values

Due to Sydney girls spending their time outdoors, they are athletic and have practical skills. In effect, they know how to pitch tents, run barbecues, and the like.

They also love social gatherings and are friendly to everyone they meet. Apart from that, they’re fun-loving and are famous for being heavy drinkers.

Since their dating culture is casual, it’s normal for them to date more than one person at the same time. They only get serious in exclusive relationships usually in their 30s.


All things considered, girls in Sydney are experimental in bed. In fact, as much as 64% use sex toys as stated in this sexual health survey.

Another interesting fact is most girls like to give blow jobs. This report says that 65.8% of girls in 12th grade give oral sex.

So girls in Sydney enjoy sex a lot. Furthermore, they get more into it as they get older since they like to spice up their sex lives with toys.

Summary of Sydney Girls

  • 3 traits: Girls in Sydney are athletic, friendly, and have practical skills.
  • 2 tips: To appeal to the women in Sydney, mind your manners and show them that you’re fun to be with.
  • 1 fact: Sydney women enjoy using sex toys.


Men in Sydney

Sydney guys will provide you with excitement and a pleasurable time… Not only in bed.

Look and Physical Appearance

Most Sydney men are of European lineage. And their hair is typically light brown, yet many of them are blonde. As for their eyes, most have light shades.

They’re fairly tall, too, cause their height is 5’10 and above. Now, with their active lifestyles, they have toned bodies. Although they end up stocky in the long run.

Besides that, their fashion style is simple and low-key. For example, they wear loose shirts or plain polo tops and pair them with either long shorts or jeans.

Attitude and Values

Men in Sydney live in a multicultural city. And since they deal with all sorts of people, they have liberal views and are tolerant of other races and beliefs.

To add to that, they’re helpful and kind to everyone. However, they live at a faster pace compared to other cities cause of their busy jobs.

Not to mention they generally don’t like to commit. On that note, they want hassle-free setups, so they simply date casually as much as they can.


For the most part, many Sydney men go down on the people they sleep with. It shows in this report which states that 57.2% of 12th grade boys give oral sex.

This study also noted that 15-29 year old guys with 5 or more partners still don’t use protection as 65.5% of them had condomless sex.

With attention to their ways, lots of young men in Sydney have casual sex directly without using a condom.

But then again, they’re good in bed since they do what they can to please their partners.

Summary of Sydney Men

  • 3 traits: Sydney men are tolerant, kind, and have liberal views.
  • 2 tips: To charm Sydney guys, be confident and flirty but keep it casual since clingy girls turn them off.
  • 1 fact: Men in Sydney aren’t looking to date seriously and often ghost their partners.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

Sydney hooking up singles

Sydney is the 2nd horniest city in Australia, according to this article by GQ.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

The locals are open-minded on the whole and have a carefree approach to sex and relationships.

For this reason, it’s usual for any of them to freely date or hook up with tons of people at the same time.

Swinger Activities in Sydney

In Sydney, there are about 4 available swinger clubs. But most of the action takes place at private sex parties.

While they fall under the high-class type, not all of them need a membership to participate in their events.

There are weekly and monthly events such as Lingerie Delight, 3C Gang Bang, Angels & Demons, and other sexy fetish dress parties.

The rate per person is $50-150 plus a $50 refundable fee for locker use.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Sydney?

As long as you show your interesting side and remember how to best handle the people, your odds of hooking up here are high.

On top of that, unlike most places, the girls are much easier to pick up during the day.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Sydney

Wondering what sexual opportunities await you in Australia’s most popular city?

Let’s find out by looking at the best places and ways to get laid in Sydney

1. Sex Dating Online

Bar hopping is a great way to find sex in Sydney, however, it isn’t something everyone can do.

So if you want to save time and cut to the chase, then sites like Adult Friend Finder are all you need.

It is a popular hookup site in Australia where you can meet and fuck with horny singles and couples with no strings attached.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Australians in general love to drink and chat. And Sydney’s nightlife is all about that.

You’re going to find bars scattered across the city as well as a couple of nightclubs to dance your heart out.

This is why with so many options to choose from, we’ll help you narrow down the best bars and nightclubs in Sydney to hook up:

• Club 77 – Located at 77 William St, unfold your wild side by dancing to techno music with a crazy young crowd.

The Captains Balcony – Located at 46 Erskine St, a super social bar for the singles in Sydney.

Mexica Cocktail Bar – Located at 4 Dawn Fraser Ave, older women often flock to this bar for its margaritas and Mexican. It’s the best cougars bar in Sydney.

• Dulcie’s Kings Cross – Located at 44B Darlinghurst Rd, the perfect place to hook up with college students.

The Baxter Inn – Located at Clarence St, a sophisticated bar that attracts tourists due to its top-class selection of whiskey.

Sydney has a couple of nightlife districts, each of them has something unique to offer and sexy people to hook up with.

Starting from the Central Business District (CBD), during the weekends, you’d hardly find space to walk here.

You’ll find countless tourists in this area chilling at waterfront bars, especially after work hours.

And at 2 kilometers east of CBD, you’ll find another thrilling nightlife district called King’s Cross in Potts Point.

It is the inner city-hub that’s bustling with life and it is the #1 spot for party-goers and date nights – so you’re prone to find hookups there.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Daytime game in Sydney is all about having the confidence to start a conversation.

With that said, one of the best places to meet singles is Bondi Beach.

Especially on the weekends, you’ll find the beach crowded with both foreigners and locals showing off their exotic sun-kissed bodies.

Similarly, Surry Hills is also a great area, especially during work hours. You can go to one of the many cafes there to catch up with professionals taking a break.

find Sydney girls Surry Hill casual dating

Surry Hills

And speaking of professionals, the Commercial Business District is also quite lively in the daytime.

While most people in these areas may appear to be busy, if you take the initiative, you may score a date for the evening.

Also, let’s not forget that Sydney has several reputable universities. So if you want to hook up with students, then spend your time near the University of Sydney.

In case the weather is too hot for the street game, then malls like Pitt Street Mall, Regent Place and Westfield Sydney can be great for daytime pickups.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Sydney

night swinger club hookups

Sydney has plenty of open-minded young and old couples who are interested in the swinger lifestyle.

So following are the best swinger clubs in Sydney:

• The Couples Club – This swinger club is great for both veterans and first-timers.

With a cozy environment, professional staff, and sexy couples, you’ll have the time of your life.

• Fun4Two Club – A swinger club that’s known for different themed parties, check the schedule on their page before paying a visit.

• Secret Spot – One of the most popular swinger club not only in Sydney but all across Australia.

You’re sure to find an exquisite, safe and erotic atmosphere inside the premises.

5. BDSM in Sydney

sydney mistress bdsm club

Mistress in Sydney BDSM club

The kink scene in Sydney is rapidly growing as more and more people start to show interest in fetish exploration.

The Hellfire Club is the face of the BDSM scene in Sydney as it has been around for more than 25 years.

It is a club full of open-minded people where you’re likely to find a bondage partner.

Similarly, The Kastle is a BDSM dungeon in Sydney where you can find many dominant and submissive mistresses to play with.

Aside from all that, sites like also have a large community of kinksters for you to connect with.

6. Transsexual And Transgenders

You’ll find many transsexuals in Sydney with most of them being from Asian countries like the Philippines and Thailand.

But beware that as brothels are allowed in New South Wales, most trans are sex workers.

With that said, you’ll find the most LGBT-friendly venues at Oxford Street and Darlinghurst where you may also find T’s.

Some of your options include The Colombian Hotel and Stonewall Hotel.

And if the options above do not work out for you then go online on popular trans networks.

7. Strip Clubs

sexy Sydney girl dancing

Girl dancing in Dollhouse Strip Club

There’s no shortage of strip joints in this city with most of them being located at King’s Cross.

However, keep in mind that some of the strip clubs also have sex licenses. Meaning they operate as brothels.

Following are our recommendations for strip clubs in Sydney:

• Moonlight Gentlemen’s Club – Located at Rawson St, the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Here you’ll find dozens of sexy and elegant women to accompany you.

• World Famous Showgirls – Located at Darlinghurst Rd, from private bachelor nights to entertaining events, this strip joint has it all.

• Studio Relax – Located at Bermill St, whether you’re into blondes or brunettes, you’ll find all sorts of hot women here.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

If the idea of outdoor sex sounds thrilling to you, then there’s no better place than Sydney. The people here usually mind their own business and there are also plenty of secluded spots to do the deed.

Following are the best places for outdoor sex in Sydney:

• Excelsior Park Castle Hill – Park your car at the backside of the park, turn off your headlights and get started.

• Yellow Rock Lookout – Popular spot for outdoor sessions, you’ll know for yourself once you see all the “rubbish” there.

• Harbour Bridge – Visit lane 4 during 4-6 pm for some great car sex.

• Bondi Beach – Beaches at night never disappoint – just walk until you find a secluded area.

Sydney sex on the beach

Usually, if the cops find that you’re having car sex, they wouldn’t do much and may even give you extra 20 mins to finish off. Unless you’re fucking their daughter.


Adults Hotels and Hostels

If you’re staying in Sydney, then it should ideally be somewhere between Central Business District and King’s Cross.

They are the two best nightlife areas in the city so you wouldn’t have to drive too far.

Here are our recommendations for hotels in Sydney near those areas:

There are numerous backpackers’ hostels in Sydney, after all, it is a city of tourists and students.

Following are some of the best choices you have:


Safe Sex And Clinics

Sydney has plenty of sexual opportunities, but don’t forget to cover the shield before you fuck the field.

Yet, concerned about your sexual health? Visit Sexual Health Clinic or Parramatta Clinic for quick and reliable checkups.

This conclude the Sydney sex guide. Enjoy hooking up here.


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