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Thailand Hook Up Guide For Singles And Couples

If you are after sexual encounters, intimacy, or simply want to get laid in Thailand, you’ll find all the info you need in this guide.

Yet, you won’t find topics about prostitution or sex tourism, but only tips on how to hook up in Thailand without paying for it.

This guide is been written for single men and women as well as couples who are looking for sex partners (casual and not), explore sexual kinks or find an intimate relationship.

Read more if you would like to have a nightstand, sexual encounters, intimate moments, or find sex partners in Thailand.


The Thailand Guide was last updated on 03 December 2020

Thailand guide couples singles

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. The reason is the great value for money you get in terms of accommodation, great food, and the Thai openness forward tourists.

Besides people who travel for business and family going for a beach vacation, singles and couples love to visit the country to get laid and have sexual experiences.

You’ll find an incredible nightlife, all sort of erotic massage services, and plenty of swinging opportunities. There is no easier place to get laid in Asia.




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Girls in Thailand
Look, values and sexuality

Men in Thailand
Look, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Casual sex, swinging activities and hooking up in Thailand

Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Thailand
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies, strip clubs, transgender and BDSM

How Live Sex Camming Online
Chat, interact and get an orgasm online

How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend in Thailand
Arrange mutually beneficial relationships without the drama

Best Destinations To Get Laid in Thailand
Top Thai cities for casual sex and hookups

Hostels And Sex Hotels in Thailand
Best hostels for hookups and sex hotels in Thailand

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play hard but keep safe


Girls in Thailand

Thai girls have pleasant personalities and pretty faces that will undoubtedly give anyone an easy time admiring up close.

Look And Physical Appearance

Being descended from Thai, Chinese, Burmese, Vietnamese, and more Asian families, the girls in Thailand unsurprisingly have dark hair and eyes.

They’re naturally small, too, with the majority having a height of 5’’- 5’3, and are almost always skinny and lean.

Those in big cities like Bangkok wear trendy clothes, while the girls in provinces dress plainly in shirts and pants.

Attitude And Values

It’s pretty common for Thai women to have a caring and welcoming attitude. They’re known to be considerate and attentive to other people’s needs.

They do everything to make their loved ones happy. For that reason, they’re recognized as loyal and diligent providers to their families.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder they’re serious about dating. Nonetheless, many are in touch with the times and want to keep it casual.


Even though Thai women have traditional principles, most start having sex around 15–19 years old. Some even start early, at 13-14.

Pattaya and Phuket girls are especially promiscuous because of their constant contact with the sex trade in their areas.

Meanwhile, since a lot of the high and middle-class girls live in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, they’re a mixed bag of conservative and liberal women.

All things considered, everyone will find their type of girl in Thailand, whether it’s the innocent virgin or the fun and naughty girl.

However, don’t expect to find dominant women in Thailand as they are very feminine and submissive.

Summary of Thailand Girls

  • 3 traits: Thai women are welcoming, considerate, and attentive.
  • 2 tips: To attract girls in Thailand, dress up but don’t be too flashy. Be respectful and treat them nicely cause they’re quick to like kind men.
  • 1 fact: Thai girls highly value family and devote themselves to their partners when in a serious relationship.


Men in Thailand

Those who want macho guys with a loving side will feel the ideal blend with Thai men.

Look and Physical Appearance

As Thai guys are linked to a wide variety of Southeast Asian backgrounds, you’ll typically see them having black hair and black or dark brown eyes.

Thai men in Bangkok and Chiang Mai have whiter skin and a Chinese look, while guys in other provinces have darker skin.

Besides that, they’ve got a standard height that ranges from 5’5-5’6. Similarly, their figures are small as well, cause they’re naturally thin.

Their outfits in cities tend to be classy in smart-casual style. On the other hand, guys living in the countryside prefer simple shirts and loose pants.

Attitude and Values

Thai men have a visibly jolly yet calm atmosphere and go about their lives peacefully. Whatever problems they face, they settle it quietly and smoothly.

It’s because they want to avoid getting into fights or negative situations publicly to save face. Keeping their personal issues private is a must for them.

Their stance on relationships, on the contrary, is more open cause they mostly prefer casual relationships or several partners.


The men in Thailand are encouraged from an early age to have a macho mindset. This leads them to believe that it’s okay to be promiscuous.

Having giks (fuck buddies) is the norm either they are single or married. In fact, according to this study, 71.7% of Thai men have affairs.

On that note, those looking for casual or short-term flings won’t have any shortage in finding partners here. But be careful because only 43% of Thai men practice safe sex.

Summary of Thailand Men

  • 3 traits: Thai guys are calm, peaceful, and need to always save face.
  • 2 tips: To appeal to men in Thailand, don’t wear heavy makeup or revealing outfits. When you chat with them, be modest, and show your interest without being forceful.
  • 1 fact: Thai men have the right to have many giks outside of their relationships.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

Find Thai hook up casual partner get laid

Thais consider sex as taboo on the outside, but they’re actually accepting of it in reality. They even have a cultural practice of men having several casual partners.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Due to the public opinion from their conservative culture, they can’t be outspoken about sex. But they have positive views about it.

Girls and men enjoy hooking up, and usually, you can get lucky on the first date.

Swinger Activities in Thailand

Despite the active and booming sex trade in Thailand, it’s not possible to put up any official swinger club due to the laws against it.

While this may be true, swingers aren’t lacking any action here and, in fact, regularly have events.

You’ll find singles and couples on adult dating sites like this one organizing private swinger meetings. Most are couples looking for girls, men, and other couples.

Attendance is by invitation, so to try swinging the Thai way, sign up before you plan your trip.

Is It Easy To Hook Up in Thailand?

Everyone’s sure to get laid cause Thailand’s the top place to hook up in Asia.

Especially Thai women in Pattaya and Phuket are extremely loose towards foreigners. And the potential to swing with couples in the popular tourist destinations are high.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Thailand

It isn’t probably the first time you’ve heard how easy it is to find sex in Thailand. The country has established a reputation for debauchery as it has become a hub for horny tourists.

So let’s explore some of the best ways to get laid in Thailand…

1. Sex Dating Online

Most people will agree that finding sex in Thailand is like a walk in the park. However, prostitutes often extort money from locals and tourists by tricking them into having sex.

If you’re after casual hookups, then online dating is popular in Thailand. Asian Match Mate can help you connect with horny Thai locals and even foreigners who would be down to fuck.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Regardless of where you’re in Thailand, you’re going to find a nightlife drenched with excitement.

Starting from the capital, if you want to hookup in Bangkok with the locals, then Thonglor is packed with nighttime venues for you to visit.

Alternatively, you can head to Khao San Road to mingle with foreigners as that is where most of them spend their vacations.

Apart from that, if it’s the diversity you’re after then the nightlife of Phuket wouldn’t disappoint you because it’s swarming with singles, ladyboys and escorts. Usually, all the action there takes place on the Bangla Road which is also the red-light district.

If that wasn’t enough, then Walking Street in Pattaya is known to be one of the wildest streets in Thailand. It is famous for its go-go bars, nightclubs and a heavy influx of tourists on foot.

Keep in mind that Thailand is also considered to be a tourist trap. Stay on your guard especially when you visit the red-light districts.

What you might think is a casual hook-up may turn out to be a prostitute tricking you into having sex.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Thailand offers one of the best daytime hookup scene in Asia.

In fact, the chances are that you’ll get more action here during the day than what you normally get at night in most countries.

Bangkok is known to have a high number of single tourists scattered across the city. Ideally, the Siam BTS stop is a great start as it has some popular malls in its surroundings where you’re guaranteed to meet interesting people.

Otherwise, if you’re in search of some early morning action, then head to Bang Lamung District in Pattaya to score breakfast dates which may potentially lead to hookups.

On the contrary, if you’re scouring for sex in Phuket then be on your guard as that city has a high prostitution rate. The safest bet here is to visit tourist-friendly locations like Limelight Avenue and Central Phuket Floresta.

Apart from that, here are some places in a nutshell where you can find casual hook-ups:

  • Bars
  • Parks
  • Malls
  • Large Gyms
  • Beaches

Finding sexual encounters isn’t a challenge in Thailand. The real challenge is avoiding prostitutes.

Therefore, always stay cautious while mingling with a stranger. If they’re being too pushy about sex, then that may be a red flag.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Unfortunately, swinging isn’t legal in Thailand and public swinger activities can also get you arrested. That doesn’t mean there are no sex parties in Thailand.

Actually, there are plenty of threesomes, orgies and all sorts of unconventional sexual activities behind closed doors.

While you’re not going to find any public swinger clubs in Thailand, there are more than enough tourists and expats on popular adult sites who are into the swinger lifestyle.

Also, check out the Phuket sex guide for nude resorts where you can relax and have opportunities to get hooked up with singles and couples.

5. BDSM in Thailand

If you’re looking for some kinky fun, then there’s just one fetish club in Bangkok and another one in Pattaya. Have a look at our sex guides in Thailand for singles and couples for more info.

However, don’t feel disappointed because considering how easy it is to get laid in Thailand, you’re prone to find a bondage partner online. offers one of the best ways to connect with the BDSM community of Thailand who shares your kinks.

6. Transsexual And Transgenders – Thai Ladyboys

hook up ladyboys Pattaya best bar Walking Street Thailand

Thai Ladyboy sitting in a bar in Pattaya

Thailand offers one of the best lives for transgenders in the world. You can find trans exclusive venues in almost every city.

For example, there are several ladyboy bars in Bangkok located at Soi Cowboy which is also the red-light district area of the city.

Alternatively, the Loi Kroh Road in Chiang Mai or Pattaya are popular destinations to hook up with Thai ladyboys.

Yet, keep in mind that the majority of ladyboys in those tourist areas are prostitutes.

If you want an easy and safe way to hook up with ladyboys in Thailand, use a popular trans dating site like TSdates. There are many ladyboys eager to hook up or get into an intimate relationship with foreign men.


7. Strip Clubs

You’re not going to see many west-like strip clubs in Thailand. Instead, go-go bars are popular here that offer a pretty similar experience.

Yet, you can unsurprisingly find strip clubs in Bangkok as that is where most tourists come to party.

Apart from that, the go-go bars in Pattaya are home to some of the finest ladies in Thailand. You can find a mix of both local Thai girls and foreigners inside them.

Similarly, the Phuket go-go bars tip a bit more towards the wilder side as they often host nude shows. Moreover, by offering the right price, you can also take a gorgeous girl with you to the hotel room for some sexual favors.

Bear in mind that prostitution is also common in go-go bars and strip clubs as they’re often brothels in disguise.

Check out all the possible options to get laid without having to pay for it by reading our Thailand Cities Sex Guides.


How Live Sex Camming Online

cam-girlThere are girls, trans and couples from all over the world that put on interesting sexual acts like voyeurism, toy playing, group sex and even masturbate while working.

You have the opportunity to spy on their fetish and even have a private show where you decide the sexual acts.

The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection and this cam site will do the rest. Have fun!


How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In Thailand

When you look for a girlfriend in Thailand, stay away from the red light districts and bar girls. Those types of girls are just gold diggers with nothing to lose.

To be clear, nothing wrong with gold diggers and sugar babies in Thailand as far as they don’t work in the red light areas.

The reason is there are so many young and beautiful Thai girls craving to meet a foreign man, that doesn’t make any sense to end up with a prostitute.

For example, you’ll find an endless supply of university girls in Bangkok eager to be your girlfriend…

find girlfriend Thailand sugar baby

Just imagine enjoying your time with an intelligent, young, and horny Thai girlfriend whenever you want. Without drama and unreasonable demands.

Yes, the ideal Thai girlfriend not only must be young, outgoing and cheerful most of the time, but she shouldn’t be jealous and restrict your freedom.

This means if you want to go on holiday alone or hook up with other girls, she shouldn’t throw tantrums.

A relationship is great because you can enjoy friendship and intimacy, but you shouldn’t have to deal with drama, jealousy and unreasonable demands.

Basically, the perfect girlfriend is an open-minded girl that doesn’t work in the red-light districts.

And the easiest way to find the perfect Thai girlfriend is to look on a dating site like Sugar Daddy Meet. There are plenty of beautiful and intelligent girls looking for a relationship without drama.

And the best part is there are also foreign women in the mix.

Why not have a Thai and a foreign girlfriend at the same time?

When you create your profile, make sure to be clear about your intentions. It saves you time and headaches later on in the relationship.


Best Destinations To Get Laid In Thailand

Bangkok – The capital of Thailand has it all. You’ll find hookup opportunities and sexual pleasure either you’re single or a couple.

Chiang Mai – The Northern city of Thailand, it’s a paradise for backpackers and Digital Nomads. The nightlife is great, the locals are friendly and the weather is great.

Pattaya – This is a whore town with one of the worst beaches in Thailand. Hookups with locals and foreigners are abundant, but be careful about prostitution.

Phuket – Phuket is probably the best beach destination for swingers and singles alike. There are several nude resorts, sex parties and the nightlife is naughty.


Best Hostels And Sex Hotels in Thailand

Thailand already offers a crazy nightlife and by staying in the right hotel or hostel, you can make it even more electrifying.

If you are searching for party hostels in Bangkok, then we’d suggest staying somewhere near Royal City Avenue as that’s one of the busiest areas of the city.

Alternatively, if you want to rent a hotel in Phuket, then Patang is the place to crash. By the end of the night, you’re prone to find someone for casual sex to bring to your room.

You can get more info on the best hotels and hostels in Thailand by visiting our City Guides.


Safe Sex And Thailand Clinics

Unprotected casual sex is extremely common in Thailand, so you must prioritize your sexual health.

STD testing starts from anywhere around 1,000 BHT in Thailand. Moreover, depending on your insurance coverage, it may become cheaper.

You can find the best sexual health clinics in Thailand in our City Guides.

I hope this Thailand sex guide was helpful. Enjoy the island.


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