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Are Hookup Sites Legit? 7 Ways To Find Out

legit free hookup sites

Nowadays finding hookups has become easier than ever. Regardless of your sexual orientation, there are plenty of sites that you can sign-up on to find a fuck buddy.

But before you do that, it’s important to learn how you can distinguish quality hook up sites from fake ones.

Otherwise, not only would you end up wasting your time, but also your money.

So are hook up sites legit? Yes, there are several legit hook up sites out there. We’ve listed the most well known here.

Yet, there are also a fair number of scams, so here are 7 ways to find out if a hook up site is legit:


1. Plenty of Active Users

Just because a site advertises to have a gazillion users, doesn’t mean it’ll be easy for you to score hookups there.

People may have signed up on the platform but realized how clunky and buggy its UI was and decided never to use it again.

What you should look for in a site is its number of active users. That is a good way to determine the legitimacy of a hook up site.

Take Adult Friend Finder as an example. Sure, not every person on there might be active on the site. But at least, it wouldn’t take an eternity for you to find a hookup.

So if you haven’t had a single conversation on the site even after spending hours on it, then it’s probably not worth your time.


2. User Profiles with Several Pictures and Videos

No matter how cautious you are, there’s still a chance that you may be getting catfished.

This is why we always recommend looking for quality over quantity in hook up sites. Do not get hypnotized by a single model-like picture on a profile.

Instead, search for user profiles containing several pictures and videos of the person. That’s because people normally don’t put that much effort into a fake profile.

With that said, don’t let the lack of pictures completely stop you from interacting with a user either. Some people also use hook up sites anonymously.

So give him/her a chance, and talk for some time.

But make sure to at least exchange pictures and videos privately before you decide to meet him/her.

In a nutshell, though, your first preference should always be to use hook up sites where the user profiles are more elaborate.


3. Not Too Many Model Type Profiles

As we mentioned above, it’s best to avoid hook up sites where the majority of the profiles look too good to be true. While there might be a possibility of hitting the jackpot, the odds are astronomically low.

And if you’re still eager to test your luck, then get the help of Google Reverse Image Search. Most of the time that alone is enough to help you determine if a profile has fake pictures on it.

Besides, you should think about it yourself. Why would a Victoria’s Secret Model use a random hook up site, to begin with?

And the same applies to you. Use recent pictures of yourself. Don’t use heavily edited pictures that you took in high school.

Otherwise, your hook up partner may reject you after they meet you. And boy, would that hurt.


4. Quality Bios Exhibiting Personality

When you’re browsing hook up sites, keep in mind that quality bios come above everything.

Just because the platform is used to find casual sex, doesn’t mean you don’t put a semblance of personality in your bio.

You don’t have to turn your bio into a resume. But you can at least provide basic information about yourself such as your age, hobbies, sexual preferences, etc.


5. Tidy Site Without Too Many Distracting Pop Ups

While browsing porn sites, you probably get popups from time to time. Most of them show how the busty Stacy who’s only 5 km away is ready to have sex with you.

We all know how fake these popups are. So don’t get fooled if you see the same on hook up sites.

In general, if a hook up site has too many distracting pop-ups, then it probably isn’t worth your time.

But of course, there are a few exceptions. For instance, sites like Adult Friend Finder throws a lot of nudity on your face. However, at the same time, it’s one of the largest adult dating platforms out there.

In that case, there’s even a way to work around it by installing Chrome plugins like AdBlock.

Although if every time you click somewhere, it redirects you to an entirely new page, then consider exploring other options.


6. Efforts to Moderate and Improve the Site

The key to running a successful hook up site is to actively moderate it, make improvements and ban fake profiles.

This is why, one sure-fire way of knowing if a hook up site is worth your time is by observing how active are the mods there.

We agree, screening every profile and finding if it’s fake can be time-consuming.

However, what they can do is to improve the user experience by tweaking the UI. And also add other features that make it easier for you to find a match.

On a side note, this is the reason you often see some hook up sites being completely free for women, while men being required to pay a fee.

That not only helps in filtering out the fake accounts but also helps in controlling the male to female ratio. Which is unarguably one of the most important parts of running such platforms.

So look for how strict the screening process is on the site while creating a profile. And in general, how active the mods are.


7. Browse Reviews and Experiences

Don’t want to sign-up and go through the hassle yourself? Well then, there’s no better way of finding the legitimacy of a hook up site other than by readings its reviews.

You can either read our detailed reviews for the best hook up sites or browse forums like Reddit to learn what other people have to say.

But at the end of the day, know that each user may have a different experience to share. Just because one person got lucky on a certain platform, doesn’t mean the other did as well.

That is why first learn which sites are worth your time, and then, experience them yourself.


Can You Be Successful By Using Legitimate Hook Up Sites?

couple met on legitamate hook up site

Let’s get one thing out of the way – hook up sites are indeed real. Loads of people have been successful using them, otherwise, they wouldn’t exist.

I mean think about it, AFF has been around since 1996. It’s just crazy to think that millions of people have used it to find casual sex.

Yet, using legitimate hook up sites won’t magically get you laid.

It ultimately depends on the amount of effort that you put in. If you’re making a half-assed profile, then don’t expect miracles to happen.

And even then, it takes time. The reason people have bad experiences (especially men) is that they quit too soon.

Optimize your profile according to your preferences. For instance, if you’re looking for swinger couples, then specify that in your bio.

Similarly, if you want discreet hookups with married people, then write that down.

Just start paying more attention towards your profile, and remain consistent with your hunt. You’d be surprised the good sex these sites would bring to you.


Why Is It Harder for Men to Get Laid on Hook Up Sites?

Some men think that women don’t use hook up sites, however, that cannot be further from the truth.

The thing is thought, there are more men looking for casual sex than there are women. As a result, the women on there can be pickier about choosing their sex partner.

So rather than whining about how you aren’t able to find casual sex and that these sites are fake, change your approach.

Don’t send random dick pics into a women’s DM. She receives dozens of those every day.

Put some thought into your messages, exhibit personality, and discuss how you’d practice safe sex.

Most importantly, make her believe that having sex with you is worth it for her than staying at home and using the vibrator.

Having a profile with a cock picture and a basic bio won’t reassure her that you’re a man who pays attention to her safety and pleasure.




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