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Best Strip Clubs In Tijuana To Meet And Hook Up With Strippers

Tijuana is one of the wildest Mexican cities with sexual opportunities oozing from every corner.

Thousands of single and married men visit this destination every year to leave behind some dirty memories.

There are more than 30 gentlemen clubs here where you can find strippers from all over the world.

Aside from nude performances, these strippers can also give “special services” to guests who are willing to spend some money.

All in all, if you play your cards right, then there will hardly be any night when you’d have to sleep alone.

So if you’re looking for strip clubs in Tijuana that can help you satisfy your sex life, then this guide will have all the info that you need.

Read on to learn more about how you can hook up with the hottest strippers in town…


Review Of The Best Tijuana Strip Clubs

girls in Tijuana strip club

The majority of gentlemen clubs in this city act as brothels. So don’t be surprised if the girls are willing to “go the extra mile” for you.

What’s great about Tijuana strip clubs is their low prices. Most of them don’t have a cover fee, or it is $5-10 at max.

But while you’re there, you’d still nicely be pressured to buy a drink which is around $3-$7.

Once you’re inside, your experience will usually depend on the amount of money you’re willing to spend. For instance, a table dance can cost around $20.

And if you’re taking a girl to a private room then that’s around $40-$100 total. It may include different sexual activities like fingering, blowjob and handjob.

The cost varies between how hot the girl is and the standard of the strip club. Make sure to ask what’s included in the price to avoid any scams or miscommunications.

Now that you know the general dynamics, let’s review 3 of the best strip clubs in Tijuana:


Déjà Vu Showgirls

Déjà vu Showgirls is a top strip club chain not only in Mexico but also in the U.S. So it isn’t uncommon to find strippers from the U.S here.

They don’t have a cover fee before 8 pm and even after that, it’s only $5 (including a free shot).

The club features shower shows, hot tub dances, a full-service men’s spa and much more!

You can also book VIP rooms to spend private time with the dancers.


Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club

A large strip club that has multiple floors with women walking in bikinis all around.

You can find some of the hottest girls here that are a mix of both Mexicans as well as foreigners.

They also have a VIP service that can give you a ton of discounts on drinks, room, food, and plenty more.

  • Price lap dance: $22 for 5 minutes, $54 for 30 minutes in the VIP room, or $98 for one hour in the VIP room.


Amnesia Men’s Club

Aside from the hot girls, the best thing about this club is that most employees can speak good English.

This would make courting the dancers for a hookup much easier for you as the girls here are already pretty friendly.

But the evenings here are rather dull. So make sure to visit late (after 10) as that’s when you can find the most dancers.


Tips When Visiting Tijuana Gentleman Clubs

Tijuana Gentleman Club

1) Don’t Get Lured by Barkers

You can find gentlemen clubs in almost every street of Tijuana. However, some of them are totally trash.

And you’re likely to get scammed inside them in one way or another.

A great way to identify such clubs is that you’d find barkers outside them.

They’d try to lure you in by promising that you’d have a “memorable” experience. So don’t get deceived by what they say.


2) Keep Your Guard Up

As we mentioned, the majority of the strip clubs in Tijuana also operate as brothels.

Don’t be surprised if a girl comes to you and starts being overly friendly.

If she’s inviting you to a private room then she’s a prostitute offering sexual services for cash.


3) Don’t Go for a Shower

If you’re going to a private room with a stripper, then don’t leave the stripper alone and go for a shower.

It is one of the best ways to get yourself robbed. By the time you’re back, you’d hardly find any of your valuables.

Although this may not happen as frequently from girls working for famous strip clubs, it’s better to stay safe than sorry.


4) Bring Cash

Whenever you’re going to a strip club, always bring some cash.

Tijuana strip clubs are safe for you to visit physically, but financially, we cannot say the same.

If you give them your card for payment, there’s a great chance that they’d overcharge you or even steal your private info to use later.


5) Respect the Strippers

You don’t always have to spend money on a stripper to have sex with her.

Treat her with respect, use your sense of humor, and flirt with her and there’s a great chance that you’d get her digits.

You can then call her after work hours and hook up with her at a cheap hotel. It’s easy to book a hotel room in Tijuana at $5 per hour.


Interact With Strippers Online

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to visit strip clubs to enjoy strip shows?

There are many adult webcam services like StripChat and Chaturbate that can allow you to enjoy strip teasing from the comfort of your home.

You can pick a camgirl of your choice, send some tips and ask her to do whatever you’d like to see.

Gentlemen clubs are usually crowded with people. And the ones who usually spend the most get the best experience.

So what makes adult webcam services great is that you get great value for what you pay.

Besides that, there would be no pressure on you to unnecessarily buy drinks.

If you can live without receiving a lap dance, then this is a great alternative.


Enjoy The Nude Shows in Tijuana

Tijuana is unarguably one of the best destinations for sex tourism.

It offers the perfect getaway for not only single but also married men who are bored from their sex lives.

And with the number of strip clubs to choose from, you’re bound to have a memorable time.

But just keep in mind the tips we’ve discussed above because it isn’t uncommon to get scammed inside gentlemen’s clubs.

So that’s all for this Tijuana strip club guide. We hope you now have all the info that you need to enjoy the nude shows in Tijuana!


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