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Budapest Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

When it comes to sex in Budapest, there are several ways to get laid for anyone.

This sex guide will show you the best places to get laid in Budapest and how to meet people for fun. But also you’ll get an insight into the hookup culture and no-string attached relationships.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, regular hookups, or find a sex partner in Budapest.

This Budapest Sex Guide was last updated on 12 October 2021

Budapest hookups guide



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Girls In Budapest
Look, attitude, values and sexuality

Men In Budapest
Look, attitude, values and sexuality

Sex Life & Hook Up Culture
Is it easy to get laid in Budapest?

Where to Meet People For Sex in Budapest
Hookups, sex dating, swinging, orgies. transgenders and BDSM

How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In Budapest
Arrange mutually beneficial relationships without the drama

Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Budapest
Best hostels for hookups and kinky hotels in Budapest

Safe Sex And Clinics
Play hard but keep safe


Girls in Budapest

Budapest is home to the hottest Hungarian girls. They might not all be 10/10’s, but many of them have a natural beauty that gives them a lot of confidence.

Look And Physical Appearance

When it comes to looks, girls in Budapest range from blonde to brunette, but most are tall and thin rather than short or chubby.

They really know how to take care of themselves and always try to look their best as you can see in this video.

Attitude And Values

One of the first things you’ll notice about women in Budapest is that, because they don’t live in a European wealthy city, they’re not high maintenance.

Perfect if you want to find a sugar baby for a relationship with benefits. If you use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet, it won’t take long to find a university girlfriend for companionship and intimacy.

Their humble background makes them easy to approach and chat to, and they’re generally really laid back. In fact, they are open and friendly forward foreigners.

The only downside is if you don’t speak some basic Hungarian, you’ll have a hard time to communicate as the girls grasp little English.


Summary of Budapest Girls

  • 3 traitsBudapest girls are laid back, open and friendly. Important you reflect their attitude
  • 2 tipswomen in Budapest appreciate values rather than appearances, so don’t flash your cash or overdress.
  • 1 factLadies here don’t have a gold-digger mentality but prefer to look for value


Men in Budapest

Men in Budapest are known for their positive qualities – they’re often assertive, honest and mature.

Attitude and Values

Budapest men typically follow gender roles, which means they prefer to approach a girl (as opposed to the other way around) and settle the bill when dating.


When it comes to their attitude forward sex, men are loving, caring and they know how to treat a woman just right.

They have a strong moral fiber too, which doesn’t bode well if you’re looking for a one night stand. This is because they prefer to get to know a woman first before they go to bed with her.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t meet a guy in Budapest who’s keen on the idea of a one night stand. It’s just that men here are generally more interested in relationships rather the casual sex.


Summary of Budapest Men

  • 3 traits: Men in Budapest are mature, honest and assertive
  • 2 tips: Be flirtious with guys but don’t overdo it
  • 1 fact: Budapest men believe in gender roles. They want women they can protect and look after


Sex Life And Hook Up Culture

If you’re looking to hook up with a guy or girl in Budapest, the good news is that this is totally possible.

People here are totally open-minded forward sex, and during the many parties at night it happens to get back home accompanied.

You’ll find Budapest women to be flirtatious while sometimes they even take the initiative to talk to you. I can’t say the same for the local men, it seems they prefer to mingle with their own race.

At night is the best opportunity to find causal sex because people are into a party mood and thanks to the alcohol sex in their mind.

Having said that, it’s possible to start a conversation with a stranger met during the day, and set up a date that leads to sex. 

In Budapest is pretty common to get laid on the first date, especially when dating a foreigner.

Couples open to swinging activities can have a good time in Budapest as there are swinger clubs and communities online on sites like Adult Friend Finder.

In conclusion, getting laid in Budapest it’s easy when you know the best places and ways to find sex partners.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Budapest

It all depends on what makes you feel more comfortable. Some people enjoy going out at night to socialize while others prefer to hook up online. And if you’re a couple, there is an active sex community in Budapest.

Below you’ll find different ways to get laid in Budapest, see which suit you best.

1. Sex Dating

Sex dating is to meet someone simply to have a good time and sex. It isn’t like a regular date that you don’t know if the other person is open to the idea to have casual sex.

When sex dating all the parties involved are on the same page and know that the main reason they meet up is to have casual sex.

The best way to find singles and couples for casual sex is to use an adult dating site like Adult Friend Finder. There are singles and couples looking for hookups.

We’ve already offered several tips on how to hook up online if it’s your first time.

2. Night Hookups

Pick up in clubs and bars in Budapest is possible like everywhere else in Hungary.

But you need to look sharp and posh if you want to impress the girls while having a VIP table with a few champagne bottles (only 30 Euros each) help to get attention.

If you’re a woman, keep in mind that Hungarian girls spend hours preparing before going out. So dressing well and not skipping the makeup will increase your chances to compete with the local females.

You can use our checklist on how to prepare for a hook up before going out.

The most popular nightlife area in Budapest is the District V area. Here, the parties begin from around 11pm and literally don’t stop until 4am in the morning.

The best nightclubs to hookup in Budapest are:


3. Everyday Life Situations

Arena Plaza in Budapest

If you’re a guy or girl who’s confident in your day game, you could also try to land a hookup before nightfall.

Take a stroll around places like Arena Plaza and Andrassy, as well as along the Danube River.

Single guys and girls are easier to chat with during the day because they’re often by themselves. They’re really friendly and open to chatting with foreigners.

4. Swinging, Orgies And Group Sex

There are couples and singles that enjoy participating in group sex as well as orgies.

Usually, the best sex parties take place in private places and you can get in only by invitation.

The easiest way is to get invited is to join a site like AFF and get to know the members in Budapest.

Another way is to visit a swinger club if you’re a woman or a couple. Single men aren’t welcome.

Here are the most popular swinger clubs in Budapest to have fun:

The average price for couples and singles is about 30-60 Euros. But before visiting a swinger club, give a call because some nights are only for couples while others allow singles too.


If you would like some BDSM experience while in Budapest, you can contact like-minded people on There are people into submissive sex, erotic BDSM, bondage, fetish sex, sadism and masochism.

And don’t forget to visit some of the most popular sex shops in Budapest:

  • Budapest Sex Shop – Berzsenyi Dániel utca
  • Adult Sex Shop – Ferenc krt. 2
  • Sextreme – Üllői út


6. Transsexual And Transgenders

The only two transgender places in Budapest which were Capella Cafe and Club Underworld are been closed, unfortunately.

So the only way to find trans people is to use trans hookup sites and apps or visit in June when there is the Budapest Price Festival.

7. Gentleman And Strip Clubs

strip club in Budapest to hook up with girls
You’ll find many strip clubs in Budapest, and a few gentleman clubs too. It’s an expensive way to meet girls and also the easiest way to get yourself a gold digger.

If you still want to visit these are the best strip clubs in Budapest:

Alternatively, you can have some online fun with the performers on Strip Chat.


How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In Budapest

Budapest sugar baby friend with benefit

If you’re visiting Budapest for a few days or just relocating here, I’m going to show you how to find companionship here.

Just imagine meeting up with someone for mutual fun and a nice time together. Explore the city, dine and wine while enjoying each other company without drama and no strings attached.

The best way to find companionship in Budapest is to use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet. There are many open-minded girls searching for all sorts of arrangements.

Unlike on regular dating sites, there are no false intentions and games but only honest relationships.

Once you create your profile, make sure to be clear about your expectations and what you’re looking for. That saves time for everyone while avoiding misunderstandings.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Budapest

If you plan to stay in a hostel and want to get laid, you should pick those popular with parties. Everyone gets lose and want to have a good time – aka sex.

The best hostels to find sex in Budapest are:

If you’re looking for a hotel where to have unforgettable sex experiences, these are kinky:


Safe Sex and Clinics in Budapest

Hookups are fun and interesting, but you should take precautions.

Carry condoms all the time because it keeps you safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. And don’t forget to get tested regularly.

The best STI clinic to get tasted in Bucarest is the National STD Clinic at Semmelweis University.

I hope you’ve found this Budapest sex guide helpful. Enjoy your time there.



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