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Germany Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sex in Germany or want to know the best places to hook up, below you’ll find all the info you need.

After reading this guide, you’ll know how to find sex partners and get laid in Germany whether you’re a single or couple.

Germany has its unique casual sex culture, and it’s pretty laid back when it comes to getting laid.

Read more if you would like to have a nightstand, have sexual encounters, or find a sex partner in Germany.

This German Sex Guide was last updated on September 2023
Germany guide get laid hookup

Germany is the easiest country to get laid in Europe. The reason is a promiscuous culture that embraces casual sex even among married people.

In other words, hookups and fuck buddy relationships aren’t common only among the young but also among the adult population.

You’ll find several nightclubs (especially in Berlin) that let people have public sex in the dark corners.

And don’t let me start with the many sex clubs in most cities that welcome couples and singles of all ages to have sex parties, gang bangs, and other sexual fetishes.

Talking about fetish, for BDSM activities visit Frankfurt and Hamburg.

To conclude, Germany serves singles and couples so well, that you’ll have wonderful sexual adventures and naughty memories no matter what.


Girls in Germany

German girls are definitely model material but they prefer to keep a casual look. Very intelligent and discipline, you’ll find them to be honest and straightforward.

Appearance And Look

Most German women have blond hair and light color eyes usually blue or green. They are also on average the tallest girls in Europe.

German girls’ bodies are curvy but not so much thin because they usually have big-boned.

German girl near you get laid

And you’ll find mature women have a tendency to get fat cause their diet isn’t healthy.

If you’re looking for girls wearing heavy makeup, wear high hills and go around in mini skirts, German girls aren’t for you. They prefer to look natural and dress for comfort rather than to impress.

Attitude And Values

The women in Germany are independent and career-oriented. Capable and dedicated workers that strictly follow the rules. But that doesn’t mean they are always serious.

In fact, after work hours they loosen up by drinking with friends and talking about intelligent and interesting topics like politics, society, and so on. And they don’t mind meeting new people which includes foreigners.

You can expect to find German women extremely straightforward and honest, so don’t be surprised if they let you know what they think about you.

Generally, German women are liberal-minded and practical, so they don’t focus on relationships and marriage. Instead, they prefer to keep things laid back and go for casual relationships instead.


German girls are direct when it comes to hooking up. Having sex is something they enjoy, so one night stands are pretty common here.

Additionally, women here tend to be aggressive. So they’re the ones who usually pick up guys, not the other way around.

To hook up with girls in Germany, keep in mind that they like well-dressed men as messy looks are turn-offs for them… And they appreciate sincere approaches and compliments, so don’t overdue.

Summary of German Girls

  • 3 traits: German women are career-oriented, smart, and outgoing.
  • 2 tips: To attract women in Germany, dress well. Give genuine compliments when chatting them up, and talk about education or politics to take their interest.
  • 1 fact: German girls are bored with simple conversation topics like food, weather and or people.


Men in Germany

Attractive, but brutally honest, German men don’t play mind games and are always straight to the point.

Appearance and Look

Leaning toward the tall side, men in Germany are usually around 5’9 to 6 ft. tall.

They mostly have pointed face shapes, prominent jaws, and thin lips. Their built are either buff and muscular or lean and thin.

Meet German men near yousingles nightlife hook up bars

German men’s clothing varies from business to casual. It depends on the event, but they’re never sloppy.

Attitude and Values

German guys are perfectionists and diligent in the office. They never mix their personal life with business. As result, their lifestyle’s pretty balanced.

Outside of work, they’re outdoorsy and mindful of their health. Similarly, it’s common for men in Germany to exercise or play sports during their free time.

Once the sun is down, German men switch to party mode. They have active nightlives and enjoy going to bars and clubbing.

When it comes to dating, they have an easy-going view. Germans aren’t quick to commit, since it takes them a long time to get serious.


Although known to be cold, men in Germany are shy. Even more when it involves women.

This doesn’t mean they don’t like sex, though. Given that German guys are very welcoming when it comes to hooking up and casual partners.

They just wait for women to approach them. So for you to hook up with guys in Germany, you’ll need to be forward. Use little make-up, and be natural when you talk to them.

Remember to be friendly, but upfront and clear in expressing your interest in them.

Summary of German Men

  • 3 traits: German men are honest, physically active, and shy.
  • 2 tips: To hook up with German men, use little make-up when you approach them. Be natural and friendly while you clearly express your interest in them.
  • 1 fact: German men don’t play mind games.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

hookup casual sex in Dublin strangers singles

Germans love to have sex. They dream to have several relationships and group sex but without committing to a serious relationship.

Although, to understand fully how sexually open-minded Germans are, just visit a public sauna. Men and women sit in the same sauna totally naked, and you can see teens mixed with older people.

So, you can either say Germans are open-minded about sex or live an obsessed and sexualize life.

Germany is also a great place to visit and get laid. It’s home to some of the best party cities in the world, like Berlin and Hamburg. Especially in Berlin, there are several venues like nightclubs that allow sex on-premises.

As a result, hundreds of attractive single men and women are regularly down to have sex in Germany.

There is also an open culture forward brothels and the red-light districts…

But it’s unnecessary to pay for sex in Germany cause there are plenty of opportunities to hook up in this country.

We have some good tips for you if you want to learn how to get laid whenever you want. So you don’t waste any opportunities.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Serious relationships aren’t a priority here, even between married people. That’s because Germans, despite their serious culture, are very promiscuous.

Fuck buddies and one night stands are typical for singles. And most couples are prone to swing or have clandestine affairs.

Swinger Activities in Germany

There are over 141 active sex clubs in Germany. They’ve got everything from BDSM, fetish, role-play to swingers clubs.

The most recommended ones are in Hamburg, Dortmund, Hanover, and other northwest areas.

One thing you should prepare yourself for is the fact that German swingers are very talkative and engaging. They’ll likely ask about your personal life while enjoying either the activities or buffet, as food is always a must in a German swingers club.

However, do note that all sex clubs have strict rules and dress codes you need to follow.

The best way to have fun here is to call the club for specific details such as what type of event is scheduled, the fee, and attire. Also, checking the events is very important if you want to mingle with a particular age group.

For example, people in their 20s – 30s or 30s – 40s. Because you can choose age-specific events.

And if you’re a single male that wants to join a sex party but don’t want to pay the high fee, look for a sex partner on this site and then go together to events.

Is It Easy To Hook Up In Germany?

Germans are pretty loose when it comes to sex. Men and women are open to hookups as long as they’re interested. However, there’s no 100% guarantee for every pick-up.

For sure hookups, you should use an adult dating site so you can skip the fuss and get right down to sex.


Where To Meet People For Casual Sex in Germany

If you are looking to get laid in Germany, then there are plenty of exciting cities you could visit with Berlin and Hamburg coming at the top of the list.

Most people often wonder if Germans are promiscuous, and the short answer is: “Absolutely!”

So, let’s first start by discussing the nightlife hookups and then move to other ways to find casual sex in Germany.

Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

hookups nightlife get laid German girls men

The nightlife in Germany depends a lot on the city you are in.

For example, the Frankfurt nightlife is pretty mild when it comes to bars and nightclubs. Most are rock bars and Tecno nightclubs with no many opportunities to get a nightstand.

And because this city is known for its business rather than its nightlife, the main entertainment is the red light district that caters to the sexual needs of business travelers.

If you want to summon the party animal inside of you and indulge in casual sex, then you should head to Berlin. There are plenty of nightlife venues that promote casual sex.

For example, there is the legendary KitKat nightclub that attracts people from all over Europe because of its uninhibited sex parties.

Yet, there are plenty of other bars and nightclubs where you can hook up for a night of fun. And we recommend to learn how to hook up in bar and clubs

Sex Dating Online

Couple singles german girls online getting laid free

If hopping from one nightclub to another is not your thing, then do not worry because you can always use Adult Friend Finder to hook up in Germany.

Not only it’ll help you find casual sex partners, but also connect with couples who are seeking cuckolds and threesomes.

Everyday Life Situations

Most people think that Germans are cold, unsociable, hard working and somewhat conservative people. But the reality is Germans have an active sex life.

There are plenty of opportunities to hook up with somebody you meet in shops, bars, restaurants and so on. In other words, be always on the lookout for a potential fling as Germans are promiscuous and open-minded forward casual sex.

If you don’t feel comfortable to socialize with people, you can always use online dating apps such as Tinder to avoid public embarrassment.

Moreover, considering how open-minded the people of Germany are, you will always find them charged up to meet people who are especially from foreign countries.

Although to solidify your chances of finding daytime hookups in Germany, you might want to keep the following tips in mind:

• Always stay well-dressed.
• Stay punctual (especially if you are seeing a girl).
• Act confident and talk about intellectual topics.

With that being said, German people are pretty straightforward. This means if they do not like you, then they will often bluntly say it to your face.

So if that happens, do not feel discouraged. Simply take the signal and move on. It’s a good thing after all because you don’t waste time with someone who isn’t interested.

Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

German swinger scene swing couples singles clubs

German sex clubs are common in big cities, especially in the North-West. There are about 400 swinging clubs across Germany.

Cities like Berlin are popular among international swingers and sex enthusiasts where you can enjoy swinging, join sex parties, and even have sex in public.

It’s the most open-minded German city with several sex clubs that take different forms. You can even hookup with trans if that is your kind of interest.

Although the vibrant capital is indeed full of excitement, there are plenty of other destinations you can visit.

Actually, to enjoy the genuine swinging scene of Germany, major cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony such as Dortmund and Hanover should be at the top of your list. And while there, don’t miss out on the nearby Hamburg.

You might not find as many foreigners as in Berlin and not even many Germans speaking English, but you can experience the “local” swinging community.

In any German swinging club expect to find plenty of food, friendship and fucking, of course.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Germany is one of the best countries in Europe to be in for swinger and sex parties. The swinging community is friendly and diverse with young and older couples alike.

BDSM in Germany

People playing in Germany bdsm club erotic games

If you have ever watched German porn, then you would know that the people of Germany are not afraid to explore their kinks.

You can find plenty of men and women who are into bondage, submission, fetish sex, role play, spanking and so on.

For example, in Berlin there are numerous BDSM clubs such as Club Insomnia where Wednesday is known to be the fetish/BDSM day.

If you happen to be in Hamburg, the Touch Club offers a separate playroom from the regular swinging area for people into BDSM. And in Frankfurt, you can rent a BDSM house to indulge in your fantasies.

Wherever you plan to visit in Germany, don’t forget to log in There are plenty of singles and couples into BDSM activities looking for playing friends.

Transsexual And Transgenders

German trans drag queen meet up

Germany is tolerated forward trans and transvestites, but only in the big cities. So if you want to hook up with a German trans outside the cities, it won’t happen.

Once again, Berlin is ranked to be one of the most LGBTQ friendly places not only in Germany but in Europe.

Transgender tourists come here to hook up while enjoying visiting the queen museum and the drag shows in the city center.

Even if you are outside Berlin and want to mingle with trans people, you can always use a tranny adult site for hookups.

Strip Clubs

German stripper dancing strip club meet men

As compared to swinger clubs and brothels, there aren’t as many strip clubs in Germany as one would expect.

Since prostitution is legal in Germany, many people prefer going to the red light district to have casual sex instead.

Yet, if you’re into striptease shows, head to Frankfurt red light district and you’ll find several quality clubs.

Another good spot is Red Ballon Club in Hamburg that invites professional strippers from all over the world.

Keep in mind that in German strip clubs do sex shows with random people chosen from the public. If you happen to be a volunteer, not only you’ll be stripped of your clothes but also abuse sexually.


How To Find A Casual Girlfriend In Germany

Everyone wants a girlfriend to have a good time together outside and inside the bedroom. But not every man wants to put up with the negative aspects of a regular relationship like jealousy, drama and unreasonable demands.

Whether you’re here for a long or short time, you can find a temporary girlfriend even if you don’t know anyone in the city.

Can you imagine finding the ideal, young, and sexy girlfriend who won’t cause you any trouble at all?

Sexy German Girlfriend eating pizza after sex

A pretty, sexy babe who’s going to listen to you and do whatever pleases you, but won’t argue.

She’ll be there for you when you need it without stressing you out with her whining. You get to fuck her whenever you want, and whichever way you like.

It’s like getting the best of the two worlds, a great lover and friend but without the complications of a relationship. There will be no need for fights, and certainly no pain for you, only pleasure.

If you’re wondering, I’m not talking about escorts here. Who wants to spend time with a professional prostitute? I’m talking to get yourself a sugar baby who’s willing to please you, and with complete honesty from the start.

The best way to get a sugar baby in Germany is to use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet. There are plenty of student girls looking for mature men.

All you have to do is to sign up, create a profile and contact the girl that you like most. Then meet up and see if there is enough chemistry for a no string attached relationship.


Best Destinations For Sex In Germany

Below you can find the guides for the best German cities to get laid either you’re a single or a couple:

Berlin Sex Guide: The most open-minded city forward sex in Germany. There are several BDSM clubs as well as strip clubs and clubs to hook up with trans. You can even have sex openly in some nightclubs that hold thousands of people.

Frankfurt Sex Guide: This city is generous for couples into swinging. Yet, singles who are into rock music will find several places to mingle.

For people into BDSM fun, there aren’t any venues to socialize but you can rent an apartment with all the toys and bondage equipment.

Hamburg Sex Guide: Hamburg is surprisingly into BDSM but not much into swinging activities. The nightlife is average in terms of nightclubs, bars and striptease clubs. Yet, the red light area is popular.

Munich Sex Guide: Munich hold the most famous beer festival in Europe. But it also a great city for nightlife and enjoy the local swinging community.

Stuttgart Sex Guide: There is a large expatriate community in this city where you’ll have diverse hookup opportunities.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Germany

erotic bedroom in a sex hotel in Germany to get laid

If you want to enjoy an amazing bachelor’s or bachelorette’s life in Germany, then there is no better place to stay in than a party hostel.

You can find plenty of hostels where you can not only enjoy some good booze but also hook up with strangers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more intimate setting to take your partner or your fuck buddy to then there are numerous romantic hotels to have sex.

You’ll find the best hotels and hostels to get laid in the German Cities Sex Guides.


Safe Sex and Clinics in Germany

Due to the high number of prostitution in Germany, there has been a spike in the cases of HIV and AIDS.

Fortunately, there are plenty of clinics in Germany where you can find English-speaking staff and get tested for STDs regularly.

Anyway, as far as you go for protected sex, you shouldn’t have any issues.

use condom sex in germany get laid

This concludes the German sex guide.



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