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Spain Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sex in Spain and without paying for it (no prostitution), you’ll find plenty of info below either you’re a single or a couple.

After reading this guide, you’ll know how to find sex partners and get laid in Spain either you’re a single or couple.

The majority of Spanish are conservative when it comes to sex as a result of the strong catholic church presence. However, in the big cities

people tend to be promiscuous and enjoy most sex activities like swinging and BDSM lifestyle.

Read more if you would like to have a nightstand, sexual encounters, or find a sex partner in Spain.


This Spain Sex Guide was last updated on 30 October 2020

sex guide in Spain



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Girls In Spain
Look, values and sexuality

Men In Spain
Look, values and sexuality

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Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Spain
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How Live Sex Camming Online
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How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In Spain
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Hostels And Sex Hotels in Spain
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Safe Sex And Clinics
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Girls in Spain

Spanish girls are a mixture of Mediterranean and Latino beauty.

Look And Physical Appearance

Girls in Spain usually have brown or hazel eyes, though a few have light ones. They ordinarily have dark hair, while natural blondes are uncommon.

The majority of Spanish girls are 5’3 and have varying skin tones, from white to tan. Besides that, it’s usual for them to have fit bodies, and eventually, get fat when they get older.

If you like fashionable women, then Spanish women are right for you. They’re always in makeup and dress up in smart or stylish attires.

Attitude And Values

By nature, women in Spain are talkative and loud. Quite opinionists at times, but they also love to have fun and are joyful.

Since Spain is a Catholic country, Spanish women have religious and traditional beliefs. Which is why they are very family-oriented and loving.

On that note, not all Spanin girls are into serious relationships. There are conservative types, while some are discreetly liberal especially in the cities.

Many girls in Spain enjoy having sex and hooking up. Not to mention they settle down pretty late, around 37.


Although Spanish girls need you to chase them romantically before any chances to get laid, they have no problem flirting with men. They’re actually the most flirtatious women in South Europe.

It’s not really surprising, though, cause Spain girls have a high sex drive.

Summary of Spanish Girls

  • 3 traits: Women in Spain are talkative, fun-loving, and family-oriented.
  • 2 tips: If you want to hook up with Spanish women, be well-groomed and dress your best. Join their group to get close and give them sincere compliments.
  • 1 fact: Girls in Spain value appearances.


Men in Spain

Handsome and masculine, Spain men are recognized for their affectionate and warm nature.

Look and Physical Appearance

It’s standard for Spanish men to have brown hair and eyes. Most guys have tan skin during summer while having white complexions. Additionally, they’re normally around 5’10 and have an average penis size of 5.5 inches.

You’ll notice that their bodies range from thick to lean, with a couple turning fat when they’re older. However, no matter their size, they always dress up to impress.

Attitude and Values

Spanish men are very sociable and generous. When it comes to strangers, they aren’t afraid to help and are very welcoming.

They have a relaxed view of life and take things as they come. This is why men here are always late cause they don’t stress over anything.

It’s the same for their dating culture. While some are still traditional, the majority of Spanish guys just want to enjoy their time.

Let know a guy that you want to hook up and he’ll immediately treat you like a princess.



Even though they have a reputation for being aggressive and flirty, Spanish guys can be reserved in the beginning.

Despite Spanish men being laid-back, they’re satisfying in bed. They’re one of the best lovers and spend an average of 23 minutes pleasing their partners.

Keep in mind Spain men don’t find insecure women attractive. Meaning you need to be confident and natural when approaching Spanish men.

Summary of Spanish Men

  • 3 traits: Men in Spain are sociable, welcoming, and have a relaxed view of life.
  • 2 tips: To attract Spanish guys, dress nicely and use a bit of makeup. Be confident, take the initiative. Show them genuine interest and act natural.
  • 1 fact: Spain men are known to always be late.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

pick up girls Spain couple intimate dating

Spanish people are known to be very promiscuous with every 4 out of 10 admitting of being unfaithful to their partners. The reason is probably their high sex drive.

However, because Spain is a catholic country, they don’t openly discuss sex. They’re more conscious of their image and want to keep up appearances.

Meanwhile, they have a handful of the best party cities in Europe namely Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Seville. These are also the top destinations to hook up in the country.

What’s more, they also celebrate numerous festivals like Carnival and La Nit de San Joan. It’s only natural that local and foreign singles hook up with so many festivities.

Now, one thing that gets in the way of hookups for foreigners here is the language barrier. Most locals don’t know English, making communication hard at times. The way to go about it is to learn a few Spanish phrases to close the gap.

Yet even with all the chances to hook up, many people still go to the red light district in Spain. The biggest ones are in Madrid: Calle Luna and Calle Montera.

Due to the many instances of sex trafficking in Spain, these areas should be avoided for safety purposes.

Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Although Spain is a religious country, not all are practicing Catholics. It’s the reason singles here have no problem enjoying casual sex and hooking up.

Nonetheless, not all girls are the same, as there are traditional and liberal ones. Still, many Spanish women enjoy being chased.

In general, the women are open to hookups, but only after going out on a couple of dates.

Swinger Activities in Spain

Spain has over 113 sex and swinger clubs, with big cities, Barcelona and Madrid, for example, having at least a dozen or so clubs each.

Whatever fetish you have, you’ll find more than one club that suits your tastes. From regular swingers, BDSM, All men, or all women, Spain’s got something for everyone.

Each club has different events and entry fees, ranging from € 10 – 60 for couples, € 50 or more for single men, and free to  € 10 for single women.

The clubs here are very strict and have differing door policies. They’re also not always welcoming to single men and refuse them entry most of the time.

To enjoy the clubs to the fullest, you should come with a partner and contact the club for details before coming. Also, keep in mind that the events here start very late. Usually, 1 am or later and lasts until morning.

Aside from that, knowing some Spanish will help make it easier to get close to other couples or singles.

Is It Easy To Hook Up In Spain?

Some cities are easier to hook up in, like Barcelona and Ibiza. While most places require more effort for foreigners if they don’t speak English.

Yet, once you’ve gotten the hang of a couple of phrases, it should make things easier.

On top of that, many women in Spain need to be taken out on a few dates before getting lucky. Thankfully, not all have this requirement, so it’s best to try another girl when you meet this type.

If you’re not interested to go for dates, avoid the classic dating sites and go for a hookup site popular in Spain like this one.


Where to Meet People For Casual Sex in Spain

Whether you want to enjoy the wild nightlife of Madrid or the heavy swinger scene of Barcelona, you’re not short on options when it comes to finding sex in Spain.

So let’s look at some of the best ways to get laid in Spain for singles and couples…

1. Sex Dating Online

find Spanish girls online hookups no string attached

The online dating scene has been growing in Spain with Badoo and Tinder being the most popular matchmaking apps. However, if you would like to directly shoot for the goal (sex), then  Adult Friend Finder takes the lead hands down.

Online hookups are a ticket to get laid for even the shy and unsociable people as they can skip face to face flirting.

2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Spain is a party hub due to the numerous cities with exciting nightlife and several opportunities for hookups.

For starters, there are plenty of chances to find sex in Barcelona because the locals are into nightstands and party hard until late in the morning. And the more people party and drink, the higher the chances for casual sex.

In the summer Ibiza is known to be Spain’s party island. All the best European DJs move there to offer the latest electronic music entrainment. As a result, European youngsters fly into Ibiza to party and hook up.

Lastly, you have a cool nightlife in Madrid with several nightclubs and bars but people tend to mingle among social circles. This means is hard to meet new people if you’re going alone.

3. Everyday Life Situations

Almost every major city of Spain is full of nightclubs, bars and adult entertainment venues. However, when it comes to finding daytime hookups, it heavily depends on where you are staying.

The bigger the city, the harder it would be to find a hook-up partner during the daytime, as most people are busy with studies and work. Thus, you’d want to avoid Madrid or Barcelona.

Smaller cities like Seville and Valencia or other tourist destinations such as Ibiza are great alternatives.

Although knowing how to speak Spanish can always be a plus, the people here are very friendly towards foreigners and wouldn’t mind showing them around the city when asked.

Other than that, you could also try your luck at the following places:

  • Parks
  • Pubs
  • University Cafeterias
  • Malls

All in all, finding immediate daytime hookups can be a bit challenging in Spain. But there’s always a possibility to score a date by visiting some of the places we’ve mentioned.

4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Spanish Sex Parties

swingers Spain nightlife hooking up swapping couples

Spanish swingers in the most popular swinger club in Spain – Oops.

Spain offers one of the best swinging scenes in the world with each major city having at least a few swinger clubs.

For starters, whether you want to participate in group sex, orgies or even cuckolds, the swinger clubs in Barcelona are hot among both locals and foreigners.

Similarly, although not as exciting as Barcelona, sex clubs in Madrid and Valencia tend to get wild during the weekends.

If that wasn’t enough, you can find an active online swinger community on this site to connect with like-minded people and even potentially get invitations for private sex parties.

To conclude, you’re not short on options when searching for swinger clubs in Spain. You can turn all your naughty sexual desires into reality and whether it’s couple sex, gangbangs or anything else, you’re sure to find it.

Remember that sex clubs in Spain are called Pub Liberal and that most Spanish swinger clubs let in single men, but for an hefty price.

5. BDSM in Spain

BDSM Spain bondage submissive dominant girl spanking

If you’ve been suppressing your fetishes and would like to show your true kinky side, then finding a bondage partner in Spain is not all that difficult.

Despite being a Catholic country, there are Spanish people that get turn on by pain play, spanking, humiliation and other BDSM activities.

In fact, apart from finding a few dedicated BDSM clubs in Barcelona, the majority of the swinger clubs in Spain also host frequent fetish parties.

Even then, if finding a bondage partner in Spain still seems difficult, you can always use to meet people who are just as kinky as you are.

6. Transsexual And Transgenders

Spanish people are very open-minded and support inclusivity. In particular, the Barcelona transgender community is big and loves to engage in casual sex.

Moreover, Barcelona also has a number of trans-friendly venues where you could always go to and try your luck to find a hook-up partner or even start a meaningful relationship.

Similarly, the people of Madrid also welcome the rainbow flag wholeheartedly with numerous LGBT friendly neighborhoods and venues.

Anyway, the easiest way to get laid with transsexual and transgenders is to use a popular trans dating network in Spain like TSdates.

7. Strip Clubs

Spanish stripper nightlife club hook up get laid

The number of strip clubs in Spain has been growing. However, there are just as many brothels in disguise so you’d want to double-check before visiting one.

For starters, strip clubs in Barcelona offer a rich variety that attracts both locals and foreigners. We recommend that you start by going to the strip clubs at Carrer de Casanova if you’re searching for a more welcoming atmosphere, cheap drinks, and private stag parties.

Similarly, Madrid strip clubs are more inclined towards the wilder side. Albeit they’re a bit expensive, you can expect to find some of the finest strippers in Spain and even fully nude shows.

Lastly, the strip clubs in Valencia unlike other cities are filled with local Spanish girls who are surely going to blow your mind… And even something else if you spend some extra money.

We have covered some of the best strip clubs in major cities in our hook up Spanish guides, so you can read those to find out more.


How Live Sex Camming Online

cam-girlDo you like seeing hotties touch themself? What about enjoy couples and group sex?

There are plenty of horny girls, trans and couples waiting to put on a show for you.

The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection and this cam site will do the rest. Have fun!


How To Find The Ideal Girlfriend In Spain

Have you been yearning for companionship recently? Just to lose interest when thinking of the possibilities of fights and drama.

But what if all the hassles could be stopped while enjoying all the befits of a relationship?

Imagine spending quality time with a young and horny girl without having to deal with drama, jealousy, or misunderstandings. Only affection and care by the ideal girlfriend who’ll always put your first.

Just imagine the envy of your colleagues and friends with a pretty girl by your side…

arrangement relationship girlfriend Spain sugar baby meet girls

Whatever it is you want to do, this girl will support you without question. Canceling a date? No problem. You’re going to be late? Sure, take your time.

Most men out there get into a regular relationship only because they don’t know there are better ways to enjoy the company and intimacy of a girl.

As a result, all sorts of complications and unnecessary heartbreaks emerge when the relationship ends.

When you get a casual girlfriend or a sugar baby, you won’t face problems like in a regular relationship. The girl understands what is all about, and she focuses to satisfy your needs.

The best way to find such a girlfriend in Spain is to use a site like Sugar Daddy Meet. There are plenty of beautiful and young women on the site interested in a relationship with benefits.

Search for your type, and message her. Then meet up to agree on terms, and by the end of the day, you’ll have your ideal girlfriend in Spain.


Best Destinations For Sex In Spain

Below you can find the best Spanish city guides for sex either you’re a single or a couple:

Madrid Sex Guide: The capital and most populous cities in Span, Madrid offers lively nightlife and plenty of opportunities for sex either you’re a single or couple.

Barcelona Sex Guide: From striptease clubs to BDSM venues, hardly you won’t find sexually what you’re looking for in Barcelona.


Best Hostels And Sex Hotels in Spain

Spanish love hotel hostel group parties romantic

Whether you’re searching for an exciting place to crash or an intimate setting to bang—there are more than enough hotels and hostels in Spain.

For solo travelers looking for action, picking the right hostel is what matters the most. This is why if you want to stay at a place with a high possibility of finding casual sex then look for party hostels in Barcelona near La Rambla Street.

Similarly, you can find many love hotels in Madrid to take your partner or fuckbuddy to for some wild sex.

Otherwise, you could lend a hotel or hostel in Valencia near El Carmen that is known to be its famous nightlife area to indulge in hedonistic activities.

You can check our Spanish Cities Guides to know more about the best hotels and hostels in this country.


Safe Sex And Clinics in Spain

Before you fully get immersed into Spain’s crazy nightlife, you might want to measure the risks involved in hooking up with strangers.

The last thing you would want is to catch STI and unwanted pregnancy. So make sure to use condoms and get regular health check-ups.

In our Sex Guides by City, you can find the best sexual health clinics with English speaking staff.
I hope this sex guide in Spain is been useful and informative. Enjoy your sexual adventures in Spain!



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