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Do Friends With Benefits Talk Everyday? It Depends

friends with benefits talking everyday

Does your FWB contact you every day? And now you start wondering if friends with benefits are supposed to talk to each other so often.

Just to put this straight, the friends with benefits rules clearly state that the partners only talk to each other when they need sex.

So the short answer is – no, friends with benefits shouldn’t talk everyday. Talking every day develops an emotional bond and creates unnecessary drama.

Yet, there are motivations why your friend is doing this. And in this article, we’ll help you explore what could be the reason and also, how you can handle the situation.

Let’s get started!


7 Reasons Why Your Friend With Benefits Talk To You Everyday

Before you learn how to address the situation, first narrow down why your friend with benefits is calling/texting you every day.

Here are the 7 possible reasons:


1. Your FWB Think It’s Normal

There may be a chance that your FWB isn’t putting as much thought into this as you are.

Before entering into this arrangement, did you two talk frequently? If so, then he probably thinks that things are still the same.

While it’s true that being “friends” is a part of a friend with benefits relationship, you can’t keep the dynamics similar to how they were in the past.

If you already have a hard time separating sex from love, then talking every day may make you develop feelings.

This especially applies to women as they have sex and emotion closely wired.

To back that up, a study also shows how women often hope that their sexual encounters evolve into a relationship.


2. Unsure About the Relationship

Before you enter into a friend with benefits relationship, you need to know why you want it in the first place.

The chances are that he/she accepted your offer in haste, but now, they’re unsure if that’s what they really want.

There’s even a slight possibility that your friend with benefits is interested in a relationship with you.

By talking to you every day, he/she is hoping that your FWB arrangement would go in a more serious direction.


3. Your FWB is More Involved than They Admit

Similar to what we said above, there’s also a possibility that your FWB wants more than they admit.

He/she may have entered into this arrangement because they didn’t want to lose you.

And now that the two of you are having sex, he/she might be thinking that physical intimacy would make you fall for them.

Fortunately, this isn’t too difficult to figure out. Aside from regular calls/texts, try noticing other gestures.

Does he/she insist on going on fancy dinner dates? Or does he/she stay in bed even after sex?

If so, then these are clear indicators then there’s more to it than meets the eye.


4. Getting Emotionally Attached to You

Unlike hookups where you barely know the person, such is not the case for friends with benefits arrangements.

This is why it’s easy to mistake the act of sex for physical closeness.

Especially, if you two haven’t had an honest conversation about what your relationship is. In fact, there are several types of casual relationships out there.

If your physical relationship started without any prior discussion, then this may likely be the case.

Your partner is getting emotionally attached to you and probably isn’t aware that you don’t want the same. In this case, clearly state your interests.


5. Your FWB is Lonely and Wants a Friend

Were you the best friend or confidant prior to the start of this relationship?

If so, then you have your answer to why he/she is texting and calling you every day.

Now that you two engage in physical intimacy, your friend with benefits doesn’t understand that things aren’t the same.

And you should stop immediately. Confiding in the person you’re having sex with can create an emotional bond.

Probably your friend doesn’t know who else to talk to and feels lonely due to that.

If that’s the case, then, unfortunately, there’s no easy way out.

You will need to have an honest conversation with your friend to explain that you can’t be available all the time anymore.


6. Wants to Keep You in the Loop

Your FWB may realize that you can end this at any moment. And he/she probably doesn’t have any other person to bang.

So they want to keep you in the loop by talking to you every day.

This is also one of the cons of a friend with benefits relationship.

You become too sexually dependant on a single person and stop exploring sexual opportunities with other people.

But keep in mind that if you’re lucky, a friend with benefits relationship will last 2 years at max. That too if you have some ground rules laid out and neither of you develops feelings.

So keep open to new sexual experiences.


7. Your FWB Want the Benefits Everyday

Do you notice a pattern every time your friend with benefits messages you?

Does the conversation always end up sexual where you two end up sexting or exchanging nudes?

If so, then there’s no emotional attachment nor uncertainty. Your partner simply is horny all the time and wants the benefits from you every day.

This isn’t particularly bad as long as there are no feelings involved.

But we wouldn’t recommend it for the same reason we stated above. You become too sexually dependant on a single person.


What Am I Supposed To Do If My Friend With Benefits Talk To Me Everyday?

friend with benefit calling everyday to talk

Now that you have a better idea why your friend with benefits is calling/texting you every day, let’s see what you can do about it:


1) Know What You Want

Before you take a step, first decide what is it that you’re looking for and how his daily text/calls are affecting you.

Is it disrupting your mental peace by making you fall for him/her? If so, then ask yourself: Do you want a serious relationship with this person?

In case you do, then there’s nothing wrong with going with the flow.

Continue talking with your friend regularly, sexually limit yourself, and flirt. You’ll have him/her fall for you in no time.

However, if you’re annoyed by his daily texts/calls and want to draw the line, then do what we say next.


2) Have an Honest Talk

If you don’t have any emotional feelings for your friend with benefits then it’s about time that you have an honest talk.

This will help to clear any misconceptions about this arrangement. Let them know that you two are still friends, but that’s all there is to it.

A FWB relationship is one of the most passionate types of casual relationships.

And since you already know the person, it’s easy for you to think that there are feelings involved from both sides.

So if your friend with benefits has feelings for you, then you need to be clear that you aren’t committed to a serious relationship.


3) Set Rules and Boundaries

The key to making a FWB relationship last without complications is to set rules and boundaries.

And those parameters may also include highlighting that you two shouldn’t talk every day.

Even after that, if you find him/her contacting you regularly, then it might be time to reconsider whether you want to continue this.


How Often Do Friends with Benefits Should Talk With Each Other?

We believe that friends with benefits shouldn’t talk more than twice a week, otherwise, that would be every other day.

The reason for that is, talking to someone you’re having good sex with regularly makes you develop a strong bond.

And sure, having a best friend whom you can have sex with sounds good in theory, but in reality, it isn’t. Unless you want to go for a serious relationship.

Basically, you’ll have to deal with possessiveness, jealousy, controlling behavior, and drama in general. That isn’t what friends with benefits relationships are meant to be.




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