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These 7 Types Of Casual Relationships Are The Most Common

As much as people want to be in control, lots of things don’t always go as they are planned. This often happens when it’s about the types of casual relationships, as knowing where you stand with someone isn’t always clear.

Based on this, it would help a lot if you could find out precisely what kind of relationship you’re in. Is it one that can turn serious? Or just ends after a short period?

You can figure out which sort it is with this article. Know the Below are the most common types of casual relationships you’ll like to find yourself at one time or another.


1. The Booty Call

Booty call relationship

There’s no doubt that most people know what a booty call is these days. Although some may think it’s the same with FWB, it’s not.

For one thing, they don’t fall under friends since they don’t have any close or strong ties to you. Aside from that, you don’t have to hang out with them or the like.

In this case, you guys only meet up to get laid as it’s a purely sexual relationship. What’s more, it usually never grows into a deep bond cause booty calls are for people you want to have sex with and nothing else.


2. Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits relationship

We already explained the meaning of friends with benefits. But in short, if you started out as friends and now have fun with sex, you have a friend with benefits relationship.

While this can get serious later on, it’s also not odd for it to go back to plain friendship as well.

Apart from that, this type of casual relationship is possible to do with a new hook up too.

What’s important here is that the two of you like each other as friends above all and understand that you want to fool around with no expectations.

Besides that, FWB can enjoy their time together like normal friends even with no sex.


3. Sex Friends

friends hooking up in the bedroom

Though this type of deal may look like FWB, it’s not the same.

The essence of sex friends is just sex, whereas the focus of FWB is on friendship with sex as the bonus since you both choose to do it.

In fact, the only reason you’re close to a sex friend in the first place is cause you want to bang one another.

This may sound like a booty call, yet with sex friends, you have a bit of a bond as you hang out to have sex. That is to say fucking is always part of your get-togethers.


4. Fling

couples having a fling

The thing with flings is that you and your partner like each other. But it’s still not enough to make it official. For the most part, the attraction goes away.

This article by Mindbodygreen supports it and says that feelings like this can go for a few months up to some years.

Of course, there are events in which flings can end up as serious relationships. But in general, flings and other similar types of casual relationships mostly last for a short while.

Whether it’s all about sex or an emotional one, this setting tends to have an expiration date.


5. Casually Dating

couple casual dating

When your partner isn’t down to commit but wants to feel the good parts of a relationship, they’ll only want to date you casually.

It may be that they’re not ready yet or have no plans to make it official with you. Whatever the reason is, this is what they can give you at this time.

With that in mind, it’s one of the types of casual relationships that can be serious in the long run. So watch out for the signs so you know where you stand.

Then again, if your partner can’t think of you as girlfriend or boyfriend material, then what you have is as good as it’ll ever get.


6. Situationship

couples having a Situationship casual relationship

Those who can’t define their relationship cause they can’t build steady ties with their partners might be in a situationship.

It’s similar to FWB but is fuzzy with the direction and limit since no one has talked about the details yet.

Another key factor is that you can’t make any future plans cause the other party doesn’t seem to want to take things to a higher level.

It may be due to it being in the early stages of the relationship, which means this can eventually be something real. Or it’s just a casual affair that’ll soon finish its course.


7. Just Hanging Out

casual relationship in bar

This type of casual relationship is a blend of FWB and Situationship, but without any stress on the labels.

It’s so light since there’s no rush at all from either side to be serious. You’re both basically enjoying the ride and go with the flow in the meantime.

As a result, there’s room for feelings to grow after some time.

In this article by Women’s Health Magazine, it’s stated that everyone falls in love at different speeds.

Hence, there’s a chance for this set-up to be a committed one should the two of you feel the same way at one point.




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