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9 Signs She Wants to Be Friends With Benefits

You probably agree that women are emotional and picky. Yet, this doesn’t indicate that they can’t enjoy sex or aren’t eager about hooking up.

As a matter of fact, women enjoy having sex as much as men. They just can’t be open about it like guys.

Moreover, many of them, especially the younger ones, are more into casual relationships too.

But again, they have to be careful since they don’t want to come off as loose or easy. Whether it’s about their sex habits or partners.

Signs She Wants to Be Friends With Benefits

So if you sense that a girl doesn’t want a serious relationship, here are the 9 signs she just wants to be friends with benefits instead:


1. She Asks You What You Think About FWB

Despite how modern the world is right now, the majority of women are insecure. This point is supported by the American Psychological Association’s article.

It reveals that women generally have lower self-esteem than men throughout their entire lives.

For this reason, a girl won’t want to make a move on you. Unless she feels that you won’t judge her.

So a sneaky way to find out if you might be interested is to ask what you think about this type of casual relationship. Meaning she needs to know your opinion first before she can make any sexual attempt towards you.


2. She Mostly Wants To See You For Sex

When women like a man seriously, they’ll naturally want to go on lovey-dovey dates.

As such, she’ll ask you out or suggest going to dating hotspots. Some of these are parks, fancy restaurants, and similar places.

Yet when she only wants to fuck, she’ll only want to go in the bedroom together with you. Because keep in mind, sex is what do friends with the benefits do together most of the time.

You’ll notice that she’ll avoid going with you to areas that have a romantic vibe. This will prevent you from getting the wrong idea.

Instead, she’ll either prefer to meet up at her home or at a bar to set a sexy mood for a hook up.


3. She Expresses Her Interest In It

Do you start the topics about having hookups or casual relationships? Or is she the one who repeatedly brings it up and expresses an interest in it?

Perhaps you’ve heard her say that she would like to meet a guy just for casual sex, nothing serious.

The beginning of the friends with benefits movie trailers offers a good idea of a woman looking for a casual sex relationship without complications…

If she keeps on discussing this with you, it’s a sign that she wants to be friends with benefits.

The reason is she hopes that you volunteer. In fact, she is testing the waters and letting you know that she’s up for it.


4. She Only Wants To Hang Out, Not Date

Some women aren’t fussy with the girlfriend or partner label. But when it concerns the actual status of the relationship, they still need to define it clearly.

Are you exclusively seeing each other? Keeping it casual? Fuck buddies? Whatever it is that you’re doing, girls will want to put a name to it.

With that said, when you notice that she only uses terms like ‘hang out’ or ‘chill’ with you, it should be an obvious sign that she wants friends with benefits relationship only.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t avoid the word ‘date.’ And remember that the most important friend with benefits rule is no dates.


5. She Tells You About Her Sex Life

A confident woman who embraces her sexuality will tend to give a more aggressive sign if she wants to be a friend with benefits.

In this case, telling you about her sex life is one of the ways that she can lure you in her direction.

By doing this, she can indirectly let you know that she’s open to hook up with you regularly. Why would she specifically chat you up about sex if she wasn’t?

Not only that, but she’ll be tempting you with her skills when she carefully describes to you how good she is in bed or at giving heads.


6. She Asks Your Opinion About Women Who Like Sex

Girls, on the whole, want to preserve their image and think about saving face much more than guys. It’s a typical concern for them, though, since they have to deal with gender inequality.

The Conversation’s article expounds on this matter, as it explains that women who sleep around are usually seen as sluts. On the other hand, men receive praise for doing the same thing.

This is why she’ll want to ask your opinion about women who like sex. Cause if she’s going to have a casual agreement with you, she has to be sure that you won’t think badly of her.


7. She Asks You To Find Her A FWB

A lot of girls are shy when it comes to initiating anything directly with guys. As a result, they normally like to take a roundabout approach to convey their intentions.

One common technique is to ask you if you know someone interested.

In line with this, a woman may ask you to find her a friend with benefits when the reality is that she’s targeting you.

Make yourself available, and see how she react.


8. She Stops You From Getting Too Close

For the most part, you can be certain that a girl is attracted when she’s touchy and happy to spend time with you.

Yet if she stops you from getting too close or personal with her, it can only mean that she has no plans to be serious.

For example, she’s comfortable with coming over to your house or inviting you to hers. But despite that, she won’t let you stay over when you ask her to.

Similarly, she’ll want you to keep your nose out of her private business. And she won’t want to involve herself in any issue yours.


9. She Flirts With You But Doesn’t Mention Getting Serious

There’s no doubt that she desires you if she regularly flirts with you.

Although it’s a sign that she’s up for a friend with benefits set-up only when she strictly focuses on your sexual interactions.

And if a girl doesn’t mention getting serious at all, you can more or less guess that there’s nothing else she wants from you.

Cause if she thought of getting together with you for real, she would have talked about it at some point.

In short, she simply wants to enjoy you sexually but doesn’t want you to think that it is serious.




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