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9 Signs A Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious

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For most, casual relationships end after a while as they’re only for fun. But, what if yours doesn’t feel as simple as that anymore?

You might even think that it’s all in your head. Yet, happens that a casual relationship turns serious.

If you can recognize the signs immediately, you can turn your lover into a life partner without risking losing him/her.

This is the reason why below we’ve listed the 9 most common signs a casual relationship is getting serious. That way you can take the relationship to the next level.


How Do You Know If a Casual Relationship is Turning Serious?


1. No Limits

In the first place, people have flings and the like cause they only want to enjoy the perks of a relationship.

Apart from that, they don’t want to have the problems that go with it. This is why they stick to their limits to keep it easy and simple.

Hence, if you feel that you’re going over the hook up rules agreed, then it’s a sign that you are unofficially dating.


2. You Guys Talk All The Time

Unlike serious relationships, casual ones should always be relaxed and easy.

With that in mind, there’s no need for you to share important stuff about your life. And above all, you don’t have to please them or keep up with what they do.

Yet, if you find that you often talk to your hook up about a lot of things, such as good and bad news, then you’re probably close.

In that case, it’s a strong sign that your casual relationship is getting serious.


3. It’s Not Just Sex

Tons of people start to have hookups since they want to have easy sex. As such, it’s usual for meet ups to just focus on sex, as it’s what matters to them.

Although, once they like you, they’ll want to spend quality time with you even with no sex at all.

This article by Regain backs this up and states that one of the signs of attraction is that they want to be physically near you.


4. Meeting Each Other’s Loved Ones

Many sex friends only last for a while and may cause a mess later on. Due to this, folks don’t want their close friends and family to know about them.

Given these points, when they start to bring you to see their loved ones, this is a clear sign that a casual relationship is getting serious. By doing it, this means that they want to have you in their life and show you off too.


5. Making Future Plans

When you have a friend with benefits, one of the top rules is to don’t expect a thing.

It’s cause you two aren’t officially together and can drop out of one another’s lives like it’s nothing. That is to say that you shouldn’t make plans that go beyond a week or months in advance.

Meanwhile, making future plans together is a sign that you are unofficially dating. The two of you basically want to be together and be part of each other’s lives.


6. Being Exclusive

When you have a casual partner, it’s not rare for one or both of you to have similar set-ups with others. This article by the BBC even says that 21% of people have had many lovers at the same time.

On that note, if your sex partner wishes to be exclusive with you, that is a clear sign your casual relationship is getting serious.


7. Remembering Things

Humans, in general, don’t pay much attention to things that they don’t like. As a result, they more or less forget any detail about the things that bore them.

Yet, people will remember the events and stories of those they are interested in with just a bit of effort.

Having said that, if you guys know about each other on a deep level, then the odds are high that you’re on the path to a serious relationship.


8. You’re Comfortable With Each Other

There’s no doubt that sparks and butterflies are exciting. But it also says a lot when the two of you are at ease with one another.

For one thing, this shows that you both feel confident and safe cause you’re comfy enough to let loose.

In light of this, the relationship is not just for hook ups. What’s more, you can’t get it by pretending since it takes a real connection to have a pleasant mood with a person.


9. No One Hides It On Social Media

While it’s not impossible to be friends with your hook ups on social media, most folks would not want to be open about it.

Furthermore, having a link to another person might harm their chances with someone else.

In a word, no one wants to hide it cause they want others to know that they’re not up to fool around. The only reason for this is that it’s a sign that a casual relationship is getting serious.




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