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Friend With Benefits Guide – Is It Right for You?

A friend with benefits relationship or also referred to as FWB is becoming the new norm nowadays.

You may have seen it in TV shows, movies or someone in your circle may also be in this situation.

This is why it’s common to wonder what it is and if it would be right for you.

Before you figure that out, you need to understand what type of casual connection this relationship entails.

So we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about a friend with benefits relationship to help you decide if it’s worth pursuing.

meaning of friends with benefits

Some of the things that we’ll discuss include the meaning of friends with benefits, how to make it work, and how to find a FWB, to begin with.

Let’s get started!




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What is The Meaning of Friends With Benefits?

How do Friends with Benefits Relationships Work?

What do Friends with Benefits do Together

How is Friend with Benefits Different from Hookups?

Why are Rules Important in a Friends with Benefits Relationship?

How to Find a Friend with Benefits

Friends with Benefits vs Other Casual Relationships

Friends with Benefits Pros and Cons

How to Tell if a FWB Relationship is Good for You?

How to Make Friends with Benefits Relationships Last Longer?

When to End a Friend with Benefits Relationship?


What is The Meaning of Friends With Benefits?

When searching on the dictionary the friend with benefits definition is “a friend with whom one has an occasional and casual sexual relationship.”

In other words, friends with benefits is a casual relationship in which two friends share physical intimacy but aren’t tied down by a commitment.

Let’s say you have a friend with whom you can both hang out and have sex.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the reason this arrangement is becoming popular nowadays.

People even find it better than hookups because you know the person and already have chemistry with them.


How do Friends with Benefits Relationships Work?

how work friends with benefits relationship

Unlike serious relationships where you have to go on dinner dates, talk on calls for hours, and perhaps holiday together, that isn’t the case for a FWB relationship.

You don’t have any commitments, and the only obligation you have is to satisfy your “friend” in bed.

In a nutshell, this casual relationship is purely about two friends using each other for sex… Or better say to lust together.


What do Friends with Benefits do Together

Let’s get one thing clear. Once you start having sex with a friend, there’s no going back. You both can pretend to be chill about it, but deep down, there will always be sexual tension.

So if you guys talked every day, or went out often together, then things might need to change a bit.

Otherwise, there’s a strong chance that one of you, or at least the girl in most cases, would develop feelings.

That’s because, in comparison to men, it’s harder for women to separate sex from love.

They often hope that their sexual encounters evolve into a relationship, and this study also backs that up.

But hey, now that he/she is sexually available to you, there are plenty of other things to do together with your FWB that we’ve covered in detail.


How is Friend with Benefits Different from Hookups?

friends with benefit sleeping together

Friends with benefits don’t sleep overnight together

You might be wondering if friends with benefits relationships are any different from hookups? After all, it seems that is only about no string attached sex, right?

Well, hookups are more about engaging in sexual acts with someone after briefly being acquainted with them. On the other hand, being “friends” is an important part of a friend with benefits relationship.

Think of it as you’re hanging out with a person of the opposite sex regularly. You enjoy his/her company and you’re also attracted sexually.

Yet, you don’t want to get involved emotionally in a relationship. Perhaps you’re too busy with your career or just ended badly a long term relationship

So wouldn’t it be convenient if you can have sex without worrying about any drama? That’s how a friend with benefits relationship works.

But whether your FWB arrangement works depends on the rules and boundaries you’ve set – and that’s what we’ll discuss next.


Why are Rules Important in a Friends with Benefits Relationship?

fwb rules guy using condom

While it’s true that being “friends” is a part of friends with benefits, you still need to set some parameters. Simply because you want to avoid emotional attachment.

Friends with benefits relationships offer great sexual experiences because there is no drama involved like in a serious relationship.

So you want to have rules in place to avoid any emotional attachment. Otherwise, you’ll move into a romantic relationship with all its problems. Jealousy, nagging, power games, commitments, and so on.

Just to give you an idea about some fundamental rules for a FWB relationship, movie nights, romantic dates, and sleepovers should totally be avoided.

Sure, these sound like fun things, but the more time you spend with your “friend” the higher the chances of developing feelings.

So make sure to properly get yourself acquainted with the rules for being friends with benefits to keep things drama-free.


How to Find a Friend with Benefits

find friend with beenfit

Nowadays it has become easier than ever to find a friend with benefits. And the credit for that goes to modern-day technology.

You can sign up on sites like Adult Friend Finder that is designed to help you find hookups.

With over 80 million users, it’s one of the largest sex dating platforms in the world. So that may be all you need.

And if you think AFF throws too much nudity on your face, then there’s also Sugar Daddy Meet.

The whole idea behind it is to help people find sugar relationships that are in a way, also similar to a friend with benefits.

Except, men should be prepared to spend money on their sugar babies because the relationship has more benefits than sex.

All in all, if you’re still confused, then you can also read our detailed guide on how to find a friend with benefits.


Friends with Benefits vs Other Casual Relationships

Friend with benefits is the most passionate among all other types of casual relationships.

The reason for that is there’s already existing chemistry with the person you’re having sex with.

On the other hand, why flings, booty calls, hookups, and other casual relationships turn awkward is due to lack of familiarity. In most of these relationships, you’re only briefly acquainted with the person.

But in FWB relationship, you’re having sex with someone who you’re probably already comfortable around.

Friend with benefits arrangements can especially be great for those who feel nervous before hookups.

That’s because in most cases, the nervousness steers from lack of communication and not knowing what your sexual partner wants.

With that said, given that both parties are open to sexual satisfaction for the long term, FWB arrangements triumph over any other casual relationships.


Friends with Benefits Pros and Cons

pro cons friend with benefits relationship

As exciting as a FWB relationship sounds, it comes with its fair share of pros and cons. So let us briefly walk you through them:

The Pros

  • Someone is always there to take care of your craving for sex.
  • There’s no emotional baggage to worry about because no commitments are involved.
  • The sex will be more memorable and less awkward because you already know the person.
  • A FWB relationship can boost the confidence of guys, especially if they score a hot girl.
  • You can have as many sex partners as you want, there are no restraints and restrictions to hold you back.


The Cons

  • If you relied on this friend for emotional support, then you can’t do that anymore.
  • There’s a high possibility that one of you may develop feelings and complicate the relationship.
  • A FWB relationship may completely ruin your friendship.
  • Although low, the risk of STDs is always there because your FWB may have multiple sex partners.
  • You might get too dependent on one person for sex, and they can leave any time.

We personally feel that the pros of a FWB relationship outweigh the cons.

Yet, if you’re still unsure, we’ve also covered the pros and cons of a friend with benefits relationship in more depth.


How to Tell if a FWB Relationship is Good for You?

The best way to tell if a friend with benefits relationship is good for you is by asking yourself whether you easily develop feelings and get attached.

If you do, then this arrangement isn’t for you. Because FWB isn’t like regular hookups which you don’t have the time to get attached.

Friends with benefits relationships last from a few months up to two years. Basically, you’ve plenty of time to get attached.

Also, you already know the person and on top of that, you’re now having sex with them. So it’s even more difficult to separate sex from love.

However, if developing feelings is the least of your concerns, then there’s nothing better for you out there.


How to Make Friends with Benefits Relationships Last Longer?

A friend with benefits relationship can last from anywhere between 2 months to 2 years.

But one of you will likely develop feelings on the way and things would get complicated.

So how to make friends with benefits last longer? Well, openly communicate and stick to the FWB rules no matter what.

Also, avoid talking to your friend with benefits every day. The more you two talk, the higher the likelihood of forming an emotional connection.


When to End a Friend with Benefits Relationship?

end FWB relationship

Like all good things, a friends with benefits relationship also ends at one point.

So how to tell that it’s now time to end it? Simple – when your relationship becomes more about drama than sex, it’s time to end it.

The whole idea behind this arrangement is to avoid emotional baggage. And if one of you develops feelings, things can quickly go south.

One sign that it’s time to end it is if your FWB starts showing signs of jealousy. That may include prying too much into your love life, being possessive, and asking unnecessary questions.

To conclude, keep going with the relationship until it’s all fun, but if it starts to tear you down, it’s time to make a move.


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