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Hooking Up With Someone? 7 Fun Things To Do Together

Whether you’re hooking up with a regular or new partner, it can’t be helped that at one point, things can get boring or stale.

But fortunately, you can do something about it to keep the spark going.

After learning hook up’s tips and tricks, it’s necessary to know a few fun things to do when hooking up with someone.

Here at WorldHookupGuides, we study hookup dating like crazy for a while and we have been able to come up with 7 fun things to do when hooking up with someone.

This is the only list you need that covers all sorts of ideas to get your wild side on the go.


What Does Hooking Up Mean?

hooking up with someone in toilet

But before we head on to the list, it’s vital to clearly know what it means to hook up.

To sum it up, hooking up means being sexually intimate with someone. It involves any kind of sexual contact, even if it’s just a makeout session without having full intercourse.

The bottom line is that both of you want to get down and dirty with no strings attached. And that there’s an understanding that what you want isn’t serious.

The emphasis here is that there are no expectations for something more afterward. It’s all about enjoyment without complications or fuss.

With that in mind, we can now focus on the 7 fun things to do when hooking up with someone.


Fun Things To Do When Hooking Up With Someone

couple hooking up for the first time play game

1. Play A Sex Game

There are several sex games out there, but they are suitable for those couples who have already a mature relationship like a friend with benefits.

If you’re hooking up with someone for the first time, we recommend playing an adult version of the Trivia game because is less intimidating.

You shift the normal trivia game to an adult-themed one by taking turns asking sexual questions. Whoever doesn’t want to answer or can’t answer on time can drink a shot of alcohol or take off a piece of clothing.

When hooking up with someone new, this is a good method to quickly become at ease with each other as you get to know naughty facts at the same time.

And it lets people skip the awkward small talk to get right to the fun part.

Regular partners can similarly liven up their sex lives since they’ll learn new things about one another and refresh their appeal.


2. Use A Sex Die or Dice

Using sex dice is a simple yet effective way to spice up hook ups. You can use it with most games to change them into sexy ones.

Aside from that, it can also turn up the heat while you’re getting laid. What’s more, they’re cheap, and there are many different types for you to choose from.

For one thing, you can go with one die that has the sex positions, or you can pick two for a combination.

One die has the body parts, like the mouth, and the other one has the actions, to suck, to end up with tons of potential patterns.

You can also make your own dice if you have specific positions that you want to try.


3. Have Outdoor Sex

There’s always a big thrill with having outdoor sex. And it doesn’t matter who you’re with, be it someone you’re used to or someone new, cause the feeling never gets old.

This Vice article on outdoor sex explains that even if the sex itself isn’t that great, the excitement from doing it in an unusual and public place is what makes the experience amazing.

Not to mention it greatly boosts you and your partner’s brave sides, making every outdoor fuck steamier and more memorable.

If you don’t know where in your city you can go, check out our city hook up guides where you’ll find the best places for outdoor sex.


4. Use Sex Toys

couple using sex toy with someone during hook up

In spite of many people showing that they don’t like to experiment, in reality, there’s a huge amount of men and women who are into sex toys, as stated in this BBC article.

Toys have a sexy and naughty charm that’s sure to give extra fun when you hook up with someone. Women, in particular, get an additional kick since the toys help to orgasm faster.

Of course, both partners must consent first or the hook up might get awkward. But based on the data, the odds are high that your sex partner has an open mind about it.

You just have to start with something small and easy.


5. Role-Play with Your Partner

As with everything else, sex too can become dull over time. Then again, it’s possible that some folks are just not happy with vanilla sex.

This is where role-playing comes in and transforms usual meet ups into satisfying fuck sessions.

It allows people to express themselves as much as they want and live out their desires. It’s better to do it after hooking up with someone a few times because it is less intimidating.

In the beginning is better to start it with the clothes you have in the wardrobe. And once you get into it, costumes like police or nurse uniforms are an interesting kink.


6. Watch Porn Together

having fun together watching adult movie

In contrast to popular belief, women don’t hate porn. This article even takes note that around 50% of women watch it. The numbers might be bigger, but they just don’t admit it or talk about it as openly as guys.

In light of this, watching porn together is an interesting way to get in the mood with your hook up. Not only that, but it gives you the chance to know what you both want in sex.

In this case, you guys will likely pick up a few tips, such as positions or scenarios that you want to try after or during the video.


7. Attend a Sex or Swinger Party

Due to the clubs’ nature and the pricey door fee, this one is recommended for bold and mature partners. Meaning you should go for it after hooking up with someone at least for 2-3 months.

This is caused, unlike the other activities listed, you might have to directly deal with other people sexually and live sex sessions.

With attention to this, you must agree on rules that the two of you will follow to stay away from trouble.

Sex clubs have a stimulating and sexy feel that will surely light the desires. It’s also the ideal place for those who want to be open about their sexual preferences and enjoy dogging, threesomes, and the like.

But if you prefer to meet couples without having to visit a swinger club, you can always sign up with a hookup app for couples.


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