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How To Hook Up And Make It Less Awkward

Hooking up nowadays is pretty common but it can feel unnatural and embarrassing when not done right.

And to be clear here, by hookup I mean just to meet someone for a fuck. Call it a nightstand, casual sexual encounter, a fling, casual date, clandestine meetup, or anything else for that matter.

But why the hookup culture is getting so popular all around the world?

The new generation prefers casual hookups over the traditional romantic relationship simply because it lets people sexually explore and find the partner that turns them on.

Yet, it’s still considered socially awkward to have sex with strangers or have sex with a friend only for the sake of pleasure.

Also, the modern busy life with women and men working more than ever has left less time to cultivate a romantic relationship. This has resulted in casual relationships know as friends with benefits or casual dating that offer more flexibility and less “compromise”.

Those casual relationships have all of the qualities one seeks in companionship and sexual experiences but without drama, fighting, or broken feelings.

Before getting into the best ways to hook up with guys and girls


How To Hook Up With A Guy

If you want to hook up with a guy, you need to make him interested in you but make it seem like it was always him who was making a move on you all along.

Not only will save you from the bad mouth of other women, but it also makes the man proud of hunting you down.

So you need to choose the right guy for the job…


Pick The Right Guy

It isn’t all about physical and sexual attraction when choosing the right guy for a hookup. If you want things to work out well, these five things are worth considering:

  1. A confidential guy – This is important especially if you want to hook up with a guy at school or in your social circle.
  2. A confident guy – It’s just a hookup and you don’t want to waste time with shy guys who hesitate.
  3. A fun guy – Hooking up is all about having fun and sex.
  4. A generous guy – I don’t mean he should pay you for sex but truly care about your pleasure.
  5. A Guy mentally stable – Sure, a crazy guy might seem fun but in the bedroom can become scary.


If You Want To Hook Up With A Guy Give Hints

Guys are easily sexually attracted and you don’t have to be a model to get their attention.

You simply need to be chicky and expose your assets: breast, ass, and legs. And of course, wear provocative makeup that usually happens to be around the red color.

That signal that you are sexually interested so they guys can make a move on you.

Other tips to make him want you even more are:

  1. Don’t be obvious with your flirting – Don’t overdo otherwise you might scare him off. Guys like to hunt not be hunted.
  2. Let him see your assets – When you sit on the couch don’t cross your legs, rather let him pick the color of your underwear.
  3. Invite him over to study – Every people don’t like to study but they love sex. Do you know what this means?
  4. Have a few drinks together – Some social drinks help to spice up things and create the right mood.
  5. Appeal to his imagination – Let him know how you felt wet while having a massage in the Spa.
  6. Move closer to him – Find a way to sit closer to him or give a good hug so he can feel your breast.

And because now you know how to hook up with a guy, you should not give in so easily. Make him work for the cookie.


How To Hook Up With A Girl

Hooking up with a girl is a matter to make her feel sexually attracted to you. It takes confidence, communication skills and patience.

But probably the most important thing is to show indifference forward sex, at least at the beginning of the relationship. And don’t forget where you meet her matter a lot.

For example, when you meet a girl on an adult dating site you know that she wants to hook up. She isn’t there to look for a relationship or a friendship, but a sex partner.

The mistake most men make is they get into dirty talks immediately. They get carried away expecting a woman to behave like a man, and that fire back always.

Just keep cool, get to know her on a personal level before getting into sexual talks and don’t forget to flirt but pretend that you aren’t interested in sex.

I know it sounds strange that you should fake your intentions but this is how it works.


How To Know When A Girl Want To Hook Up

These are common signs she just wants to hook up in an hour or so:

  1. She is outspoken – She let you know she is on a pill or how much she loves sex or how flexible she is.
  2. She carries on the conversation – When a woman you just met carry on the conversation and don’t let you go, she might be horny.
  3. She flirts a lot – She laughs, smile, make sweet eyes.
  4. She pretends to be drunk – She falls on you, hugs you, touches you and she pretends to be drunk. Time to go home baby.
  5. She “accidentally” reveals her assets – Open slightly the legs to show her underwater or bend over so her curves look better.
  6. She let you know her dirty secrets – Dirty talks or sexual fantasies are a clear invitation.
  7. She wears revealing clothes when around you – Why is that? You guess.


Best Situations To Hook Up With Girls

Knowing which girls are open to the idea to hook up is only half the way to get laid. The other important aspect is to step in the right situations.

For example, going to the church unluckily will results in a hookup no matter how often you go. The situation doesn’t match what you want to accomplish.

So below the best situations and ways to get hooked:

  1. Adult Dating Sites – It doesn’t get easier than this to hook up with girls. Online hookups are the most convenient and straightforward way to get laid.
  2. Nightclubs and Bars – Girls go out at night to have fun and sex. If you’re confident to approach girls in bars and nightclubs, you’ll get laid. And remember is a number game, the more you approach, the higher your chances to score.
  3. Holiday Destinations – Girls go on holiday to relax and experience something different. And of course, to hook up with a guy without her friends or families know about it.
  4. Parties – Where there is alcohol and party atmosphere, you’ll find plenty of women that want to have sex at the end of the night.
  5. Exchange Student Programs – If you can join an exchange student program you’ll discover that girls aren’t only interested to learn a new language and experience a different culture.


Thinks To Keep In Mind When Hooking Up With A Girl

No matter how exciting is to hook up with a girl, you might have a few worries. So keep in mind these things:

  • If it’s the first time you met her – Don’t worry about rejection or embarrassment, you have nothing to lose. The real loss is not approaching.
  • If it’s a friend – Don’t push it too much, friendship comes first. It isn’t worth ruining a friendship just for sex. And if happen to hook up with her, make it seem like she made the first move.
  • Don’t force it – Whatever the situation or the girl, don’t be too pushy. Respect the girl and understand if she doesn’t feel like it, there is no way for you to convince her otherwise.



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