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12 Hook Up Tips And Tricks Without Being Awkward

Ever tried hooking up with someone only to find the conversation taking an awkward turn? Well, you aren’t the only one!

After breaking the ice, capitalizing on that sexual tension is nothing short of a challenge.

If you’re looking for some practical strategies that actually work, follow these 12 hooks up tips and tricks to make your sexual encounters less awkward.

Let’s begin!


1. Display your True Intentions

man girl want to hook up

The longer you prolong a friendly conversation, the more awkward things become.

While we’re not saying you should be pushy, don’t wait too long either.

Dragging things unnecessarily long can make the other person lose interest or think that you want just to be a friend.

And once the sexual tension is lost, you can say goodbye to your chances as well.

If you’re looking for casual hook ups, then stay true to your intentions.

Seize the opportunity as soon as you realize the other person is showing interest!


2. Learn the Art of Giving and Take

If the conversation is going smoothly, consider going into the sexual details.

Hooking up is all about give and take. So don’t make it all about yourself.

Ask your potential fuck buddy what do they like. If they have any certain fetishes, and what are their turn-offs.

Talking about sex and knowing what your hook up partner likes can be a great idea.

It will only make your sexual encounter so much better and eliminate the awkwardness.


3. Play Safe and Wrap It Up!

One of the main reasons people feel reluctant for hooking up is due to sexual safety.

If you think the conversation is going well, it’s worth bringing safe sex up.

Hookups are all about ensuring both parties have upfront expectations.

It would be awkward if one of you wants raw sex, while the other prefers protected.

Ultimately, we would always suggest wrapping it up and playing safe either way.


4. Avoid Asking Personal Questions

The only exception for asking personal questions is related to sexual preferences.

Other than that, don’t try prying into things that your potential hookup partner isn’t comfortable about.

After all, hookups are supposed to be like one night of pleasure.

The more personal questions you ask, the more you lose your chances to hump.

People often prefer hooking up with some who they don’t have to see again.

The last thing they would want is to share their personal details with you.

And even if they accidentally tell you something, things may become awkward after that.

So it’s best not to get into it to begin with.


5. Always Prioritize Consent

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of consent.

Just because someone is showing interest, doesn’t mean you should push yourself on them unless you are hooking up online.

Ask them their preferences and whether they’re ready to hook up, to begin with. Some people often agree out of pressure, and it becomes the most boring session ever.

So asking someone if they’re interested will only work in your favor.

If you get rejected, then it’ll help avoid an awkward sexual encounter. And if they’re down for it, then you’ll have one of the best sessions of your life.


6. Avoid Overloading the Booze

tricks getting laid drunk

As amazing as drunk sex can feel, it can easily make things go wrong.

If you do like to drink before hook ups then it’s best to let your sex partner know.

While a couple of shots wouldn’t harm, overloading the booze can create problems.

Most importantly, drunk sex can also lead to awkwardness. People often accidentally moan someone else’s name when they’re drunk.

So in short – go easy on the booze or at least, talk about it before getting in bed.


7. Don’t Make Hook Ups a Challenge

Turning hookups into a challenge is something we’d never recommend.

Displaying natural excitement is important if you want to get someone in your bed.

Doing it out of peer pressure is prone to make the experience awkward.

It will only become something that both you and the other person would wish to forget

So we suggest hooking up only when you’re truly into it. Not because you have to win a bet in front of your friends.


8. Keep a Track of your Emotions

Hook ups are all about having sex without any strings attached.

So if you’re hooking up, make sure to have full control over your emotions.

What do we mean by that? Don’t rant to the person you’re hooking up with.

We understand your life may not be going the way you want. However, putting that out in front of the person you want to bang will only make things worse.

The whole idea of hooking up is to avoid emotional baggage and still get sex.

So showing emotions to the person you’re trying to fuck is counter-intuitive. And without a doubt, it will lead to awkwardness.


9. Be More Passionate!

hooking up tips to be passionate

If you truly want to fuck the brains out of someone, you need to sound like it.

A big reason why hook ups often become so awkward is that they lack passion. People often get in bed just for the sake of achieving orgasm.

And believe us when we say that masturbation is better than a half-assed orgasm.

This display of passion shouldn’t only come once you’re in bed, but also when you’re flirting.

Set the tone for your sexual encounter by sounding more enthusiastic. It will make your experience one to remember.


10. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the single most effective ways to create sexual tension. Even in the movies, people maintain eye contact in one scene and fuck in the other.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that eye contact creates a feeling of nakedness.

So if you’re having trouble showing interest in someone, then try maintaining eye contact.

However, don’t mistake it for constantly staring at someone. This will only lead to awkwardness.

If you feel that the other person is uncomfortable with constant staring, then consider moving on. But if they look back at you with the same intensity, then take it as a sign.


11. Don’t Keep Unrealistic Expectations

Hook-ups are all about having raw sex – nothing more, nothing less.

This is why don’t keep any unrealistic expectations from the person you’re about to fuck. In fact, most people often mix up hook-ups with friends with benefits.

People prefer going their separate ways after a fling. So don’t be clingy or try to befriend your potential sex partner.

This is one of the reasons we earlier said to be true with your intentions.

Maintaining a conversation may open a door for something more than a hook-up. However, this isn’t why you’re here.

Keep your expectations at the bare minimum, and things wouldn’t get awkward.


12. Take the Lead

Oftentimes, people miss out on easy hookup opportunities because they can’t take the lead. As a result this also makes the conversation awkward.

Let’s face it, most of the time, girls are in charge, at least out of the bed.

So this one is for the guys reading this – don’t let your hesitation stop you.

If you get even the slightest of feeling that a girl is interested, take the initiative.

The chances are that the girl you’re speaking to is as horny as you are. However, guys are often expected to make the first move.


How To Make Your Hook Ups Less Awkward

Staying true to your intentions is the key to make your hook ups more exciting. However, this doesn’t mean you should jump in and directly talk about sex.

Maintain eye contact, start from casual conversation, and then, slowly show your true intentions.

Even before hooking up, communication is the key to making your sexual encounters less awkward.

So these were our tips on how to hook up without it being awkward. If we’ve missed anything then let us know in the comments!

And for extra tips you can also watch this video:


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