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How To Hook Up With Someone For The First Time: 9 Important Things

hooking up with someone the first time

Since it’s your first time hook up, it’s not unusual for you to get stressed out and nervous. As a result of your nerves, there’s a chance that you may say or do something stupid that can ruin the opportunity.

In addition, you’ll probably have a hard time handling the situations you encounter as everything is new to you. On top of that, verbal and physical cues might simply go over your head since you’re not aware of them yet.

All in all, your inexperience will probably lead you to get into awkward situations. And in the worst scenario, someone might even walk out on you.

Thankfully, you can avoid facing such unpleasant scenes once you learn these 9 important things to keep in mind when hooking up…


1. Take Your Time

Since you’ve only started hooking up, it’s natural to be excited and want to get down to business as soon as you can.

Yet as much as you want to rush things, it would be best to take your time with the person you’re interested in.

In this case, you need to put some effort into foreplay before you head on to the main course. Do every trick that you’re comfortable with, such as blowjobs or eating them out.

This will build up excitement between you two and increase the overall level of enjoyment.


2. Stick To Vanilla Sex

Are you keen to try out a position that you recently found out about? Perhaps you’re feeling kinky and want to use sex toys?

You can do all of these and more, but only when you get a proper partner.

And since you’re only starting to hook up right now, it’ll be ideal for you to stick with traditional sex instead.

Unless you hook up with someone online on a particular adult site that caters to certain fetishes, your potential partner likely wants vanilla sex and nothing more.

Therefore experimenting in bed is off the table.


3. Don’t Be Too Conscious Of Your Body

It’s normal for a person to be shy about their body, especially if they’re hooking up with someone they don’t know.

Due to this, people tend to get caught up in their appearance since they want to look great naked. Although when it comes down to sex, stretch marks and body fats don’t actually have an effect.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about penis size as well. The majority of men can pleasure a woman, whatever their size is.

He just has to apply the techniques that’ll suit his gear.


4. Don’t Ignore Your Partner During Sex

Having sex generally feels good, making it easy for those who are only beginning to hook up to just focus on what they feel. But neglecting your partner’s needs and wants won’t help you improve in bed.

This is why you should begin to pay attention to their reactions from the start.

Do they seem like they’re enjoying what you’re doing? Or are they bored? Don’t be shy to adjust to ensure that everybody’s satisfied.

Moreover, you have to hear them out for any suggestions to make the experience better for both of you.


5. Don’t Push Your Partner To Climax

Due to how the media presents it, many people believe that hookups should always end in an orgasm.

And even if this is more or less true with men, it doesn’t apply to women.

It’s because girls, in general, have a harder time finishing during sex.

The Kinsey Institute Reasearch & Institute News article confirms this cause researchers report that women only orgasm 31-40% of the time when they have sex.

For this reason, guys shouldn’t push their partners to climax when having sex for the first. it takes a few sessions to build up that chemistry.


6. Confirm With Your Partner That It’s Only A Hook Up

Hooking up is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt due to a broken heart. Should this happen with you guys, things can get troublesome.

And if you don’t want to deal with this kind of a mess, it’s essential to confirm with your partner that what you have is only a hook up.

Avoid being rude or too straight forwards since you might turn them off.

The best way you can go about this is to express your intentions early on. Be clear that you want to have fun and aren’t looking to date.


7. Clean and Groom Your Privates

Obviously, your attractiveness is the main thing that will draw people and make them want to hook up with you.

However, how you look and smell down there will decide whether they’ll go through with it or not.

Nobody would want to sleep with a person whose junk seems funky, right? The sight or stench will turn them off for good.

So you must clean and groom your privates if you want to start hooking up on the right path. You also need to trim your bush if you’re not going to shave it off.


8. Don’t Have Unsafe Sex

Letting the other person take charge is much easier since you’re a first-timer at hookups. Not to mention, simply agreeing with what they want will take the pressure off of you.

Then again, there are issues that you have to be strict about. For one thing, you have put your foot down should your partner want unsafe sex.

This is the most important hook up rule to keep in mind as it can save you from unwanted STDs.


9. Read Your Hookup’s Mood

If you’re one of the shy ones, then voicing out your thoughts is probably your concern.

But when you’re not afraid to speak your mind, watching what you say is a must to have a happy hookup.

This is because since this is your first time, you likely won’t be able to completely read your partner’s mood. And you may be careless with your words and comment on something they’re uncomfortable with.

This means that you need to concentrate on them and listen to the signals their body is sending you.




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