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How To Have Sex Without Getting Caught: 9 Tips

tips to hook up without getting caught

Every person has their own sexual fantasies that they want to fulfill. For some, it’s role-playing, while there are those who dream of having sex in public.

And if you’re into the latter category, not getting caught is your main concern.

After all, one of the dangers of doing the deed outside is the chance of being seen. And while the possibility is what makes it exciting, you wouldn’t want to actually get spotted by others, right?

For this reason, you can’t just do it anywhere if you don’t want to see a sex video of yourself spreading on social media.

Not to mention, you might even face fines or even get jail time should the police get involved.

This is why you have to fully prepare if you want to safely turn your fantasy into a reality. So, just follow our tips on how to have sex outside your home without getting caught.


1. Choose A Public Location With Little To No People

Location plays a vital part if you’re thinking of having sex in public areas.

We’ve already covered in detail all the best places that you can have sex without getting caught. So we won’t go over them individually.

Yet, these are open areas that don’t get a lot of people during specific hours or seasons.

Think of the beach during the off-season in fall or winter when little to no people are present… Or the forest trail at night when no one is around.


2. Stick With Standing Sex Positions

Unless you can be sure that the place will be empty for a long time, you have to stick with standing sex positions.

Not only those positions are appropriate for having sex outside, but they’ll make it faster for you two to leave should anybody come. Think standing doggy.

This article by Yahoo! supports this, as it says that choosing simple sex positions is how you can have sex in public without getting caught.


3. Dress For Easy Access

girl dress for outdoor sex

Clothes can either giveaway your sexy activities or aid you with them. Hence, you and your partner need to dress in easy-to-access clothes to have a smooth time hooking up.

For guys, anything will do as far there is a zip. As for girls, skirts or dresses without any panties are ideal.

On that note, tight clothes and those with tons of buttons are a no-no since they’re hard to put back on.

You should similarly avoid outfits in bright colors to make it easier for you to blend in with the background.


4. Start With Semi-Public Spaces

Before you can enjoy having sex in large public areas, it would be good to practice doing it in semi-public spaces first. By gaining experience, you can get a solid feel for it.

With this, you’ll have a concrete idea of how much exposure you can handle. Besides that, it should be less scary.

With that said, bathroom cubicles in commercial buildings are good starting points.


5. Be As Quiet As You Can Be

You naturally can’t go all out or try anything wild as you have to lay low. In addition, any unusual or suspicious sound will likely attract people’s attention and lead them straight to where you guys are.

Therefore, you have to hold back your moans and be as quiet as you can while having sex. You also can’t hang on to unstable surfaces or furniture in case they creak or break.

In short, the less noise you make, the safer you’ll be.


6. Keep It Short

There’s no way that you can stop people from going in and out of a public area.

And even if it’s just the two of you at the moment, there’s no guarantee that a person won’t pop in all of a sudden later. What’s more, you might not even notice them until they’re near you.

As a result, you can’t take your time to savor having sex. You need to keep it short in this particular situation if you don’t want to get caught.

The longer you do it, the higher the odds that someone may walk in.


7. Be Alert

The one thing that you can’t do when it comes to outdoor sex is to get too absorbed in it. You might not even notice it should people start to take a video or photos of you.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy yourselves, though. But if you don’t want to slip up and let anyone witness you hooking up, you have to stay alert at all times.

You’ll never know when somebody might be peeking.


8. Watch Out For Security Cameras

security camera

Almost every nook and cranny these days has a bunch of security cameras installed. So if you don’t carefully watch out for them, you may end up having produced a sex video for the security guys.

With this in mind, it’s of utmost importance that you scan the location you’re planning to use. And since cameras are generally visible, you can confirm whether the site has cameras or not.

If they can’t be avoided, though, you should pick an area that’s at least out of their range. They won’t be able to record you when you’re out of frame.


9. Check Out The Area Ahead Of Time

Given that having sex in public is risky, you need to plan well to ensure that things go your way. Checking out the area ahead of time is a must for you.

Doing this will allow you to be aware of vital factors such as where the entrances and exits are, along with the layout and schedule of the staff.

Knowing these details in advance will absolutely help you reduce the chances to get caught. Furthermore, you can verify in person if you’re fine with it or want to try a different place.


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