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How To Tell An Older Woman You Want Her: 9 Examples

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Since they’ve already had lots of dating experience at their age, older women know what they want.

What’s more, they don’t have the energy or patience to play guessing games with immature guys.

If you’re interested in her, be direct in expressing what you want and what you are looking for from the start. Don’t beat around the bush because older women simply don’t have the patience.

Yet, you can’t be sloppy about it either. Plainly blurting out that you want to bed her won’t get you anywhere too.

Even though a mature woman has an open mind, she still wants to be seduced as well as be sure you aren’t a waste of her time.

We’ve listed approaches that work so you can go from dating to sex without risking getting rejected.


9 Ways To Tell An Older Woman You Want Her


1. I Saw You, And Couldn’t Help Myself…

This line is a good way to tell an older woman she is beautiful. You can end it with “since you’re an attractive woman” or any other compliment.

Yet it’s better to be specific to her traits and taste. You could say something nice about her outfit or manners.

The appeal of this sentence is that you’re straightforward about your desire while complimenting her.

There’s no woman who wouldn’t be glad to hear somebody talk about how they couldn’t stop themselves from admiring her.


2. Would You Like To Leave With Me Right Now?

There’s one thing you always have to keep in mind when you want to score with older women. You have to be classy and avoid acting or sounding trashy.

Mature women are sick of childish men. They won’t even entertain you should they view you as such. Due to this, you have to make sure that whatever you say is tasteful but also shows confidence.

In light of this, whispering a manly and assertive line in an experienced lady’s ear will more or less lead to a sexy outcome.


3. Buy Her A Drink

Shy guys usually have a problem building up the courage to talk to older women. Especially in bars and clubs because no one likes to be rejected in public.

A simple way to get your message across without starting a conversation is to buy her a drink. By doing this she’ll definitely know you want her.

Yet, don’t forget to walk up to her since you’re the man. It’s unrealistic to expect her to walk up to you because it isn’t natural for a woman to do so.

This interview with bartenders offers some useful tips to buy drinks for women…


4. I’d Like To See You Again

Are you having fun chatting with an older woman that you recently met? You should use this line if you want to meet up again.

Moreover, being straight to the point with mature women tends to have a positive effect. Basically, it’s useful at all events.

And aside from being upfront, you can quickly turn it naughty if you want to go straight for a hook up. Simply put, “maybe naked next time?” at the end to make your intentions clear.

If you want a date, though, finish it with a time and location.


5. I Could Show You A Great Night, If You’ll Let Me

Young girls are often emotionally unstable and can’t separate their feelings from hookups. However, most older women become seasoned experts in this field by their mid to late 30s.

Regain’s article proves this, as it reveals that women generally reach emotional maturity at 32. Based on this, experienced women can handle casual sex much better around this age.

As a result, they prefer direct and respectful sexual invitations. So an offer like this will be well-received than discreet yet vague ones.


6. I Hope You Find Me As Interesting As I find You

Now for guys who like to play it safe, let’s imagine you’re hitting it off with an older woman. Naturally, you’re excited to know if she feels the same way about you.

Yet if you don’t want to give yourself away completely, this is what you must say. Despite this line indicating that you fancy her, you don’t actually say it to her face.

In other words, it’s perfect for those men who don’t want to be rejected and at the same time get an older woman interested.

You can easily twist it if you don’t get the answer that you want.


7. Would You Like to Spend Time With Me Tonight?

For the most part, older women can immediately read a guy’s goal by only talking to him for a few minutes.

Therefore you don’t have to beat around the bush if sex is on your mind. Not to mention, a cougar will be willing to bed you if you’re her type.

With that said, you can propose to get down to business shortly after you ensure her attraction.

You have to set the mood first, and then ask her this line. She won’t miss a beat and give you an answer on the spot.


8. You Don’t Want Me To Leave You Tonight, Do You?

This article by Psychology Today discusses the power of suggestion. It points out that merely putting the possibility of an idea can effectively influence how a person reacts.

This means that suggesting this line to an older woman will not only let her know that you want to sleep with her. It’ll also make her consider doing it as well, especially since you’ll make her feel attractive.

In addition, since this is a playful and sexy approach, you’ll have a smooth time creating sexual tension between the two of you.


9. I Enjoyed Reading Your Profile…

Even when it’s about online dating, cougars and milfs want it fast and without any nonsense.

Sending a frank message such as this one is a great way to tell an older woman that you want her. Just continue the sentence by saying what you liked about her profile.

For instance, talk about a specific topic or detail that she wrote on her account, like a hobby you’re also interested in.

This way, you’ll seem genuine and relatable, making it easier for her to take an interest in you.


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