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9 Signs An Older Woman Wants You

older woman want a younger guy

“Is this older woman interested in me? Or is she always like this?”

You’ve undoubtedly had thoughts like these every once in a while. But seeing that you’re young, figuring out the right answer might not be as easy as you want.

It also doesn’t help that women often give confusing signals.

Yet if you know what signs to watch out for, you can be certain whether or not a cougar is dropping hints that she’s into you.

In case you don’t know, a cougar is a mature woman interested in younger guys.

With this guide, you’ll be able to clear up any questions so you can grab every opportunity to score with an older woman.

Before explaining the clear signs of an older woman interested in you, let’s see what attracts mature women to a younger man.


What Attracts An Older Woman

The first thing you need to understand is what attracts younger women isn’t the same for older women.

For example, mature women don’t play mind games as much as young girls. In fact, they don’t want any of that pretentious stuff.

They’ve dealt with it all their lives and have had enough. An older woman appreciates a guy who tells her she is wanted without any pretenses.

At this point, they know what they want and deserve. And if you’re the right guy she won’t refuse your offer to bed her.

With that said, you need to show the following qualities if you want an older woman to like you:

  • Be honest about your aim – She’s not a fool and will find it offensive when you treat her like one. Therefore, you have to be upfront about your motives.
  • Be well-mannered – By now, she’s fed up with children and isn’t looking to babysit one. Meaning, if you want to catch her fancy, show her that you’re polite and have proper manners.
  • Be fun and easygoing – She’ll be drawn to you if you can give her a fun time since her life has gotten boring at her age.
  • Look sharp – leave your sloppy look at home cause you have to dress sharply since she wants a ‘man’ and not a boy.

If you need more advice, this video is helpful…

Now that you have a better idea of how to make an older woman want you, let’s see the signs an older woman is into you.


9 Signs An Older Woman Likes You


1. She Doesn’t Hold Back From Staring At You

Seeing that experienced women tend to be bold, it’s not shocking that they’re open about expressing their interest in someone.

To be fair, meeting a person’s gaze a few times may not amount to anything.

But it should be clear that you’re an older woman’s target when she doesn’t hold back from staring straight at you.

Moreover, when you constantly find her eyes on you, it’s pretty sure that she likes you.

Why else would she be eye-fucking you?


2. She Touches You Or Invade Your Comfort Zone

Since young girls are usually shy, they prefer to be discreet with their feelings. Meanwhile, cougars are mostly proactive due to their experience.

And since they’re used to handling men, they’re confident and are quick to make advances.

In this case, a mature woman would touch you like hold your arm while you talk or walk together. She may even grope your thighs or chest when she gets the chance.

Alternatively, she might speak to you very closely to express her intentions.


3. She Wears Sexy Clothes To Meet You

woman over 50 dress provocative

Women are generally famous for being conscious of their appearance. This concern of theirs is doubled when they’re going to meet the person they’re attracted to.

In light of this, when an older woman always wears sexy clothes and colors when you’re around, she’s likely into you.

Muscle and Fitness’ article confirms this, as 18-43 year old women like to wear colors such as red and pink when they want to seduce a guy.


4. She Gives You Meaningful Compliments

Unless they have to, most women don’t pay much mind to others.

Yet when an older woman is interested in you, she’ll be eager to know all about you. This means that she’ll notice every single thing that you do and compliment accordingly.

For example, if you work at the same office, instead of the generic “you did a good job,” she’ll be specific about the task that you did.


5. She Shares Dirty Jokes With You

A common sign that will tell if an older woman wants you is when she shares dirty jokes with you. Especially if she’s the one who starts it.

This is cause she’s doing it to excite you and make you think of her in a sexual light. What better way to put an idea in your head than to present it as a joke, right?

Plus, by joking about sex, she can naturally build up the sexual tension.


6. She Asks About Your Sex And Love Life

Is an older woman asking you personal questions? Perhaps she’s encouraging you to talk about your life and sexual adventures with her?

If so, it’s possible that she wants to sleep with you. Because at her age, she’s not going to wait for you to open up on your own.

She’ll try to find out what she wants to know directly from you.

Furthermore, the reason why she’s asking these things is to check if she’s got a shot with you.


7. She Let You Know She’s Available

Today’s article reports that more and more older women are dating younger men. And that 81% of women are open to being with a guy that’s 10 years younger than them.

Based on this, many in their 40s and 50s don’t care about the large age gap as you can see in this video…

As said earlier, mature women don’t like to beat around the bush. So expect her to let you know that she’s single even if you don’t ask her.

It’s her way of telling you that she’s into you.


8. She Always Gives You Attention

Due to her age and status in life, you can bet that an older woman has tons of responsibilities. In effect, she’s probably busy all the time concentrating on her career and family.

In short, she’s got no second to waste on anything that doesn’t benefit her.

So when a mature woman gives you attention despite her hectic schedule, that means she’s attracted to you without a doubt.


9. She Brushes Her Body Against Yours

As women reach their mid-30s-40s, most become braver around men.

Especially cougars and milfs are particularly daring since they’re not afraid to be outgoing in their pursuit of younger guys.

On that note, an aggressive older lady will brush her body against you if she’s sexually attracted to you. She’ll press her chest, arms, and butt to turn you on.

Even a married woman may do this if she wants you to make a move on her.




  • Tom Phillips

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