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13 Obvious Signs She Secretly Wants You

“Is this girl into me?”, “Does she wants me?”

Knowing for sure whether the answer’s yes or no, can be tough. Women are confusing on the whole and rarely express their true intentions openly.

I bet you’re having a challenging time trying to understand if she is secretly attracted to you. The good news is you just need to know what signs to look out for.

girl showing signs she wants him

And this is where this article should come in handy. It’ll share the most common signs she secretly wants you.


1. Her Focus Is On You

To a girl who’s head over heels for someone, nothing will be as interesting as the object of her affections.

She’ll pick up on what you say and do, no matter how small or big it may be.

Sometimes it can be oppressive, but understand that she is trying to let you know that she wants you.


2. She’s Always Available To Hang Out

Since everybody’s busy with their lives, many people won’t have time left for you as you’re not their main priority.

In spite of this, you’ll never be the second choice to a girl who likes you. She’ll do her best to go with your plans.

Just determine whether she only wants just to hook up or get into a relationship, and then make your move.


3. She Agrees With You

You’re probably the same as any average Joe to most people, with faults and flaws. Yet for her, you’ll be like a perfect angel who can do no wrong.

In fact, it’s a sign that she is secretly attracted to you when she always agrees to what you say.

This becomes more obvious when she sticks with you, even when you end up making a mistake.


4. She Laughs At All Of Your Jokes

Unless you’re a comedian or a natural jokester, there’s a big chance that you’re not as funny as you believe.

Yet, you should take it as a sign that she secretly wants you when a girl’s blind to this.

Since she’s totally into you, you’ll be like a stand up comic to her. She’ll always laugh at your jokes, even at the lame ones.


5. She’s Always Curious About You

When a girl is attracted to you, she’ll be curious about your personal life. For one thing, it’s common for people, and women especially, to want to know everything about the person they’re interested in.

Due to this, she’ll always ask personal questions about your life. What’s more, she’ll remember them and will never tire of your stories.


6. She Gets Nervous With You

It’s said in this article by The Atlantic that people feel both happy and stressed out when they see a hottie up close.

If you see her blush or get nervous with you, it’s a clear sign she wants to sleep with you.


7. She Gets Into What You Like

Intense emotions usually drive people to do all sorts of things to get closer to the person they like.

And a girl who secretly loves you, she won’t mirror you only when you’re together but also when you’re apart.

She’ll start to check out the things you’re into, such as your hobbies and taste in music, for example. And then get into them.


8. She’s Knows Almost Everything About You

These days, girls are like detectives when it comes to gathering info about guys they want.

What’s more, even private profiles are no match for them. They’ll dig up any dirt that’s tucked away, be it online or in real life.

In light of this, when she knows about your past and present activities, it can only be a sign that she secretly wants you.


9. She Lets You Touch Her, And She Touches You Too

One of the ways people show their attraction to others is through touch. In this case, a woman who’s fine when you touch her is more or less at ease with you.

But when she does the same and even initiates physical contact, it’s a definite sign that she wants you to make a move.


10. She Stays In Touch

Unless you know her for a long time, hardly she’ll stay in touch if she hasn’t feelings for you. Life gets on the way, and usually, people lose touch.

Just think about this: what would she gain from knowing how you are, right?

She’d be doing something else if she wasn’t into you.


11. She Gets Jealous Of Other Girls Around You

A girl who doesn’t feel any kind of romantic pull to you won’t have an issue when you get friendly with more women.

However, if she does get jealous when this happens, it’s a sign she secretly loves you deeply.

This Psychology Today article confirms that people get jealous when they don’t want to lose someone.


12. She Spends A Lot of Time With You

Spending time with the person who has your interest is a great feeling. Not to mention that you don’t only get to bond with them, but you get to satisfy your craving for their presence.

In light of this, you should take it as a sign that she wants you badly since she does what she can to make time for you.


13. She Sincerely Worries About You

Nowadays, it’s easy to pretend that you care. All you got to do, is send a text or message with kind or positive words.

And that’s it, you don’t even bother to visit the person.

Yet, when you find yourself receiving concerned calls and visits from a girl who wants to be there for you. This is a sign that either she secretly loves you deeply or a sign she is developing feelings.


How Can You Tell If She Is Just Developing Feelings Or She Is Already Obsessed With You?

Obsessed girl show signs she wants him

While you can use this list as a guideline to determine if a girl is into you, you need to spend time with her to find out how deep her feelings are for you.

The easiest way is to observe her. Yet the most accurate way is to talk with her.

Girls who are crazy for you will show evident signs she wants you. Meanwhile, those who are just falling will be more concerned about getting to know you.




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