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The 10 Most Sexually Active Cities in the United States

There has never been a better time for having sex in the US than right now.

The hookup movement is growing fast thanks to the spread of hookup apps and increasing openness toward casual relationships, sexual experimentation and the swinger culture.

However, some cities are better than others when it comes to sex.

There are still several conservative cities that you don’t want to step in if you don’t want to end up playing with yourself.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most sexually active cities in the United States so you can have a great time there.


1. Denver

hookups Denver singles couples

Taking into account the city’s several colleges and the high number of female birth control purchases, it’s clear what the locals are up to.

In fact, Denver’s known for being a hotbed for casual sex cause the young professionals and college students here just want to have fun.

And considering how much they party and drink, drunken hookups and one night stands are basically typical for them.


2. Los Angeles

Guide Los Angeles singles couples hookups

Not only is Los Angeles the place for sexy people but over 56% of them are single and just want to hook up.

You see, they’re mostly trying to make it in the entertainment industry. So no one really wants to get serious. Meaning you’ll fit right in if fun is all you want.

Besides, since it’s one of the most sexually open cities, you can enjoy the dozens of sex clubs here.


3. Miami

sexy Miami beach

The ultimate hot spot if you want fun-loving babes in bikinis and sexy hunks in trunks. On top of that, you have a lot to choose from as 37% of the locals are single.

Aside from that, there are more women than men here. This gives guys an advantage as they’ll never run out of pretty girls who want to get laid.

Plus, being a tourist spot, the different visitors add some options for your pick up choices.


4. Austin

Guide Austin women men couples

The city’s famous for its cowboys, but it’s also at the top of many articles on the most sex happy cities in America.

This generally points out that Austin’s locals are having sex regularly and are happy in bed.

It’s not surprising, though, since the 18 to 28-year-old girls here have high sex drives.


5. San Francisco

Guide San Francisco

Anyone who’s doesn’t like getting serious will enjoy San Francisco as everyone’s all about keeping it casual.

Now, most of them are career-oriented go-getters during the day. But once work’s done, they party hard and are always down for hookups.

However, they might be too carefree about sex as lots of them like doing it raw, even with different partners.


6. Houston

single couples houston guide

Houston’s another city that’s perfect for those who love casual sex. As a matter of fact, many people on dating apps here are only looking for hookups.

Not to mention, it’s especially appealing to guys as well since women outnumber them.

And seeing that the residents have a reputation for being good in bed, Houston’s also part of many lists of the most sex happy cities in the US.


7. San Diego

San Diego California

Although the city’s famed for its beautiful scenery, it’s also got a naughty reason for its popularity. And that’s due to the locals’ lively sex lives.

What’s more, the city’s got 7 military bases, which leads to thousands of horny men living here.

The women have high sexual desires, too, with 71% having more than 5 partners a year.


8. Seattle

Seattle guide hooking up single couples

It’s pretty much a given that cities with many tourists have more hookups than others.

And being the gateway to both Canada and Alaska, Seattle definitely fits the bill.

In this case, 27% of the residents have an average of 7-15 sex partners their whole lives, and 47% meet the people they hook up with at bars.


9. Chicago

Hooking up Chicago guide girls men couples

Since Chicago women are comfortable with their sexuality, they enjoy sex as much as they want here.

Apart from that, singles make up 60% of the city. This means more than half of the people are likely to have casual sex.

It’s actually well-known that most locals hook up or get into flings, particularly during the winter months.


10. New York

sexy city New York

It isn’t the city that never sleeps for anything. Anyone who wants to have sex can probably find someone no matter what time of the day here.

Sex is as normal as breathing to the locals since almost everyone thinks positively of sex.

On that note, New York’s one of the best places to go for easy hookups and casual sex.


What Is The Most Sexual City In the United State?

Although Denver is the number 1, Los Angeles is close behind.

Denver favors the young people still in their teens to early 20s as it has several colleges. While Los Angeles better suits those in their 20s, which goes the same for Miami.

Then you have Austin, which is good for most ages, and it’s especially great for those party animals that enjoy the nightlife.

And for couples who want to spice up their sexual life, San Francisco and Seattle have several swingers clubs where people enjoying having casual sex with strangers.

Keep in mind that most cities in this top 10 are located in California: Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Meaning that California is one of the most sexually active states in the US.


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