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13 Subtle Signs She Wants to Sleep With You (And What to Do About It)

Women love sex as much as men do. The only difference is that they aren’t as obvious as men. They prefer to signal their sexual interest conservatively.

So if you want to get laid more often, you should start learning how to interpret them.

And don’t worry, this is where we come in.

To make sure you don’t ever miss a chance to get laid again, we’ll walk you through the 13 most common signs she wants to sleep with you.

girl signiling she wants to sleep with you

Let’s dive straight into it!


1. She’s Telling You Her Sexual Preferences

There’s absolutely no reason for her to tell you her sexual preferences. If she is, then make sure you note them down.

It’s a clear signal that she wants to sleep with you

By telling you what she prefers in the bed, she’s not only flirting but also making sure that you know how to satisfy her.


2. She’s Asking you for Outfit Advice

Women pay special attention to what they wear, especially, if they want to attract someone.

If you’re going on a date with her and she asks you what she should wear then it’s a surefire sign she’s sexually attracted to you.

There’s even a fair chance that she may be getting a recommendation for the color of her lingerie. She is basically telling that she wants to sleep with you.

So take the opportunity and invite her back to your place after the date.


3. She Wants to Get Drunk with You

Getting drunk with someone is the best way to sleep with them. This not only applies to single girls but also, married women.

In fact, this is the most common sign a married woman wants to sleep with you.

Alcohol and sex go hand in hand, so if any woman is getting drunk with you, then it isn’t difficult to end the night with sex.

In most cases, getting drunk is also a great way for girls to loosen up. Especially if she is shy.

Once you two get in a few shots, you’ll start seeing her wild side.


4. She’s Tells You That She’s Alone in Her House

Has a girl ever randomly texted you that she’s alone in the house? If so, then we’re sorry to say that you might have missed a booty call.

Otherwise, there’s literally no reason for her to tell you that Sandra is going out to party tonight or her parents are going shopping.

The only thing you need to ask her after that is if she wants to hang out. Trust us, the majority of the time you’d get a yes with an invitation to her house.

We’ve listed the most common hook up text messages so you won’t miss another opportunity ever again.


5. She Always Texts You Late at Night

Unless she’s ranting to you about her asshole boyfriend, late-night texts are often a sign of booty call.

And to be frank, even if she’s ranting about her boyfriend, you can also convert that into a sexual opportunity.

Just observe how the conversation goes. If she’s throwing in some winking emojis then she’s definitely horny.


6. She’s Showing Intentional Cleavage

Women often wear revealing clothes because they want to grasp the attention of men and be pursued. That is showing cleavage “generally” with an intention to attract males.

But when a girls show intentional cleavage only to you, that’s an obvious sign she secretly wants you.

just observe her body language and notice how she acts while interacting with you.

If she’s adjusting her clothes while talking to you, then that means she wants you to notice the cleavage… Or perhaps she sits on the couch slightly opening the legs because she wants to show you her underwear.


7. She’s Teasing You with Her Pictures

Apps like Snapchat have made flirting easier than ever. If you’re randomly receiving hot snaps from her, then she’s clearly teasing you.

Take the hint, and send her a few sexy pictures of your own.


8. She Makes the Conversation Sexual

It’s normally men who steer the conversation in a sexual direction.

So if a girl you’re talking to is cracking dirty jokes from time to time then what else do you want her to do?

At this point, it is as easy as it gets. If you’re still not going to approach her then you might as well accept to live a life of celibacy.


9. She Touches You Every Chance She Gets

Does she touch you every chance she gets? That may be her way of building sexual tension.

Reciprocate her touch and see how she reacts. There’s a great chance that before you know it, she’d be on your lap.

And it doesn’t take long after that to get her on your bed.


10. She Wants to Watch Something with You

Has she been showing a growing interest in watching a movie or series with you? This is the good old “Netflix and chill” technique.

So make sure that you call her over. And perhaps you could make the environment romantic with dim lights to further set the mood.

You two would start making out even before getting halfway through the movie.


11. She’s Jealous When you Talk About Other Women

Start noticing how she reacts every time you bring up other women in the conversation. If she’s sounding jealous, then use that to your advantage to bed her.

But keep in mind, jealousy is often associated with feelings. So if you’re sleeping with her then you might also have to carry the emotional baggage.


12. She’s Asking If you Live Alone

You might be thinking that she’s asking if you live alone out of curiosity. But you never know, it may also be a subtle sign.

How to find out? If you do live alone, then let her know and ask if she’d ever like to come over to chill.

If she shows interest in your offer, then you got your answer.


13. She Asks How Far you Live from Her

Asking someone where they live is usually a common question.

But if she’s asking how far you live and also the time it would take you to reach her house, then she definitely has other plans.

It’s very likely that she’s planning to call you over at some point.

You can take the conversation further by saying that “close enough to visit your home to hang out”.


What to Do When a Girl Wants to Sleep With You?

tell girl flirting before sleeping with him

If a girl wants to sleep with you then first determine whether she only wants a hookup or a relationship.

In both cases, you can fuck her brains out, but if she’s after a relationship, then you might have to worry about the baggage.

And in the best-case scenario, if she only wants a hookup, then don’t forget to pack a few condoms.

This might also be a chance for you to get a long-term friend with benefits. We don’t see a reason to miss out on it.

With that said, you’d be surprised how active your sex life would become if you start interpreting the signs women often throw.

So we hope after reading our tips above, you wouldn’t miss a sexual opportunity ever again.




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