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10 Signs Coworkers Are Sleeping Together

attraction between coworkers

You’re prone to develop an attraction for a person you’re spending more than 40 hours a week with.

That’s right – we’re talking about all those secret office affairs.

If you’ve also been noticing your colleagues acting a bit different, then they might be more than just good friends.

So how to tell your coworkers are sleeping together? Well, look for these obvious signs.


1. They’re Always Conversing with Each Other

There’s nothing fishy about interacting with your colleague, especially for work-related purposes.

Even small talk from time to time isn’t unusual as it keeps the atmosphere friendly.

However, try listening to their conversations sometimes. The chances are that work is usually the last thing they talk about.

Basically, they have a chemistry that they don’t share with any other coworkers. This might be due to the time they have been spending together behind closed doors.

But of course, there’s still a chance that they’re just good friends – so don’t jump to conclusions just based on this.


2. They Go To Lunch Together

It’s perfectly fine to grab a bite with your colleague from time to time – especially if you’re going out in a group.

But if a pair of your colleagues just disappear during lunch without ever asking anyone, then that’s suspicious.

And if one of them is ever stuck with work or in a meeting, then you’d notice the other one waiting as well.

All of this makes it quite clear that they’re using lunch hours to spend more time with each other.

Even if you ever try joining them, you’d end up feeling like you’re third-wheeling, because probably, you are.


3. They Have a Secret Way of Communicating

Whether it’s through body language or face gestures, most couples have a secret way of communicating.

If you ever see your coworkers also having a similar secret language, then it’s pretty obvious that they’re more than just friends.

Such things take time to develop, so if they can understand each other in a way that no one else can then we all know the reason.


4. They Disappear At The Same Time

Some of you might remember the high school days when students would slip away for toilet breaks to have a quick session.

Well, let’s just say that times change, but people don’t.

Whether your colleagues are having a fling or starting a relationship, sexual desires can be challenging to control.

So if you notice them disappearing for toilet breaks together, then they’re probably having a banger in the bathroom.


5. They Defend Each Other at Work

Employees don’t usually get involved in their coworkers’ shenanigans, unless, there’s an exception.

So if one of your colleagues is adamant to defend another fellow employee, especially for a blunder then something is definitely up.

And at that point, we wouldn’t even say that your colleagues are only having a fling.

It’s more likely that they’re romantically attracted to each other, and might already be in a serious relationship.

Because let’s face it, you wouldn’t put your job at risk for a person you’re only hooking up with.


6. They Have Too Many Inside Jokes

We all have inside jokes at our workplaces. But do you see your coworkers laughing at things that completely go over your head?

Well, don’t worry, they’re not trying to weird you out or something. It’s just that they have a joke that you or your other colleagues aren’t privy to.

This again is probably because they’re spending a ton of time together both during and after work. it’s their way of flirting to build sexual tension.

So overall, it is another clear sign that they might be having a workplace affair.


7. Their Body Language Says It All

You don’t generally want to get too touchy with your coworker. Especially nowadays, when harassment accusations have become so common.

However, if your coworkers hook up, they might be unconsciously dropping hints.

Try observing their body language to notice if they’re finding opportunities to touch each other. It could be just them leaning towards each other or a gentle touch on the arm.

There are also plenty of other body language signs of attraction that you can learn about in this video by Jamila Musayeva:


8. They Arrive and Leave Office Together

Nowadays, most offices have flexible working hours.

It’s not necessary for employees to check in at 9 and leave at 5, as long as they’re being productive and completing their daily targets.

So if your office doesn’t have strict timings and still somehow, your coworkers arrive and leave at the same time, then it might not be a coincidence.

They’re probably planning it ahead so they can spend more time with each other. With that said, carpooling is also a possibility, but it’s highly unlikely.


9. They Look More Glammed Up

People either spend a lot of time on their appearance for work, or they do the bare minimum.

So, if a co-worker suddenly looks more stylish, then they might be trying to attract someone.

But of course, you can’t base your judgment based on this alone.

Perhaps, also look for other things combined with this sign like who that colleague is interacting the most with.


10. They’re Often Looking at Each Other

There’s a saying that “Eyes Are the Window to the Soul” and we couldn’t agree more with it.

And let’s not forget that eye contact is one of the oldest, yet, most effective way of seducing.

So if your colleagues are stealing glances at each other, then this could be a sign that there’s some sort of sexual tension between them.


How Do You Spot an Office Romance?

office romance with coworker

The most obvious sign of office romance is that your coworkers would be hanging out and talking with each other often.

They would be grabbing lunch together regularly and even arriving and leaving work at the same time.

Plus, they would share certain chemistry that they wouldn’t have with any other colleague in the office.

Sometimes, it would even look pretty obvious that your coworkers are hooking, because they probably are.




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