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How To Seduce Your Teacher: 9 Tips to Get Your Professor Sleep With You

seducing your teacher

Let’s face it, we’ve all developed a crush on our teacher at some point in our lives. Most of us gave up because it seemed like an impossible dream.

But what if we told you that you can bring your forbidden desires to life?

Rather than just fantasizing about your professor, you can actually start a romantic affair.

Obviously, it won’t be easy as it requires planning, courage and a whole lot of luck. Even after that, there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed – but that’s exactly what makes it so thrilling.

So if you’re still wondering how to seduce your teacher then here are 9 helpful…


1. Learn About Your Teachers Relationship Status

Before you embark on the journey to sleep with your teacher, first learn about their relationship status.

The easiest way to tell that is by checking out their ring finger. If they have a wedding or engagement ring then get ready because things are about to become significantly more difficult.

Some professors may also jokingly mention their partner in class as well when they have to receive an urgent phone call.

Otherwise, you can also put your stalking glasses on and search for their social media profiles to learn more about their personal lives.

If nothing works out, then you can use a bolder approach in class and say “Hey, I think I saw you with your boy/girlfriend a few days ago”.

This is obviously a bluff and if you’re lucky, they’ll share some information.


2. Take Your Time to Catch Their Attention

Seducing your teacher isn’t the same as flirting with someone at a bar or in a nightclub.

They interact with many students every day, so you need to take your time to catch their attention.

The easiest way to do that is by attentively attending all their classes. Carefully listen to what they’re saying and try participating in discussions.

While being a good student wouldn’t get you laid, it will set the groundwork by making you more recognizable.


3. Dress Well and Look Good in Every Class

Regardless of who you are trying to seduce, dressing well can do wonders.

Girls can really make use of this by putting some makeup on and wearing the sexiest clothes they have in their wardrobes.

Just make sure that it doesn’t go against the institutes’ dress code policies.

Men, on the other hand, can wear the casual polo and jeans combo or whatever that looks good on them.

If you have a ripped body, then make sure that your shirts are well fitted.


4. Visit Them Outside the Classroom

Visiting your teacher outside the classroom is the easiest way to form a personal connection.

Most teachers are open to counseling after the class. So don’t lose this opportunity and pay them a private visit.

You can pretend that you didn’t understand a certain topic, or simply ask random questions about the course.

Again, the goal here isn’t to look like a nerd. You’re doing this to simply make yourself more available.

If they aren’t too busy and seem friendly then you can also try starting a conversation unrelated to class.

To begin with, you can ask for some background on what was their motivation to start teaching. Similarly, you can also share your own passions, hobbies, and interests.


5. Prove That You’re Discreet and Mature

Even if a teacher is attracted to a student they would feel reluctant to sleep with one of their students.

That’s because they’re aware of the consequences and have too much to lose.

It may not affect you much, but if the affair becomes public then it can potentially ruin the teachers’ life by making them lose their job.

Moreover, some countries also consider teacher/student affairs as a criminal offense and can lead the teacher to hefty fines and even imprisonment.

So from day one, make sure that you don’t show any signs of immaturity.

Avoid bragging or participating in gossip in front of your teacher so it shows that you aren’t interested in drama and can keep secrets.


6. Bump Into Them “Accidentally”

This would sound a bit weird and probably make you a stalker, but try bumping into your teacher outside the college.

It could be at an event, in a park, or even at the gym – just make it look “accidental”.

With that said, make sure that you aren’t doing it every day because you don’t want to make it too obvious and look creepy.

Once or twice a month is fine for initiating a small talk when you see them.

Do this a couple of times and if they’re smart, then they’d understand this isn’t a coincidence.


7. Start Dropping Subtle Hints

If you’ve formed a connection with your teacher, then it’s now time to subtle flirting with your teacher.

The keyword here is “subtle” because you still don’t want to come off too strong.

You can start by giving them some gifts. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, just leaving a pen or baked goods can also work.

Leave a note along with your gift in which you can write things like “I’ve been thinking about you and thought you would like this”.

This isn’t anything raunchy, or a declaration of love, but at the same time, you did point out that you’ve been thinking about them.

If they ask to give you a gift back then accept their offer by saying “I can’t really decline any offer from you”. This can work as a double-entendre.


8. Send a Message Through Your Body Language

You can easily make use of body language to hook up with your teacher, especially if you have attractive physical features. Although you gotta be a bit shameless.

So if you’re ready then one way is to show off your breasts by bending down to pick a pen. Do this when you’re taking private counseling in their office and it will surely create sexual tension.

Men, on the other hand, don’t have many options. Your best bet is to just maintain longer eye contact.

But you can still look more attractive through your body language by following the tips shared in this video by Charisma on Command:


9. Pay Close Attention to Their Signals

Try noticing how your professor reacts to your hints and if they’re dropping any signals, in general.

Observe if your teacher is friendlier towards you than other students. And are they franker around you and receptive to your advances?

Do you often catch them looking at you or better yet, is there a lot of eye contact between you two?

If so, then you’re on the right track and can finally consider making a physical move.

But keep in mind that it’s still a gamble and can potentially lead to trouble.

And if they treat you the same as other students then they’re clearly not interested to sleep with you.




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