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Why Do I Attract Younger Guys? Here 9 Possible Reasons

younger guy attracted to older girl

Are you bothered by the fact that the majority of the men you date are younger than you?

Well, rest assured, there’s nothing wrong with you. It might just mean that you have traits that younger men fancy.

But what exactly are those traits that make them choose you over their own age group?

Well, let’s go over 10 possible reasons why you keep attracting younger guys…


1. You Look Younger Than You Are

The chances are that it’s not your age that attracts younger men, but rather, it’s how you look.

You’re in your mid or late 30s and you still look like you’ve just entered your 20s, that says a lot about why they’re drawn to you.

They’re probably amazed that you still look better than most girls their age.

And just admit it, you also feel great every time you hear this.


2. You’re Friendly and Approachable

Some women naturally >look more approachable than others. And probably you’re one of them.

It could be your personality or just your body language. Perhaps you smile a lot which quickly makes them melt.

Or you might be creating situations that encourage younger guys to make a move.

For instance, do you often hang out alone at the bar rather than in a big group of your girlfriends?

If so, then you have your answer. Sitting alone probably makes them think that you’re available and are looking for some company.


3. You’re Financially Stable

Men are often expected to spend half of their salaries on buying lavish gifts for their partners. This can be quite pressurizing if you’re still in your 20s and struggling to start your career.

That’s also the reason that guys don’t prefer serious relationships during that age. They don’t want to pay the expense of taking a girl out for shopping and dates.

However, most women in their mid-30s are financially stable and earning well.

So a guy might be attracted by the fact that you’re financially stable… Or maybe, he just wants a sugar momma to spoil him?


4. You Are Emotionally Mature

Most girls in their late teens or early 20s aren’t emotionally mature enough. They tend to turn discussions into arguments which in turn, leads to unnecessary drama.

So another thing that attracts him is probably how you carry yourself in vulnerable situations. Rather than creating a fuss about small things, you prefer talking it out like adults.

Basically, as this video by Bright Side mentions, older women know exactly what they want and they aren’t drama queens.


5. You Are Able to Comfort Him

There’s something oddly comforting about dating a person older than you. Maybe it’s the fact that you feel more secure around them.

He probably feels the same and knows that you will look after him as he sees the “motherly-nature” in you that brings peace to his life.

Plus, older women are also generally good listeners and are more compassionate towards others.

And their experiences also give them the ability to hold intelligent conversations – which can be quite attractive to younger men.


6. Your Experiences Attract Him

Experience is one of the main reasons why younger guys are often attracted to older women.

That experience can translate into various departments of life with the bedroom being one of them.

So if younger guys want more than just a hookup with you then that could be because of how exciting you’re to be around.

You know how to please him both in and out of the bed.


7. You’re Independent and Self Confident

Men are often expected to take care of women, but at times, they also like being spoiled.

Whether it’s coming from a man or a woman, confidence is always attractive.

They might like the fact that you’re opinionated and can also take the initiative to plan things.

And let’s not forget that most men have an innate desire to be dominant.

So the reason young guys are attracted to you could also be because they want to dominate a confident woman like you.

The idea of making an older and independent woman as you submit in the bed probably strokes their ego and self-esteem.


8. You Share Positive Vibes

We all can use some positive vibes in our lives.

If you have a wild personality and know how to have fun, then it’s not surprising why younger men crush on you.

Whether it’s you breaking the dance floor or simply getting tipsy, there are plenty of ways to make life more adventurous.

So if you have that party animal that comes out in nightclubs then you’re prone to attract a handful of guys every time you leave the house.


9. You Do Not Judge Him

The last thing you would want is to be blamed for everything wrong that’s happening in a relationship.

Unfortunately, this happens far too often between young couples.

Girls would judge men based on the smallest of mistakes and wouldn’t consider that they are the ones who could’ve been at fault as well.

Younger men may notice that you’re not like those girls. You don’t judge them and instantly jump to conclusions.


10. You Don’t Want Children

Raising a child comes with quite a lot of responsibility that obviously most young men wouldn’t be ready for.

And if you’re in your mid or late 30s then the chances are that you already have a child and aren’t interested in having more. Or perhaps you don’t want to have children.

This makes life so much easier for men because they can date you without worrying about potential parental responsibilities.


What to Do If You Don’t Want to Attract Only Younger Guys?

The first thing to do you should change your outfit and make style. Start to wear more mature dresses and make-up that give a woman vibe rather than a girly vibe.

Avoid going out in places where young guys hang out. Instead, spend time in those places where you’re more luckily to meet older men.

Places like costly gyms, high-end bars, and the library.

Once you visit the right places and emanate a mature vibe, older guys will start approaching you.




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