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9 Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

Do you have your eyes set on a guy and want to know how far you can go with him? Then you obviously need to learn if a guy thinks you’re sexually pleasing to him in the first place.

For one thing, making the wrong assumption about a guy can lead you to an unwanted situation. And if missing your chance to bed him isn’t bad enough, you can even end up humiliating yourself if you can’t read men at all.

With that said, this guide will enlighten you about this matter. We’ve collected a list of surprising signs to look for that can tell you if a guy is turned on:


1. His Eyes Are Always  On Your Body

Men naturally have strong sexual urges. So when a guy sees a girl he’s itching to screw, his gaze will show how much he’s into her.

With that said, having his eyes always on your body is a definite sign that he wants you badly sexually.

While he may seem cool on the outside, his eyes are doing the talking for him. You can further prove this when you catch him staring intensely at your chest, legs, and ass.

He’s basically fucking you in his head.


2. He’s Handsy With You

A specific part of a man’s body that won’t be able to stay away from you when he’s into you is his hands.

This is why if a guy is handsy or touchy with you, it’s a sign that he finds you irresistible.

Psych Central’s article strengthens this claim. It explains that touching is how people physically express their attraction to another person without using words.

Therefore you can be certain that he wants you in his bed if he’s got his hands on you. He’ll be placing it on several areas, such as your shoulder, waist, and thigh.


3. He’s Fidgeting In His Chair

Due to the body making tons of chemicals when a person is horny, men get restless when they’re into a girl.

At this time, a man’s mind and body are in conflict. He’s unsure between controlling his desire to fuck you right then and there or waiting for the right timing.

On top of that, he’s likely thinking of how he can get you naked real fast.


4. His Grip On You Is Stronger Than Usual

When a man is sexually excited, he’ll be more pumped up than he typically is.

Aside from feeling lusty and nervous over his feelings, he’ll also be on an adrenaline high.

As such, he’ll be a bit stronger for a short while. You’ll notice this when he grabs your body, like when he holds your hand or shoulder.

His touch will be firmer and tighter as well, for example, when he cups your boobs or booty.


5. His Voice Sounds Deeper

Does he seem kind of different compared to when you first met him? Could it be that his voice is a pitch or two lower than before?

If so, you can be confident that it’s due to him using his bedroom voice on you.

By changing how he sounds to be more mature and sexy, he’s trying to appear manlier in your eyes. It’s one of the many ways for men to flirt with women.


6. He Looks Happy But Distracted

There’s a saying that men often don’t think with their heads but with their dicks when it’s about women. This is especially true when they’re in the mood.

In fact, most guys tend to have a hard time focusing on anything when they’re horny. All they’ll be thinking about at that moment will be sex and how to get it ASAP.

For this reason, a sign that a guy is turned on by you is when he looks happy but it’s also distracted. He’s literally thinking of ways to do you.


7. He Reciprocates Your Advances

Want to know for sure if the man you’re chatting with is into you? You just need to have physical contact with him and see if he welcomes them.

For instance, you can put your hand on his chest or press your body directly on him. It’s completely up to you whether your approach will be aggressive or subtle.

In any event, if he reciprocates your advances, it’s a reliable sign that a guy is turned on by you. Moreover, he’ll also copy your actions or do something bolder.


8. He Draws Your Attention To His Crotch

Guys have a variety of techniques to show that they have an interest in a woman.

Yet, this particular method should be a no-brainer for anyone to recognize and leave no room for doubts.

One of the major signs that a guy wants to have sex with you badly is if he draws your attention to his crotch. He’s 100% proud of his package and is showing it off to you.

I mean, seriously, could a man have any other aim to do this apart from inviting you to bed?


9. You Give Him A Boner

Healthily explains in this article that men are aroused by seeing the woman that they sexually desire.

Not to mention, they simply have to look at the person they’re into to get an erection. They don’t even have to touch them directly.

Considering these details, an undeniable sign he wants you badly sexually is when he has a boner while talking to you.

In the case he was hard before meeting you or while thinking about something, perhaps it wasn’t you.


What To Do When A Guy Is Sexually Attracted To You?

girl flirting with a guy turned on

Just because a guy thinks you’re sexually attractive doesn’t mean you should go for him. At the end of the day, the option that puts you at ease is what you should follow.

If you’re not comfortable with hookups, don’t give in immediately. Likewise, if you don’t want to commit, be frank about it.

In the case you want to have sex with him, just flirt with him. And let the guy know that you’ve noticed he is turned on.

If you want to be chicky and kind, ask if you can help him in any way. Just be straightforward and fun.




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