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Does He Want a Relationship With Me? Or Just Having Sex

does he wants a relationship with you

You’ve finally met a guy you have great chemistry. You feel excited and happy around him but can’t help to wonder if he feels the same.

After all, you don’t want to see him regularly only to find out later that he wants only a casual relationship.

We all know how it feels to be heartbroken because a guy didn’t reciprocate our love.

Also, you don’t want to ask him if he is serious about you especially if you just started to get intimate. That screams insecurity.

While casually dating someone for too long isn’t good either because in the meantime you’ll miss the opportunity to meet Mr. Right.

Fortunately, rather than confronting him, you can easily figure out if he is interested only in sex or looking for a relationship.

So read on as we discuss some indisputable signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.


How Do You Know He Wants a Relationship With You?

There are a number of ways to tell if a guy wants a relationship or just a fling. Things like his age, financial status, and background say a lot about his possible intentions.

For instance, men who are in their late twenties are more inclined towards forming stable relationships. The reason is usually at this age have a stable job or a business and looking to settle down with the right partner.

While a teen or a guy who is in his early 20s would probably just want a hookup. That’s because he’s probably still struggling and doesn’t have time for a serious commitment.

With that said, every man is built differently and this doesn’t always have to be the case. So if you want definitely know his intentions, check out the signs below.


9 Indisputable Signs He Wants a Serious Relationship With You

signs he wants a serious relationship


1. He Makes Other Plans with You

The first thing you need to notice is if he makes any plans to hang out with you.

Whether it’s going to a movie, to the park, or even on a short trip, there are plenty of things you could do with a person you genuinely like.

If a guy isn’t serious then all of your plans would somehow end up with you two being in the bedroom.

And if not that, then it would probably be a secluded place to have car sex.

We know an exciting sex life is important for a relationship. But that shouldn’t be all there is to it.


2. He Stays After Sex

Men who want a serious relationship won’t leave immediately after sex. But they would be interested in cuddling and talking to you.

Basically, the way he acts when he isn’t horny says a lot about his feelings towards you.

However, it’s still possible to keep a guy chasing after sex and Mark Rosenfeld shares some useful tips to help you achieve that:


3. He Listens to What You Have to Say

When a man is interested in you, he’d put more effort into listening to what you have to say. He would ask open-ended questions to continue the conversation so he can learn more about you.

If he’s only sexually interested then all your conversations with him would feel bland and insignificant.

So the next time you talk to him, try judging which side he leans towards.

You can even ask him a few things you shared with him recently to judge how attentive he was.

Brownie points if he remembers the small details!


4. He Talks and Gets Vulnerable Around You

The unspoken rule of hooking up is to not show any emotions around the person you’re sleeping with.

After all, vulnerability is a major part of developing an emotional bond with a person.

So if he gets vulnerable when he’s with you, then that’s a pretty clear sign that he wants more than just sex.

It shows that he’s willing to put his insecurities, childhood stories and heartbreaks in front of you.


5. He Doesn’t Hang Out on Dating Apps

This one is pretty obvious, but if a man wants a serious relationship with you then he wouldn’t be looking for a match on dating apps.

Similarly, he would add you and interact with you on his social media accounts.

Whether it’s tagging you on different posts, interacting with you in the comments or even liking your stories, there are plenty of ways for him to show interest.

Although if he’s not that active on social media then we’d still give him some leverage here.

But if one of your friends recently saw him on Tinder, then uh oh, we have bad news for you!


6. He Has Introduced You to His Friends and Family

A man who is having casual sex would keep you like his dirty secret. He’d never introduce you to his friends and keep you separate from his personal life.

But of course, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on this alone.

He might be thinking that you wouldn’t vibe with his friends or maybe he’s not as comfortable around his family.

Either way, if he does take an initiative to introduce you to people close to him then that’s certainly good news for you.


7. He’s Attentive Towards You in Public

If a man shows non-sexual affection to you in public then that’s also a sign of serious interest.

Note that we said non-sexual here because grabbing your booty in front of a crowd doesn’t really mean he wants to marry you.

But if he’s holding your hand, or putting your arm around your shoulder then this means that he isn’t afraid of showing you off in public.


8. He Discusses Future Plans With You

Does he ever talk about the future with you? Like your plans on settling down, what do you think about marriage, and stuff like that?

If he does, then your relationship with him is probably going in the right direction.

However, a man who is just in it for the sex would never ask you stuff like this. In fact, it would be quite the opposite.

He’d always avoid or change the topic when you bring up the future. The only thing he’d tell is which sex position he’s planning to fuck you in.


9. He’s There When You Need Help

Is he the kind of guy who would be there to help you when you hit rock bottom?

If yes, then he’s probably in it for more than just sex. But if you see him running away the moment things go south, then that’s a major red flag.

He doesn’t have to pick and drop you all the time. But if he wants a serious relationship, then he should at least be there during your time of crisis.

So ask yourself whether he’s the kind of guy you can rely on. In case you’re unsure, you can try testing it out as well.




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