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Sleeping With A Married Woman? 9 Advices

Since you’re looking up this topic, it’s safe to think that you either want to get it on with a married woman or are already with her.

At any rate, though, sleeping with someone who’s taken has its ups and downs, whether you want to take the affair seriously or not.

Given these points, this article will give you the needed info and advice on sleeping with a married woman without any drama.

advice sleeping with married woman

This should help you get ready for the troubles that usually come with this type of relationship.

I’ve got 9 tips below that will keep you ahead in this game.


1. Have a Clear Understanding From The Start

Before anything happens, you should talk things over and clearly understand the relationship from the start.

The reason being a relationship with a married woman is more complex than other types of relationships. Perhaps, only friends with benefits relationships are harder to set up.

We’ve listed all the types of casual relationships so you can have a better understanding of them.

Going back to a relationship with a married woman, having an affair is risky since it could damage several lives.

This means that you can’t be careless about it or act like normal couples in public. In light of this, you should be in agreement on how to go about your arrangement.

For example, decide on the rules you have to follow, such as how often you guys should meet and what you want from each other.


2. Always Use Protection

Another important advise when sleeping with a married woman is to always use protection. Even if bare sex feels great, you should never skip the condoms with her.

First of all, most probably you’re not the only person that’s she’s having sex with besides her husband.

Also, her husband might be cheating on her and then pass some sexual disease while having some occasional sex.

Therefore doing it raw can only lead you to bad news such as STDs.


3. Don’t Contact Her First

Unlike single ladies, a married woman won’t want you to reach out to her without warning.

For one thing, she might be at home, where her family could see your name on her phone’s screen.

You wouldn’t want her kids or husband to find out about you, right?

To steer away from this scenario, you should wait for her to contact you first. This way, she can find the right time for you guys to talk safely.


4. Regularly Change Hotels

Booking hotels discreetly is essential for affairs. Yet it’s also vital that you regularly change the hotel to avoid privacy issues from the concierge.

Go to a different hotel as much as you can. Doing this will not only offer you more security, but it’ll make your meet-ups difficult to track too.

And since you won’t be checking in frequently, this makes sure that the staff won’t quickly recognize you.

As such, you’ll have fewer witnesses should anyone come to ask about you and her.


5. Don’t Talk About The Affair

A secret can only stay a secret if nobody speaks about it. In your case, keeping it between you two is a piece of solid advice.

In a word, you shouldn’t talk about your affair with people if you want it to stay private. Cause no matter how much you trust those around you, you’ll never know when a person will snitch.

Plus, you may even lose your partner’s trust if she feels that you’ve got a loose mouth.


6. Keep Your Emotions In Check

There’s no question that you’ll need to deal with many dangers when you sleep with a married woman. Among them is developing real feelings for her.

This doesn’t apply only to affairs with a married woman but all types of casual relationships.

This is why to avoid getting yourself in a big mess, you should keep your emotions in check at all times.

Remember, she has a family that she goes home to every day. You don’t really think that she’ll give up her safe life and kids for you, do you?

Apart from that, affairs don’t last long as 70% of them end in two years.


7. Don’t Post About Her On Social Media

Due to the digital age, every single thing that a person posts online can be traced. As a result, social media has now made it easy for cheaters to get caught, as reported by Global News.

For this reason, you shouldn’t post about your relationship on any social media site since you’re getting cozy with a married woman.

In fact, you shouldn’t even put any sort of hint or detail online, as this might tip someone off. The ideal thing for you to do is to be low-key and quiet about it.


8. Avoid Her Friends And Family

While it may feel like only the two of you exist when you’re together. The reality is that she’s a married woman who’s got a family and a whole life that you’re not a part of.

You have to accept this and realize that you can’t merge your worlds. In other words, you have to avoid her family and friends as blurring the lines can spoil what you have.

What’s more, you’ll likely feel guilty if you get close to them and may even slip up.


9. Don’t Get Stuck On Her

You won’t like to hear this, but we all know that she’s only with you cause she’s unhappy with her marriage.

And the moment her home life improves, you won’t be as appealing to her anymore. In short, she can drop you like a hot potato at any time.

Thus, when you’re sleeping with a married woman, the best advice is to not get stuck on her. She’s just a temporary lover, nothing more and nothing less.

Hence, you should focus on yourself and have fun as a single guy when you’re not with her.


Sleeping With A Married Woman: Advice To Keep Her Interested

Truth be told, women are all the same, even when they’re single or married. They’re all pretty simple in their want to be loved and showered with attention.

Unfortunately, this is what most husbands stop doing and completely forget once they’ve been married.

However, this also leaves you with the perfect opening to swoop in and win her over. You just have to fill the void in a married woman’s life, and she’ll want to be with you again and again.

We have more tips for you if you want to learn how to keep a married woman interested in you.




  • Peter Brown

    Dr. Peter Brown is a dating and sex expert that writes for several various publications. Having got his doctorate from Yala Univeristy and operating his own clinic, he has a vast knowledge about casual relationships involving married people. He likes to play golf and spend time with his children during weekends.