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7 Best Places To Makeout In A Car – And 4 Crucial Tips

Whether you’re out dating, or want to spend some sexy time with your FWB, we all could use some privacy.

In fact, the car doesn’t only offer privacy but is a convenient place to makeout, especially if you don’t have an apartment on your own.

All you need is a car and some knowledge of the best makeout spots. The latter is exactly what we’ll be helping you with.

So in this article, we’ll look at the 7 best places to makeout in a car. And 4 tips to make your experience exciting.

Let’s dive straight into it!


7 Good Places to Makeout in a Car

couple making out in a car

Find the right place to make out in a car is crucial for a great section and stay out of trouble. You want your partner to be relaxed and in the mood.

These are the best places for car sex…


7. Farm Roads

make out in car during the day in the farm road

Parks are often visited by families, so they may not come at the top of your list of makeout spots.

However, we’re not asking you to get started inside the park. Simply, find a nice place outside and you’re set to go!

It’s one of the best places to hook up during the day because your vehicle can easily blend along with many others. So all you need are some shades to get started.

Just make sure that if you’re having sex, your car doesn’t dance too much. The last thing you want is a cop knocking on your door when you’re at your climax.


6. Shopping Mall Car Park

cars in mall parking

A mall parking is a prime location to makeout in a car. But only when you take the necessary safety measures.

With your elevated sex hormones, it’s easy to forget about the cameras watching you. This is why to stay on the safe side, inspect your surroundings before parking.

Park in a way that the front of your car faces a wall. Then you only need to look at the wall in front of you for cameras.

After that, you can have your intense makeout session for as long as you want. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would disturb you, and you won’t be recorded either.


5. Residential Areas

Residential area at night

Search for residential areas and societies in your surroundings late at night. It’s even better if old and retired people live there.

Such areas are away from the bustling nightlife of a city, and old people also tend to sleep early.

So all you need to do is find a quiet place to park. Make sure the guard isn’t too close and you can easily do anything you want inside the car.


4. Automatic Car Wash

car wash near me to hook up

The automatic car wash is the best place to hook up in a car if you’re after a quicky.

You have about 10-15 minutes of steamy sex before people can see throw the car’s windows. And that for many might be a turn-on.

if you’re nervous about someone seeing you, a blow job session might be enough to satisfy your desires.


3. Gas Stations

gas station at night best place to make out near me

People hardly visit gas stations anymore. Especially if you’re visiting one that’s located on the outskirts of the city.

Cars may stop there from time to time to shop from the local mart. However, that’s pretty much it.

Even the employees there are sleeping half of the time. So you can park your car there even during broad daylight and hardly anyone would care.


2. Restaurant Parking

Food and sex go hand in hand. Know about a restaurant that has a large parking and serves inside cars? That’s all you need.

You can go to their parking, and place an order for your favorite meal. Make sure to wait for the waiter to deliver the food so you don’t get interrupted.

Eat the food or save it for when you’re done having an intense session.


1. Drive-In Theatres

drive in movie car

If there are any drive-in theatres in your surroundings, then you don’t need any other place.

Hardly anyone comes to the drive-in theatres to watch movies as they are considered to be one of the most common make-out spots.

And the best part is that you can moan all you want. The loud sound of the movie will suppress the noise.


4 Tips For An Awesome Car MakeOut

couple giving car makeout tips

1. Spend on Car Mists

The least you can do is to buy a car mist. Even if your car already smells good, buying a car mist spray can add a luxurious and fresh scent to it.

This is especially important if you’re on a date. A car smelling bad can be a huge turn-off for most people.

And it may make you lose any chances you have of getting action.


2. Keep Your Car Clean

Car sex can already feel congested. You don’t have much space to work with, so the last thing you want is random things also getting in the way.

Imagine making out like it’s your last day on earth. And when it’s finally time to bend that body, you can’t find space due to random tissue boxes and papers scattered around.

That can be a major mood killer and it can easily be avoided with a little care.


3. Play the Right Music

Let’s just say that your playlist can make a huge difference in setting the mood.

Imagine fucking someone while Gangnam style is being played in the background. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

So find a good playlist and include slow and passionate songs. This is even truer if you’re out on a date.


4. Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

Make sure the temperature of the AC isn’t too cold nor too hot.

You can even bring the temperature down because once you get started, you’ll automatically start feeling warm.

Not many people think of this. But stinking in sweat can put a nail on any chances you have of getting sex.


Making Out In A Car Is Only For Students?

About 60% of college students have had car sex at some point. So needless to say, young people don’t miss out on chances to makeout in a car.

Yet, the car is a great place to make out at any age. Even married couples can enjoy something different from time to time.

And although it isn’t as convenient as your bedroom, it can be great for a quick session. This is why if your sexual urges get out of control, you don’t need to hold yourself.

Simply follow our advice above and find similar spots in your city. Also, don’t forget the tips we’ve discussed to make your car experience unforgettable.





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