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22 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys And Men

Keeping guys and men interested is never easy, especially when dealing with successful ones.

And if you’re one of the many girls around him, you’ll simply fade into the background. He might not even know that you’re there if you don’t have a clue how to get a man’s attention.

Besides that, if you aren’t careful with how you act around him, you could do something that’ll turn him off.

After all, men and women are into different things, aren’t they?

As such, learning what truly turns on guys can help change you from a “nobody” to “somebody special” in their eyes.

This is why in this article, I will present to you a list of the biggest turn ons for guys.


Biggest Turn-Ons For Men And Guys

man turn on by woman

1. Being Able To Take Care Of Yourself

Although guys like being needed, they aren’t into helpless women who can’t be on their own. They want someone who can properly take care of herself.

This means you have to make them believe that you’re a capable person.


2. Wearing Something Red

Red has a strong power over men. Be it your clothes, or makeup, using anything with the color will make you irresistible to them.


3. Smiling A Lot

In a world of straight faces, seeing a girl with a smile is something that excites men.

Aside from just boosting your physical appeal, your smile will also make you feel like a warmer person as well.


4. Having Long Hair

Hairstyles that focus on the length of your hair will do well in drawing guys to you.

Elite Daily’s article proves this true since it claims that 43% of men say that long hair is sexy.


5. Being Modest

Since men have strong personalities, they don’t like girls who always brag or constantly want to one-up them.

In light of this, you’ll have an easy time charming most guys if you show them that you’re modest.


6. Wearing Sexy Clothes That Don’t Expose Everything

sexy girl turning on a guy

Guys will definitely stare at a girl in skimpy or barely there clothes. Yet you’re better off in sexy pieces that don’t show off everything.

The reason is guys get turned on by girls who still leave something to the imagination.


7. Being Able To Talk About His Hobbies

You don’t have to know everything about a man’s hobbies. But if can support his interests, it’ll set you apart from other girls.

Do some research about what he’s into, and you’ll get the ball rolling between you two.


8. Keeping Some Mystery About Yourself

Men like to go for girls that are hard to get than those who quickly give in. In short, men are turned on by women who keep some mystery about themselves.

So don’t reveal everything about yourself to be attractive to them.


9. Having A Sense Of Humor

There’s nothing that annoys men more than killjoys since they like to joke around.

This is why you have to let them know that you have a sense of humor and won’t be a downer.


10. Wearing Natural Looking Makeup

As a result of their biology, men are usually attracted to women who look healthy and have great skin.

That is to say, natural looking makeup is the way to successfully turn on a guy.


11. Being Able To Banter With Him

Bantering with a guy through text and in person is essential if you want to turn him on. It’ll confirm that you know how to have fun and can keep up with how he thinks.


12. Engaging In His Interests

One of the fastest ways to a man’s heart is to engage in his interests.

For example, go biking with him if that’s what he’s into. Or maybe work out with him if he values fitness.


13. Having Physical Contact With Him

Humans are sensitive to touch. In this case, having direct physical contact with the guy you like is a good way to make him excited for you.

So make sure to learn where to touch a guy if you want to make any man go crazy for you.


14. Treat Him Like He’s Your Hero

Most guys naturally have a protective nature cause of their genes. For this reason, it’ll be a physical and mental turn on when you let a guy be your hero.


15. Knowing How To Cook

With food being a basic need, knowing how to cook is a desirable trait that men want in women.

Not only will cooking for him show that you care, but the feminine role will also activate his manly feelings.


16. Being Adventurous

It’s common for men to be adventurous since they like trying out new activities and experiences.

So it’ll certainly be a turn on for them to meet a bold woman who can keep up with what they’re into.


17. Being Playful

playful girl is a big turn on for men

No matter how old they are, men will always be big boys at heart and have a fun loving attitude. Therefore it shouldn’t be surprising that girls who can be playful and fun are big turn ons for guys.


18. Being Confident

Having confidence in yourself is the main key to being sexy and desirable in a man’s eyes.

With this in mind, a girl who can sincerely express this with her actions and words will sweep them off their feet.


19. Being A Bit Aggressive

Though many men like to be in charge, they also find girls who are a bit aggressive more appealing than shy ones.

This is cause feisty women don’t bore them since they’re challenging and stimulating.


20 Taking Care Of Him

Are you aiming to emotionally turn on a man?

If yes, taking care of him every time you’re together will do the trick. He’ll notice the improvement in his life and appreciate all you do for him to help out.


21. Being Feminine

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest turn ons for men is feminine women.

They’re complete suckers for these types and won’t be able to resist them as they will bring out their macho side.


22. Being Mature

Considering how much guys hate putting up with drama and stress, childish girls obviously put them off.

They want a mature woman who can control her emotions and act appropriately in all sorts of situations.




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