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How To Seduce A Man: 9 Seduction Techniques

Do you have your eye on a particular man? Or maybe you just want to learn seduction techniques for when you find someone?

Whichever it is, knowing how to be captivating to men will undeniably increase your odds of scoring with them.

Moreover, when you learn about the many ways that you can tickle a man’s fancy, you’re sure to get better results as well. The more seduction techniques you’ve in your arsenal, the higher your chances.

In addition, when you have an idea of what men are into, you can prevent yourself from doing something that can turn them off.

You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong in front of the person you’re interested in, right?

So, grasping what truly works on a guy should make seducing him much easier for you. Give our list of tested tips a try, and you’ll make him crazy about you.


9 Seduction Tips To Make Him Crazy For You

woman seducing a man in bedroom

1. Show Him Some Skin

There is no better way to seduce a man than showing your physical assets. Men can’t resist the curves of a woman.

As a matter of fact, all men out there are highly visual. Unlike women who develop an attraction for a man by building an emotional connection, men feel attracted to a woman by her look.

For instance, wearing a dress that displays your boobs or shows the curve of your ass is an effective way to get him to notice you.

And what’s especially nice about this is that you can choose which areas you’re comfortable with exposing.

Not confident with your breast or ass? Then you can focus on your stomach or legs instead.


2. Stimulate His Imagination With Your Words

Suppose you want to be obvious about what you want without actually saying it. In that case, a solid seduction technique to rely on is using words to stimulate a guy’s imagination.

And don’t limit yourself to face interaction. You can flirt with a guy over text to keep the excitement going. It’s important to be constant.

Lines like, “I’m really good with my hands” or “I don’t use my mouth only to talk” should get his gears running.

You can also strengthen the impact by smiling as you talk or by sending emojis.


3. Keep On Touching Him

Nothing turns on a man like touching him in the right spots. Even a married and faithful man would have a hard time resisting your seduction when you softly touch his top neck and ears.

Although he might think it’s just an accident when you only do it one time. You need to keep on touching him to send a clear message.

In this video, you can get a better idea of where to touch him…


4. Play Naughty Games With Him

Want to know how to quickly seduce a man while you two have fun? Playing naughty games with him is how you can go about it.

After all, men like to play social games. They are kids for life.

There are plenty of sexy games you can choose from regardless of where you guys are. But drinking games, such as ‘never have I ever’ and ‘truth or dare’ are some of the best games to build up a sexy mood.

And once is yours, you can carry on with the positive vibe and do naughty things together.


5. Flirt With Your Eyes

When you’re into a man, a strong way to convey your sexual intentions is to do it with your eyes.

And since it’s one of the most visible parts of a person’s face, it’ll be impossible for him to miss it.

Feeling shy? Then you can give him short and sweet glances. But if you’re the provocative kind, you’re welcome to show him your long and smoldering stares.

How bold you want to be is up to you. Either one will get your point across.


6. Use Your Lips

You can’t deny that one of the most eye-catching features of a woman’s face is her lips. So an easy way to seduce a man is to wear red lipstick.

And if you want to be more aggressive, bite or lick them while you look at him. That communicates your sexaul desire for him.

Don’t use your libs only to convey words. But use them to be more seductive.


7. Wear Flattering Clothes

girl wear seductive cloths

How you present yourself deeply influences the way that people view you. In light of this, a common seduction technique that any girl can do is wear flattering clothes.

Cause no matter what your body type is, you can still appear beautiful and sexy as long as you pick the outfits that suit you. Therefore, you should follow the guidelines that complement your figure.

For women with pear-shaped bodies, you’ll look fab in plunging necklines and sexy jeans. On the other hand, athletic shapes can flaunt their frames in strappy tops and skirts.


8. Tease Him

Another effective seduction technique to make a man crazy for you is to tease him. By doing this, you can ensure that you’ll make a memorable impression that’ll set you apart from others.

Furthermore, you can adjust the level of teasing to fit with your personality.

Planning to keep it PG? Tease him about minor stuff, like “I bet you can’t drink more than me!” and then proceed to lose to raise his ego.

For a mature approach, go with aggressive lines, such as “You’ve got to be kidding. You can’t be that amazing in bed.”


9. Be Physically Close To Him

Want to utilize your body to let a guy know that you’re interested? Then you simply have to be physically close in order to seduce a man.

When talking to him, be “dangerously” close to his libs. Alternatively, whisper in his hears some sexy words. This will spark sexual tension between the two of you.




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