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11 Obvious Signs He Finds You Irresistible (And What To Do About It)

Signs He Finds You Irresistible

Approaching a guy that you’re into is stressful and terrifying for lots of women.

For one thing, the possibility of rejection isn’t the only hurdle you’ll have to face. There’s the humiliation and disappointment that you’ll have to deal with as well should you get turned down.

Due to all these factors, it’s in your best interest to know if a man finds you attractive first. Otherwise, you might make a mistake if you try something.

With our list, you’ll be able to tell the signs that he finds you irresistible so you can boldly make a move on him.

But first, let’s understand what makes a woman irresistible.


What Makes A Woman Irresistible

irresistible woman

Since men have their preferences, you can’t expect to win over all of them just by using one trick.

Yet, based on research and studies on what attracts men, basically, there are specific physical traits and personalities that stand out.

For instance, guys generally get the hots for confident women who aren’t shy about their sensuality. Wearing revealing dresses and high heels makes guys go nuts for you.

Aside from that, having a good sense of humor is also one of the things that normally draws them in.

But keep in mind that being playing full doesn’t mean being vulgar.

As for looks, most tend to go for girls who have nice long hair and smile often. It’s why, if you’ve got a guy you like, directing a big smile at him will likely score you some points.

There are also other points to keep in mind when flirting with a guy in person, but a big smile is irresistible for most.


11 Signs You’re Irresistible To Him


1. He Constantly Wants To See You

When a guy doesn’t care about a girl, he won’t notice if she disappears. Yet, if he’s attracted to you, he won’t want to miss you even for a day.

When a guy acts like this you might find him needy. But what can he do else if he finds you irresistible?

If you want him to continue pursuing you, you should let him see you sometime.


2. He Stares At You Intensely

Have you become aware of anyone’s eyes on you? Perhaps there’s a man who’s been staring at you intensely these days?

Maybe he isn’t even hiding it and is openly looking at you. If you catch a guy doing this, that is a strong sign a guy is really turned on by you.


3. He Pays Attention To What You Say

This article by Advisory Board proves that men often interrupt women while they talk. This often happens because of their high ego.

Therefore if he pays attention and listens to what you say instead, that means he is into you. He wouldn’t care this much if he didn’t.


4. He Always Agrees With You

On the whole, guys are stubborn and prideful since they always want to be the alpha in front of others.

Yet when a man finds a woman irresistible, he won’t let his ego get in the way. He’ll always agree with your choices and do what pleases you.

Basically, you own him.


5. He’s Suddenly Into One Of Your Interests

Is a guy suddenly into one of your interests? Did he pick up the same hobby or pastime after meeting you? Then it’s obviously a sign that he finds you irresistible.

Power of Positivity’s article confirms this as copying someone means that they like that person. As such, you should encourage and bond over this shared interest if you’re into him.


6. He Quickly Adds You On Social Media

Right now, the best way for people to learn about the person they’re into is online. For this reason, a man who’s deeply interested in you will quickly add your social media accounts.

He’ll probably like your photos or leave comments to get your attention. If you want to push him more in your direction, you should do the same and interact online.


7. He Dresses Up To Meet You

It’s common practice for a guy to put his best foot forward when aiming for a woman. Especially when he finds a woman very attractive.

If you notice he dresses up nicely every time he meets you, you can bet he finds you irresistible.

You can raise his ego and let him know that he’s got a shot by praising his looks.


8. He Can’t Stop Smiling

The mere presence of a person’s crush will undeniably make them excited and happy. As a result, they won’t be able to stop smiling around them.

On that note, it’s clear that a guy is into you if he keeps a smile on his face when you’re with him.

You can choose to respond positively by smiling at him should you want him in a sexual or romantic way.


9. He Places His Body Close To You

Does he lean his body into you when you chat? Or does he sit close enough for your shoulders to bump against each other?

If these scenes are familiar, there’s no doubt that you’re irresistible to him. He has a strong need to feel your body.

Scooting closer or letting him into your space will give him the hint that you’ll welcome his advances.


10. He’s Aware Of What You’re Doing

Whether you’re coworkers or classmates, if a guy is into you, he’ll keep tabs on you cause he wants to be aware of what you’re doing.

Directly talking to him about your plans, in this case, should imply that you want to give him a chance.


11.  He Shows Off His Masculinity

The majority of men are dominant, which is why it’s the norm for them to show off their masculinity when they’re attracted to a woman.

In short, when you notice that’s a guy’s always helping you, such as carrying things for you or taking you home, it’s definite that he badly wants you.

You should encourage him with thanks and praises if you’re willing to try him out.




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