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Boston Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking to get laid in Boston and have great sex experiences, this guide offer tips and guidance.

We’ll show you how to hook up with singles and couples no matter your age, sexual interests, or type of relationship you’re after.

From one night stand to finding a regular fuck buddy, there are several opportunities to have sex in Boston.


The Boston Guide was last updated on 25 August 2022

Boston hookups guide

Boston has 600k inhabitants with many horny college and university students.

Hookups are pretty common, especially online hookups. The reason is that
the nightlife is pretty restricted having a curfew set to 2 am.

Also for the couples and singles that enjoy sex parties and swinging activities, Boston doesn’t offer that much.

However, only 1 hour away there is the town of Providence which offers more fun for sexually open-minded people.


Gender Ratio: women vs men – There are fewer men than women in Boston with a gender ratio of 94 men to 100 women compared to the Massachusetts gender ratio of 99 men to 100 women.

Ethnicity – 44.4% Caucasian, 22.3% Black, 15.1 Hispanic, 9.4% Asian, and 8.8% Some Other Race.

Number of Sex Clubs – 0 swinger clubs, 18 strip clubs and 0 BDSM clubs.




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Girls in Boston

You’ll have a blast with Boston girls who are always up for partying and hookups.

And there are also many young and attractive students on popular sugar sites looking for an arrangement.


Look And Physical Appearance

For the most part, Boston girls are usually white. In effect, their hair varies from golden blonde to medium brown. And their eyes range from blue to light brown.

They tend to have good figures as well since they’re thin and fit. Their height is pretty standard at 5’4, but some may be a bit taller.

Aside from that, they have a stylish but relaxed fashion sense. As such, they go for comfortable and neat outfits.


Attitude And Values

Due to the many colleges in the city, you’ll find that lots of women in Boston are students. They’re also smart, loud, and have modern beliefs.

At first, they may come off as too strong to some. In fact, they’re tough and don’t put up with crap since they know how to take care of themselves.

Moreover, they’re not looking for exclusive relationships. As a matter of fact, they start dating casually in their teens and only stop when they marry.



This Report on Women and Girls in Boston says they’re open-minded about sex as 45% of girls in high school have had sex.

They also have slightly more sex than the average American woman. You Magazine’s article shows this since it puts them at number 21 on the list of Women Having the Most Sex in the World.

At this point, Boston girls clearly like sex and become sexually active in their teens. And as they get older, they regularly enjoy hooking up.

If you have doubts, learn the common signs she wants just to hook up with you and you’ll be fine with Boston ladies.


Summary of Boston Girls

  • 3 traits: Women in Boston are smart, tough, and don’t put up with crap.
  • 2 tips: To win over the girls in Boston, dress nicely and talk about things they like such as books or movies. Go to places where women are looking for casual sex.
  • 1 fact: Many Boston women under 40 are still studying in college or grad schools.


Men in Boston

It’s easy to see that men in Boston have open minds and like having fun with casual relationships.


Look and Physical Appearance

White guys make up a big part of Boston men. Naturally, they have light-colored hair, while their eyes are either blue or brown.

Besides that, they’re quite tall at 5’10-5’11. Now, as for their bodies, they’re mostly on the slim or buff side, and only a few are chubby.

And though they have an easygoing style, it’s not unusual for them to wear outfits or shirts with their favorite team’s name.


Attitude and Values

Boston guys may come off as mean to outsiders, but in reality, they’re just honest. In this case, they’re always in a rush, so they don’t want to beat around the bush.

This is also why do guys ignore you after a hooking up, they don’t have enough time to build up a serious relationship.

The good thing is when it comes to dating, they’re generally carefree and liberal-minded.



As said in this survey by the Harvard Crimson, 19% of male Harvard students had 10 or more sex partners. This means men in Boston start to have more sex in college.

Given that hooking up is easy for them, Boston guys are comfortable with their sex habits. This, in turn, lets them have happy and enjoyable sex lives with their many partners.


Summary of Boston Men

  • 3 traits: Boston guys are honest, huge sports fans, and don’t beat around the bush.
  • 2 tips: To get Boston men to like you, show them that you’re into their sports teams, and be open-minded.
  • 1 fact: It’s common for men in Boston to be in a serious relationship with more than one person.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

sex life Boston hooking up singles online

As noted in this Boston Magazine article, the locals like sex a lot since 83% of singles have sex weekly.

It’s also pretty easy to find a fuck buddy if you know where to look for one.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

This survey results on Boston Sex states that 46% of locals have had a one-night stand.

Basically, this says that even if many people like hooking up, most still want to know their partners.


Swinger Activities in Boston

Despite the locals’ openness to sex, Boston’s strict laws and curfews make it hard to run any swingers club. But there are a few private online groups that hold swinger parties every now and then.

These groups are private, and attendance is by invitation only. You’ll need to be a member to know the details of events like Spring Play and Eyes Wide Shut parties.

In this case, the best way to get to know swingers in Boston is to sign up with popular hookup apps for couples. It won’t take long before you get to know the local swinger community.

And if you want to get invited to a sex party, connect with the local members on Adult Friend Finder.

Just let them know that you’re a new member and looking for some fun. It’s surprising how friendly and welcoming people are here.

You can also go to the 2 nearby cities: Providence which has 4 on-premise clubs, and Manchester with 1 off-premise club.


Is It Easy To Hook Up in Boston?

Since men and women in Boston generally like casual sex, you’ll have an easy time meeting someone who wants to hook up.


Where to Meet People For Sex in Boston

Known for being the capital of Massachusetts, find out what sexual opportunities this student’s city has in-store for you.

There are common places to find hookups in most cities, but below we listed the hotspots to get laid in Boston


1. Sex Dating Online

Nightclubs and bars in Boston close at 2 am. After that, people resort to online hookups to find casual sex.

This is where sites like Adult Friend Finder come in to connect you with horny singles and couples.


2. Night Hookups in Nightclubs and Bars

Boston has less than a million popular and in comparison to that, the variety of night-time venues you’d find is astounding.

However, there are some crappy rules like no happy hours and everything must close at 2 am.

Thus, bars and nightclubs usually have their last call at around 1:30 am, which ruins the city’s nightlife experience. The good thing is you can hook up pretty early in the night.

With that said, if you head out early, then these are the best hookup bars and nightclubs in Boston:

• Lucky’s Lounge – Located at Congress St, a singles bar in Boston where each room offers a different vibe.

• Havana Club – Located at Green St, one of the best places to dance salsa in Boston. If you have a good flirting game then you might even score a date or a nightstand.

• Howl at The Moon – Located at High St, this is the best bar to meet cougars in Boston. Make sure to learn how to hook up with a cougar if is your first time.

• Mémoire Club – Located in Everett, this nightclub caters to a mixed crowd. If you know how to dance, then it will be easier for you to socialize and hook up here.

There are many areas where singles can mingle. If you’re looking for diversity then the area around Faneuil hall has a good selection of both nightclubs as well as bars and crowds of all ages.

Otherwise, for bar hopping in Boston, Tremont Street is also a good proposition.

And lastly, Kenmore Square in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood is a popular student hangout area.

Overall, the nightlife of Boston isn’t on par with New York and Los Angeles, but it can hold its own in comparison to cities like Philadelphia.


3. Everyday Life Situations

Daytime hookups in Boston might be a bit tricky as most of the people are with their circle. Thus, initiating a conversation can be challenging unless you have top-tier communication and flirting skills.

With that said, the best place to meet singles is Fenway Park as the people of this city are crazy about baseball. You might have to pretend a bit, but it’s a great way to break the ice.

Alternatively, the Boston University area can also conveniently help you connect with a younger crowd. Especially if you want to find a friend with benefits.

day game Boston meet girls men

Boston University

Lastly, you’ll find many solo shoppers in malls like Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Prudential Center so do not forget to check those out.


4. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties in Boston

In Boston there aren’t any swinger clubs. So the only option to mingle with like-minded people is to get a private invitation to a local sex parties.

Alternatively, if you only like sex clubs, Providence at a 1-hour drive have a few of them.

It has Choice Social Club which’s extremely popular among young swingers. Although keep in mind that they have a lengthy list of rules to be followed.

Then there is Electricity Social Club encourages diversity and you’ll find LGBT folks, kinksters as well as swingers. The rules are also more lenient.


5. BDSM Veneus

If you’re looking for fetish clubs in Boston, then they’re pretty much non-existent like swingers venues. Sites like might be the only way for you to connect with kinksters.

Fortunately, Providence once again saves the day.

You can visit The Playground if you want a fun-filled night with all the equipment in the world to punish your partner.

Alternatively, Choice Social Club also has a line of kink clubs that requires a separate membership for bondage lovers.


6. Transsexual And Transgenders

There aren’t many places to meet trans in Boston as it is a small city.

On the South End of Tremont Street, you might find a handful of bars that are popular among LGBT folks.

Moreover, venues that host drag shows can also be a hotspot to meet Ts so keep an eye out for Alley Bar and Club Café. However, keep in mind that they aren’t exclusively listed as trans venues.

If you want to have better luck hooking up with transsexuals, then trans dating sites would never disappoint.


7. Strip Clubs

meet sexy girls Boston night life

Due to lack of business and 2 am closing time, there aren’t as many strip clubs in Boston as there were in the past. But the good news is that the strippers here love to have some fun.

There’s a great chance they might even slip their numbers into your pocket and let you fuck them afterward. Otherwise, you can also get sex from them for under $300.

Following are some strip clubs in Boston that you can visit:

• Centerfolds Club – Located at Lagrange St, get entertained by more than 100 dancers in an intimate setting.

• The Glass Slipper – Also located at Lagrange St, an upscale gentlemen club that hosts full nude shows.

• Men in Motion New England – Located at Tremont St, this place offers a perfect treat for the ladies with plenty of sexy hunks in their trunks.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Boston

Paying the university fee in Boston isn’t easy, and for this reason, a large number of girls resort to sugar relationships.

And that is not only the case for university students but also for graduates who are trying to pay off hefty student loans.

On the other hand, there are sugar daddies happy to help in exchange for friendship, companionship, and intimacy.

There’s a ratio of 5 sugar babies for 1 sugar daddy on sites like Sugar Daddy Meet making it one of the hunting grounds for sugar relationships in Boston.

Boston girls are ranked to be the 3rd most attractive in the U.S so sugar daddies are guaranteed to have a great time.

Also, sugar babies here know how to have fun and have that “life-of-the-party” kind of personality.


Best Places For Outdoor Sex

Not everyone has a private place to bang. You might live with your parents, or maybe you simply don’t want to invite a stranger to your house for a hookup.

However, don’t worry because when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Here are the best places for outdoor sex in Boston:

• Charles River Esplanade – A beautiful park near the river that is deserted at night to have a good session.

• Freedom Trail – This trail is a great place to know more about American history, and at night, you can make your own history.

• Public Garden – This park has over 80 species of plants to hide behind to try 80 different sex positions (if you’re that creative).

• Brook Farm Walking Trail – Hiking area with plenty of nooks and crannies to hide and fuck behind.

Brook Farm Walking Trail

Brook Farm Walking Trail


Adult Hotels And Hostels

It goes without saying that if you’re staying in Boston, then Tremont Street wouldn’t disappoint you.

Book a hotel near that area and after 2 am when everything closes, you can easily invite a stranger back to your room.

If you’re looking for the best hotels in Boston near Tremont Street then here are your options:

• Beacon Hill Hotel

• Courtyard Hotel

• Newbury Guest House

Alternatively, there a good selection of hostels in Boston for solo travelers as well:

• HI Boston Hostel

• Bostom Hostel

• Backpackers Hostel


Safe Sex And Clinics

A wise man once said: “don’t be silly, wrap your willy”. If you want to protect your sexual health, then these are words to live by.

If you didn’t listen to the wise man, then you can visit Boston STD Clinic or Fenway: South End for sexual health checkups.

This concludes the Boston sex guide. Have fun hooking up here.




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