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7 Reasons Why Guys Ignore You After Hooking Up (And What To Do About It)

Nowadays, hookups are quite ordinary for many folks. However, it’s also common for guys to ghost girls after hooking up.

We know how it feels to have intimacy with someone and never hear from him anymore. It sunks one self-esteem.

You wonder what would happen if you just didn’t contact him. Or if you do, would you come off as needy or desperate?

Yet, why do guys still have the need to ignore you after hooking up? Did you do something wrong? Was the hook up awkward or bad? What could possibly be the issue?

It’s incredibly hard to work out what is going on – not to mention upsetting.

In this article, we’re going to talk through all the reasons why guys ignore you after hooking up, and then help you figure out what you should do about it.


Why Would A Guy Ignore You After Hooking Up?

girl calling a guy after hooking up but get ignored

1. You’re Only A One-Night Stand

Men, in general, want to have a lot of sex. And about one man every three want to get laid with multiple girls.

In fact, this Psychology Today article reports that 63% of men hope their hook up partner would keep having sex with them.

This means that if he doesn’t want to talk or meet with you again, then you’re just a one-time thing for him. You have just met the wrong guy.

It doesn’t even matter if you were good as he has no plans to fuck you again because is already looking for the next prey.


2. The Chase Is Over

For several men, the thrill of the chase is better than actually catching someone. Sadly, this often happens with guys more than girls.

In this case, since he’s had a taste of you, the novelty is gone. Hence, he’ll no longer feel any sort of desire for you.

It sucks, but there are men with this mindset and see no point in banging a girl they’ve already fucked.

We share the view of Amy North that a man has to work hard to win a woman over because you become more valuable in his eyes.

So don’t just give him sex easily just because you’re afraid to lose his interest. If he is really into you, the guy will wait.


3. The Sex Wasn’t That Good For Him

There are times that the reason why guys ignore you after hooking up is plainly due to sex. In this situation, you may not be as compatible in bed as you might think.

Cause, all things considered, everyone feels things differently. And that’s true when it comes to sex as well.

As such, an awesome fuck session for you could have been just an average or awkward one for him.


4. He’s Not Really Into You

This is a hard pill to take, especially if you like the guy, but it could be that he doesn’t like you. Perhaps he was drunk or just horny, and you happened to be in the right place at the right time.

For one thing, men have an easier time fucking around without getting their emotions in the mix. As a result, men can sleep with a woman and not develop any feelings afterward.

If the guy acted weird after hooking up like coming up with excuses to run of the bedroom, you can bet he isn’t into you. There are other ways to tell if a guy is into you after hooking up, but this is probably


5. You Got Weird

If you got clingy, cold, or acted like a girlfriend after sex, then that’s probably the reason why a guy wants to ignore you after hooking up.

As he’s only in it for the sex, the moment you showed him your feelings might have freaked him out. When it turns out like this, he’ll ghost you simply because he isn’t looking for anything serious.


6. He’s Playing Mind Games

Even if guys aren’t as dramatic as girls, they can be just as complicated. As a matter of fact, some men like to play mind games.

Paired Life’s article backs this statement up and talks about the types of mind games men tend to play on women.

Based on this, there’s a chance that your hook up is waiting for you to chase after him.


7. He’s Taken

Sometimes, people will lie to get what they want.

In this situation, married men or guys in a relationship basically lie their way to get in your pants. These kinds of guys are only after sex and nothing else.

Once they’ve gotten laid, they won’t have any need for you. They’ll just drop you like you’re nothing and return to their everyday lives.


What To Do When A Guy Ignores You After Sleeping With you

girl ignored after sleeping with a guy

1. Reach Out To Him

If you really like him, you should reach out. Don’t be negative and go about it in a lighthearted way.

Be honest with your intentions whether it’s a relationship or an FWB deal. Yet, most importantly don’t be too serious about it. Most guys love to have fun and take relationship matters slowly.

So, it’s important that you don’t put pressure on him, or you might scare him off.


2. Move On To A New Guy

There’s no better cure for a damaged ego or a broken heart than moving on to a new guy. Not only will it keep your thoughts off your last hook up partner, but it’ll also make you feel wanted.

By doing this, you’ll have a confidence boost and make new positive memories to take over the old ones. Overall, this will make you feel good and help you forget him.

Just sign up on a legitimate hook up site or app, and have fun.


3. Focus On Yourself

There’s nothing anyone can do to make a person like someone that they’re not into. Having said that, you should stop thinking about a guy who doesn’t want to pay any attention to you.

You should focus on yourself.

There’s no use in being hung up on things that you can’t change. Instead, improve yourself and be happy, as you being at your best will make him regret ghosting you.




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