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Best First Text Message To A Girl: 9 Examples

guy texting to a girl for the first time

You finally have the number of the girl you’re into and are itching to get it on with her. We get it. You’re excited to get close and want to text her immediately.

Yet, it’s crucial that you make a great impression since this is the first time that you’ll be sending her a message.

Because before you can even think of asking her to hook up over text, you need to make her want to be in touch with you.

Otherwise, she might never reply should you end up saying the wrong thing. You don’t want to be ghosted this fast, do you?

We’ve got a list of the first text to a girl examples that you can use as great conversations starters. But before we get to that, let’s see why the first message matters so much.


Why Is The First Text To A Girl Key?

girl getting texted for the first time

The reason why your first message to a girl is important is that it set the standard for future conversations. It also set what she will come to expect from you.

And don’t forget how you present yourself in your first text can either create attraction or turn her off completely.

You can’t instantly say that you want to hook up with her. It takes time and effort for that.

What you want to convey in your first text is that you’re a fun and open-minded guy that isn’t a threat to her safety.

Be too honest about your feelings, and you might come off as a creep. Whereas if you’re too aggressive, she may think you’re a jerk.

For this reason, sending the right message will determine whether your text exchanges will eventually turn into a meet up.

Here are the messages that will increase your chances with her.


9 First Message To A Girl Examples


1. Hey, You Were Rocking That Dress Last Night

Want to start talking on the right track with a safe topic? Then choose to butter up a girl immediately with your first text message.

What’s nice about this line is that you’re breaking the ice with a compliment that any lady is sure to take positively. No woman wouldn’t be happy to be praised for their fashion sense.

You can also replace ‘dress’ with something you like about her appearance, be it her hairstyle, shoes, or clothes.

The appeal: It’s a light text that girls will welcome, especially those who focus a lot on their looks and style.


2. Hi, It Was Nice Meeting You And Your…

Was it her personality that caught your fancy, or was it her physical features? Regardless of what it was, you can use it to get a woman’s attention in an amusing manner.

On that note, you should send this text message to make an impact while being playful about it.

Just end the sentence with the girl’s trait that you like to softly tease her with it. For instance, if she has colorful hair, you can go with “blindingly pretty hair.”

If you want to carry the conversation this way, check out some examples to tease a girl over text.

The appeal: You’ll stick out from other guys since your first text is a combination of paying attention to her treats and being witty.


3. Hey, I checked Out That Band You Mentioned. How Do You Have Such Good Taste?

If you managed to chat about her interests, it would be a good idea to bring them up when you send her a text message. Simply change ‘band’ to what you were talking about.

Not only will this ensure that you bypass the awkwardness of introducing yourself, but it’ll also show the girl that you actually listened to her.

This will absolutely earn you some points, which will make it easier for you to seduce her later as well.

The appeal: Since you pick up on the topic you left off, you won’t have to begin with small talk anymore.


4. You Like Movies, Right? Got Any Recommendations?

This NBC News’ article declares that an effective technique to become likable to a person is to be curious about them.

As a result, you can better appeal to a girl and get her to open up to you by asking her open questions.

In this case, sending this kind of text message is a good method to start an engaging conversation. Moreover, you can just adjust ‘movies’ to what she likes if she’s into something else.

The appeal: You’ll hit two birds with one stone. This text will keep her talking and show that you care about what she thinks.


5. Hey, I Just Saw This Beautiful Model, And She Reminded Me Of You

It’s often said that flattery will get you nowhere. But when it comes to women, expressing your admiration for them will definitely lead you somewhere.

They enjoy hearing someone say they’re beautiful, don’t they?

If you want to highlight a girl’s looks, this is the message that you should send when you text her for the first time.

In addition, comparing her to models or celebrities will have the same effect.

The appeal: Even if she disagrees with you, she’ll still feel glad about the comparison. You’re basically telling her she’s beautiful, so how could she not like it?


6. Hey, Are You Really A Lawyer? Never Seen One So Pretty

This is another text message that you should send to a girl when you want to tease after getting her number.

What’s more, it’s a line that will always be applicable whatever her job may be. Just replace the ‘lawyer’ part accordingly.

On top of that, your message’s tone of disbelief will undeniably put a smile on her face, whether she agrees with you or not. Who wouldn’t be pleased to be mistaken for a celebrity?

The appeal: You can deliver it seriously or as a joke. It solely depends on how you want to control the flow of conversation.


7. Hello, It’s Me. Right Now, I’m Watching This Movie, And I Remembered You Said…

Most girls don’t appreciate empty chitchat. Due to this, continuing where you ended on your talk is a smooth way to quickly connect with her, even if it’s your first text.

All you must do is finish this message with what you guys talked about and send it to her.

What’s important is that you establish that you paid attention. It’ll make her eager for you because you remembered what she had to say.

The appeal: This text will make her feel that you value her thoughts. Thus she’ll want to keep on talking to you since she wants to be heard.


8. Hi, Are You Sure Your Name Is ____, And Not ___?

Due to their vanity, most, if not all, women are suckers for compliments. Therefore, there’s no better way to approach a girl than saying that she’s identical to a particular actress.

And while she may deny any sort of resemblance, your words will no doubt be pumping up her ego.

At any rate, the first blank should be filled with her name and the second with the actress that she looks like.

The appeal: This is one of the best text messages that a girl can get if you want to add a bit of humor to your praise.


9. Hey, *Insert Meme*

At times, words aren’t enough to convey the message that you want.

And if the girl you’re going to text for the first time is a millennial or somewhere around that age range, sending her a meme is the best way to get your point across.

Furthermore, it’s a charming approach that will go well with any style. The best thing is to mix up text and meme for the best result.

The appeal: She’ll be amused since the content of memes are relatable and easy to understand.




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