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15 Clear Signs Your Hookup Has Feelings For You

Although hookups are meant to be casual and only for fun, it’s not rare for them to turn serious.

What’s more, the signs that your hookup has feelings for you aren’t always easy to tell. We know, after all, how hard it can be to figure out someone.

Thoughts like “How do I tell if it’s just a hookup or more?” might be running around in your head right now. This is the reason why we’ve made a list of the most common signs your hookup has feelings for you.

When you notice three or more of the signs listed below, you can be confident your hookup is falling for you. So you can take the relationship to the next level.


1. They Go Outside With You

couple walking in the city after hookup

And we’re not talking about drinks here. Things like going for dinner, watch movies at the cinema, a walk in the city, or something similar.

You see, if a person is only in it for sex, they won’t choose to spend time with you outside the bedroom.

Hence when you start going to places with them, it means that they enjoy being with you.


2. They Want To Know You Better

Hookups are direct since there’s no need to act like lovers. You both agree to have fun and then go back to your own lives afterward.

This is why if your sex partner begins to want to know you better and asks about your personal info, it’s a strong hint your hookup has feelings for you.


3. They Stay In Touch

The big difference between a hook up and a relationship is regular contact. With this in mind, those who only see you as a fuck buddy will not put up with things beyond your set-up.

While a person who has feelings for you will crave your attention. In effect, they’ll talk to you all day, even about the small stuff.


4. Opens Up About Their Feelings

The point of casual sex is to feel good minus the stress of emotions. This way, drama stays out of the scene.

Having said that, it shows that your sex partner is serious when they’re open with what they feel.

This NBC News article backs it up and says that trust in relationships builds up when you connect emotionally.


5. Gives You Quality Time

People in casual relationships only meet up for sex in the first place. Anything aside from that is mostly just for pleasantries.

On that note, once your hookup likes you for real, your plans aren’t only for sex anymore. It shifts to having quality time together outside the bedroom.

hookup couple having lunch together

This is probably the strongest sign your hookup is turning into a relationship.


6. Likes To Stay Over

Most folks don’t want to stay over or have their partners sleep at their place when they have casual sex. It’s due to some people who consider it as an intimate act, as stated in this essay on Psychology Today.

Based on this, the odds are high that your sex friend is into you if they sleep over often since they let you see their vulnerable side.


7. Sincerely Cares About You

hookup caring about partner

One perk with hookups is that both parties don’t have to care as soon as they’re done with each other. In brief, out of sight, out of mind.

Still, this doesn’t apply to sex buddies who care for you on a deeper level. They’ll make an effort to make you feel good.


8. They Don’t Hide You

Though getting laid casually is normal for many people, introducing your friend with benefits isn’t. Plus, why would they talk to their friends about you if they think they’ll get rid of you sooner or later?

Given these points, it’s a huge hint that you’re not another easy lay to them when you meet their friends, coworkers, or even family.


9. They’re Active In Your Life

Keeping things light is a rule in hookups. There’s no benefit in getting mixed up with others unless you like them romantically.

In this case, they do what they can to have a role in your life to stay close to you. They’ll be a good friend and help you out as much as possible.


10. You Have Meaningful Conversations with Them

conversation during hook up

Unlike those who only love to fuck, someone who values you will share their opinions and views. They won’t be afraid to reveal their flaws and dreams since they’re at ease and think highly of you.

They’ll want to listen to what you have to say as well. Besides that, they’ll remember your beliefs and show that they respect you.


11. They Make Time For You

When you’re merely a hookup, it’s common to be ignored as you guys stay out of each other’s business.

Yet if your hookup falls for you, they won’t be able to overlook you since you’re important. As a matter of fact, they’ll be inclined to always make time for you cause they’ll want to see you a lot.


12. You Matter

In no strings attached arrangements, partners give little to no concern when issues come up. It’s cause they know that they can ghost and then replace whoever they’re with.

Whereas it’s a telling sign that your hookup has feelings for you if they’re caring. It shows that they want to stay with you even with the trouble.


13. They’re Not Vague

Usually, those who don’t see you as a serious partner will have a noncommittal attitude. In effect, they’ll always be unsure and put off decisions.

In comparison, if you’re boyfriend or girlfriend material to a person, they won’t hesitate to make solid plans and answer your questions frankly.

For them, your relationship now is the starting point before you take the next step.


14. They’re Not Selfish In Bed

Since getting off is the main goal in getting laid, most people are quite selfish in bed. This is especially evident in guys cause they just want to finish.

Meanwhile, your pleasure will be your partner’s priority as their interest in you grows. Cause not only do they want to impress you, but they’ll also want you to love fucking them and come back for more.

At this stage consider fun things to do when hooking up to keep the momentum going.


15. They’re Not Seeing Anyone Else

A casual relationship doesn’t close any doors, meaning both sides are free to see other people.

As a result, the most distinct sign that your hookup is turning into a relationship is when your sex friend only wants to be with you.

And this is further cemented when you’ve been banging exclusively for a while. You’re only missing the label, but you’re basically in a relationship.


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