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How To Tease A Girl Over Text – 9 Example Messages

man teasing a girl over text with questions

Text messages can be a great way to tease girls. But the problem is that most men don’t know how to do it right.

They would shower a girl with compliments thinking they’d be able to get into their pants.

However, more often than not, that only makes you look desperate.

If you truly want to have any chance at her, then be bold, tease her, and impress her with your humor.

And no, contrary to what most men think, teasing a girl doesn’t mean acting like a douche to her. It is about throwing signs that you’re into her in a fun way and without being too direct about it.

Before giving you some examples of text, let’s see why it isn’t enough to tease a girl with sweet words.


Why Teasing A Girl With Sweet Words Over Text Isn’t Enough

how to tease a girl with sweet words

Girls indeed love being complimented. But usually, sweet words over text aren’t enough to tease and seduce them.

The reason for that is, she hears plenty of other men saying the same compliments over and over again. By now, she already knows that she’s incredibly sexy, has beautiful hair, and has a pretty smile.

All of this generic stuff is getting boring instead of arousing her. So you need to set yourself apart from other men if you want to attract her.

And that can only be done if you show boldness and throw in a bit of humor. The below 9 text message examples are a good starting point to tease her.


9 Text Message Examples To Tease A Girl


1. If I Win, You Owe Me a Kiss

Depending on your dynamics with her, you could replace kiss with anything…A hug perhaps? Or even a blowjob.

Compete with her on random things online, whether it’s betting on how a show would end, or an online game.

The Appeal: Make sure you win, because whatever the reward is, you can use that to tease her and build up the sexual tension.


2. I Saw You In a Dream, But Can’t Tell You What We Did

Another classic to keep her intrigued and to take things in a sexual direction.

It’s worth wondering – what could you possibly do in your dream that you can’t tell her? 😉

The Appeal: Most girls already know that you had a “dirty” dream with her in it. And that appeals to her fantasy wondering what could it be.


3. Where Are You Taking Me For Our Hot Date?

This is a classic technique, where you push your desires onto her.

In this one, you’re passing the ball to her court to play the shots that you want her to play.

The Appeal: You’re giving her power to take the situation into her hands. Especially effective with independent girls as they love to be in control.

Also, this shows that you’re interested in her, but only if she’s willing to make the move.


4. Let’s Respond to Each Other Through Gifs

This one goes a bit off the texting territory, but it’s often overlooked.

You can start responding to her in gifs, you’d be surprised by the sexy stuff you’d find.

The Appeal: You can tease her and talk dirty all you want. But nothing beats the visual appeal.

Start by sending her double-meaning gifs and slowly work your way towards the sexier ones.


5. What Else Do You Devour Like That?

This one’s a witty sexual innuendo, and can also help you test the waters. Use it when she tells you about something that she loves to eat.

And keep in mind that teasing a girl with questions like this one is the best way to show your confidence. And you know how important is to display confidence when flirting with girls over text.

The Appeal: You’re implying a blowjob here, without actually saying it.

She knows what you’re talking about, but depending on her confidence, she may also respond to it in a witty way.

Don’t be surprised though if she names another food in case she is a shy girl.


6. You Kept Me Awake All Night

This one is a bit bold because if she’s smart, she’d know that you’re not talking about yourself, but rather, your little brother, Joe.

The Appeal: You’re implying that she makes you feel horny and how you want her.

She’s going to love the attention and it’s also a great way to move towards a hook up.


7. Are You Hitting On Me? Not That I Mind

Another text where you shift the escalation onto her. But also, with the “not that I mind”, you’re showing a willingness to take things further.

The Appeal: If she’s actually hitting on you, then this works even better.

It would encourage her to be more open with you rather than only throwing the signs she wants to sleep with you.


8. Did You Know I Have a Weakness for Brunettes

You can replace “brunettes” here with whatever her hair color is.

This will stroke her ego, but it would also show that you’re actually putting in some effort.

The Appeal: Makes her feel wanted and also shows that you’re interested in her boldly and humorously.


9. So…When Are We Watching This Together?

Although Netflix and chill was a great way to ask for a hook up, now it has become too cliché.

So pick a sexy movie and ask her when you’ll watch it together – it’s essentially the same.

The Appeal: It’s clear that you don’t want to watch the movie with her but rather, do the things that are a part of the movie to her.


3 Things to Avoid While Teasing a Girl Over Text

shocked girl after reading a teasing text message

If you’re teasing a girl over text and trying to flirt with her, then keep in mind not to do these 3 things:


1. Don’t Interrupt Her Rant

Always remember that there’s a time for everything. If she’s in the middle of a rant, then don’t interrupt her to crack a dirty joke.

It might even make her feel that you’re not actually interested in her, but only want her for sex.

There are other ways to approach such situations. One of them is to validate her feelings.

This would make her feel close to you and make it easier for you to flirt later.


2. Don’t Be Too Direct

Teasing over text is all about throwing subtle signs with a touch of humor.

Unless you’re confident enough, don’t directly be like “Hey, do you want to fuck?” Especially if she’s one of that reserved kind of girls.

You need to get them in the zone by flirting first before you can say such things.

We’ve talked about how to ask a girl to hook up over text in detail so you can learn more about how to do it smoothly.


3. Don’t Be Offensive

Lastly, don’t mix flirting with being a douche. Most guys make that mistake and end up saying offensive things to girls.

Tease her playfully and don’t say anything that targets her physical appearance in a degrading way.

In the case you’re texting with a girl met on a hook up site, you can talk much dirtier than with a girl met on a dating site.




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