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What It Means To Hook Up With A Guy More Than Once – 9 Possible Reasons

Having hook ups is generally simple and easy. Yet, it can get messy for girls when they start hooking up with a guy more than once.

You’ll start to worry and ask yourself if something more is going on and if this will lead to a relationship. But you can avoid all the headaches and go straight to the answers.

In this article, we talk about the possible meanings behind hooking up with a guy twice, as well as the reasons why do guys hook up with the same girl more than once.

hook up with a guy more than once


1. The Sex Was Good

This article by Psychology Today notes that for men, sex is like hunger. And that it’s close to a craving for chocolates.

In this case, if he had good sex with you, then you’ll be as attractive as chocolates. As a result, he’ll want to have a taste of you again.

Though, this doesn’t mean that he has feelings for you at this point because guys can separate emotions from sex better than women.


2. You’re Sexually Compatible

Human bodies, unlike feelings, are much more direct and quicker to understand. This is why, even when there aren’t any deep ties between people, they can still be sexually compatible.

As such, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a guy you have great sex with would want to hook up with you more than once.

He feels a great sexual attraction forward to you since you match well in bed. So why not do it again?


3. He Likes You

It could have been right from the start or during sex, but basically, he wants to keep hooking up more than once cause he likes you. And with how things are these days, it’s not strange for tons of guys to do this.

Of course, the odds are high that they’re thinking of dating you. But by hooking up first, they can see if they like you for real or just as a casual fling


4. You’re A Sure Lay

If you like sex and aren’t shy about it, then your sex partner probably knows this as well.

In effect, he’ll see you as an easy lay since you like hooking up with him without talking about your personal problems. Later I’ll talk more about the complication of a relationship from the guy’s perspective.

Due to this, he’ll put you in the down to fuck type and will surely reach out to you when he wants to get laid. In light of this, he’ll treat you as a fuck buddy more than anything else.


5. You Got His Interest

Some guys prefer to find out about a girl by going physical. in other words, having casual sex with you is a way to know you better.

Although, even when this happens, it’s not certain that you’re in the clear to be his girlfriend. It could lead to that later, but at this moment, it’s just because he wants to get to know you more.

And what better way to do it than to have sex.


6. You’re Not Going To Get Complicated

Women, on the whole, are famous for being trouble and out of control when it comes to relationships. It’s pretty much a given since everyone understands that it’s just how they are.

This is why guys don’t want to hook up with a girl more than once. But if you look like you’re the cool girl who doesn’t do all the crazy stuff, then your hook up partner will want to meet you often.


7. He’s Taking Things Slow

For many men, hookups are sort of like a trial run for a relationship. In fact, it says in this Insider article that 45% of those who had friends with benefits set-ups turned it into a serious relationship.

With attention to that, it’s not unusual for guys in particular to develop feelings with their hookups. Not only is there no pressure, but it also lets them check their sexual chemistry.


8. You’re Convenient

One of the reasons why guys do it and hook up with the same girl is cause they’re the only option left.

If a guy doesn’t have other options at the moment to have sex, even without any feelings and attraction they can hook up several times. It may sound bad, but many men only want sex after all.

So, when they’re sure that they can fuck without any issue, you end up as the convenient girl they can turn to.


9. You Make Him feel Good About Himself

Overall, men tend to have huge egos. Besides that, they take great pride in themselves and hate it when people look down on them.

With this in mind, if you’re the kind of girl who puts other people first, then they’ll want to have you around. In short, you’re the ego boost they need to feel good about themselves.

Now, this doesn’t make you girlfriend material yet, as they’re only thinking about what they want at this time.




  • Ashley Miller

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