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What Do Guys Think About Their Hookups? (9 Possible Things)

If you want to know what guys think after a hookup, then look no further. I have the answers.

Here’s the deal:

By nature, men and women are wired differently. Girls tend to overthink, while guys take things in a simple way and don’t seem to look bothered in general.

But even though men seem to look calm, there are several things that go through their minds as well. They just process things differently from women, and this is especially true when it comes to sex.

This is the main reason why guys act weird after hooking up. They just think and do things differently than women.

So we’ll look at things from their perspective to answer one of the most frequent questions women have: what do guys think about their hook ups?

guy thinking after a hookup

Let’s check out their point of view in these 9 answers.


1. Was The Sex Good?

It doesn’t matter how much sexual experience a man has, as what they value most is the quality of sex. To be specific, if the sex was good for them.

You see, lots of guys simply want to focus on what they want in bed. And that as long as they enjoy getting laid, they’ll think positively of their partners.

So, sexual compatibility plays a big role in whether or not they’ll contact you to hook up again or start a relationship.

However, if at any time the encounter turns awkward or stressful, then it’s likely that they won’t want to get in touch anymore.


2. Their Partner’s Bedroom Skills

After they’ve relished the experience, several men usually like to assess their partner’s sexual skills. They’ll think about how good or bad the foreplay, blowjob, and everything else was.

If they liked what they experience, then it’ll make that person more attractive to them. Cause not only are women who are good in bed exciting, but they’re also appealing as regular fuck partners.

But for those girls who leave all the work to the guys, and bring nothing to the table, are bad fucks.

These types of hookups are better left as one-night stands for most men since they’re too boring.


3. Want To Be Friends With Benefits

If you click in bed and are at ease with each other, then the odds are high that some guy will want you as a fuck buddy rather than a girlfriend.

But there are a few factors that they think about before they go through with this.

At this point, they consider the things that they have in common to decide if it’ll be a fun set-up. And more importantly, if they’re sexually attracted enough to keep hooking up with you.

Only later down the hookup road, they’ll consider having a girlfriend rather than a friend with benefits.


4. It’s Just A One-Night Stand

In this case, whatever interest they had in the person they hooked up with didn’t last. Yet this doesn’t mean that they didn’t enjoy the sex at all.

It could be that they’re simply not serious or that they don’t see the point in hooking up again. It’s just something that occurs for various reasons.

One of them is that the thrill is gone since they’ve already slept with that person.

Another reason could be they were turned off by them. It’s either their partner did something they didn’t like, or they saw a trait that they’re not comfortable with.


5. Want To Keep Them In their Orbit

There are instances where guys are equally as confusing as women and can be quite indecisive with what they want.

This sort of thing happens when they like someone casually but are also thinking of a possible future relationship with them at the same time.

Now, when they can’t choose what to do at the moment, they go with orbiting.

It’s basically putting someone who likes them on the bench as a backup. They essentially keep them close but at an arm’s length.

Men do this by treating their sex partners better than a fuck buddy but less than a girlfriend.


6. Will This Change Our Relationship?

This question typically pops up when guys sleep with a friend or someone that they’re close to.

It’s due to not knowing where they currently stand, seeing that they’ve crossed the line and done the deed.

Can they still be friends? Will she want to change things? Is she expecting this to be something more?

While hooking up doesn’t change much for them, it’s the thought of the woman complicating things that mostly fill their heads in this kind of situation.

Cause it’s normal for guys to think of sex as just sex and nothing else. They can do it without the slightest emotion.


7. Did She Like It?

Regardless of how many times they hook up before, having a new partner will always excite guys and make them feel good about themselves. They got a new conquest, after all.

It’s also pretty much a given that men are prideful and have undeniably huge egos. Having said that, they get sensitive when it’s about sex.

In short, they want to know that they’re good at fucking, and most guys after a hook up think: “Did she like it? Did I perform well? Am I the best she’s ever had?”

On that note, men overall prefer to hook up with girls who boost their egos.


8. Why Is She That Good?

For the most part, women who are confident with their sexuality are both interesting and somewhat intimidating to men. Yet they’re easily pulled in by these types since they’re easy to fuck.

But when these ladies show top-notch techniques and mind-blowing blowjobs, guys start to wonder what kind of girl can get that good.

When girls are too easy and sleep around a lot, others might think of it as a turn-off.

Meanwhile, plenty of guys don’t mind this and are more concerned about their own skills. They want to prove that they’re better at sex than all of their previous partners.


9. Is She Girlfriend Material?

Even if guys go for hookups with no intention to get serious, it’s not rare for their mindsets to shift and want an exclusive and committed relationship.

Men reach this point when they keep on having amazing sex with a girl who’s also a good companion. With their basic needs always met with no issues, it’s only natural for them to view their sex partner in a favorable light.

They then see them as potential girlfriend material and begin to get to know them at a deeper level.

As they learn more qualities that they like, it’s only a matter of time before they want to label the relationship.




  • Ashley Miller

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